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Shastri Sisters 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anushka asking Devyaani to hear the explanation. Devyaani refuses saying she has to tell everything infront of everyone. She asks is she trying to steal her fiance from her. Rajat says enough Devyaani and stops Anushka too. He says let me tell now as it is about your respect. He says she gave him promise but nothing is important than her respect. He tells Devyaani that Anu did not steal but gave everything to her. Rajat says you saw Anu giving me promise. He says Anu told me not to let anyone know our relation. Anushka cries. Rajat says she made me promise to forget our love. Rajat calls his love very pure. He asks how can she accuse her sister who has hidden her happiness behind her tears. He tells the truth that he loves Anushka. Everyone is shocked. Rajat tells he does

not love Devyaani and she came between him and Anu. Anushka clears to Devyaani to forget everything and reminds Minty got proposal for her. Sareen doubts Minty behind this.

The Shastri sisters cry. Anushka says she will go Kanpur and not come back. He says Rajat is just yours and shows her engagement ring. Anushka calls everything a misunderstanding. Devyaani gets in shock. Devyaani goes to her room. Shastri ji asks Sareen what is this happening. He asks if Rajat loves Anushka and asks Minty about bringing proposal for Devyaani. He goes to Anushka to ask whether she knew this. Minty gets feeling of happiness and wants Devyaani to cry as she has made her son cry. Minty asks Rajat what is all this he said. She asks Sareen to let Shastri family solve the problem. Devyaani locks herself in room and cries. Shastri ji asks Anushka why did she hide if she liked Rajat. Anushka says Devyaani loves Rajat and she was happy with proposal so she has hidden this. She says she did not know it will come in open like this.

Shastri ji says she did sacrifice for Devyaani and showed her down. She says unfilled dreams hurt by fulfilled dreams broken hurt more. He asks Devyaani to talk to him and solve the problem. Rohan says Devyaani is in shock and she needs time. he asks Shastri ji to trust him and asks Alka to get water. Sareen family tells Minty and Nikki that they did this. Rajat asks how did they mistaken when he pointed to Anu. Nikki says both girls wore blue suit, why did you not take her name once.

Sareen angrily asks them to shut their mouths. Minty tells Nikki about Sareen’s anger and if he knows it was their plan then what will happen. Nikki says either of us knows it and we won’t tell him. She asks him to think about Devyaani’s pain and tears. Anushka recalls promise made to Devyaani and Rajat blaming Devyaani. She accuses Rajat for telling truth and breaking promise to her. She asks why did he clear the matter by hurting Devyaani. He says it was about her respect. Anushka says why did he tell her. Rajat asks how can she bear Devyaani’s anger on her. Anushka says she wishes he was quiet. He asks how can she be happy with a man who does not love her and if she knew about us. Anushka says we both would have not told her. He says strong love does not need tongue to express. Anushka says their love was not deep else Devyaani would have not loved him. She says they would have been together.

He says they will be united one day. She says never. She says the relation which broke her relation with her sister will never unite with her. Rohan asks Anushka to come and try talking to Devyaani. Rajat says he will try. Everyone ask Devyaani to open the door. Alka says she is very hurt and will not open door. Devyaani opens the door when everyone gave up hope. Devyaani faces them and sees Rajat.

Rajat tells Devyaani that everything will change as everything will belong to her. He says he will try to keep their relation as Rajat and Anu were past and future will be Rajat and Devyaani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. finally the day has come which we were r all waiting till now.iam really happy that the truth is infornt of all.and anu this not fair .u can understand the feeling of ur sister then y not rajat.all of superb.but precag was not nice.we known rajat ur anger becoz of anu words.but dont leave hope.anu is only for rajat.past is also rajat anu and present and future is also rajat and anu hai.thank for superb fast update.

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  6. Total amazing episode

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  10. WHO is karishma

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