Shastri Sisters 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu getting itching by the bangles. Sareen asks her to remove it. Minty says no, its not any clothes to chance, it will be removed by the rituals. Kajal asks Leela to stay with them for more days. She says sorry to say. Leela says she will stay. Neil gets a message about Devyaani and goes. He reads on FB that Devyaani is looking for some silk fabric. Peeya asks Devyaani will this help to post on FB. Devyaani says lets see. She says if she gets that silk, her problem will be solved. Shastri ji comes and says Sareen called for Anu’s bangle removing ritual, will you come. Devyaani says she will come for sure.

Kajal fills the bank form and smiles. Anu looks on. Minty says thanks for opening her bank account. The man says fine and leaves with the documents. Kajal says

thanks, it was my childhood dream to have a bank account, I have a cheque book, but I did not like one thing, that why did you deposit one lakh, what will I do. Minty asks her to go bank and withdraw money, no need to ask money to anyone or sell bangles. Kajal hugs her.

The doctor checks Astha and says I think she is in shock by divorce, and seeing what she wants, not seeing the reality, else if you tell the truth, she can have nervous breakdown, maybe situation can get better with time. Rohan and Alka worry. Anu gives gold ring to Neil and says I got it while washing your clothes. He says its good its cleaned, its shining. She says yes, its gold, it if was gold plated, it would have shined a lot, and then later… and recalls about her necklaces. She says why are they shining so much and whats this stain. She says am I overthinking again.

Kajal and Leela have a talk. Leela says she is great, she sold real jewelry and kept fake ones, and got 1 lakh in bank too, whats your next plan, and when did you change the jewelry. Kajal says before Ajay run and got caught. Leela asks when did she get the jewelry. Kajal says one day before, as I knew it will be of use. Leela gets impressed by her. She says she will see Anu.

Anu calls Alka and invites her in bangle removing ritual function. Alka says Astha is unwell, she got shock by the divorce notice, and behaving strange, believing Rohan as Sunil. Anu says what, how can this be. Alka says doctor said this can happen, and said I should not tell this to anyone and take care of Astha. Anu says fine, I will try to come, Rohan can’t come. Alka says I can’t leave Astha alone and she will not let Rohan come. Peeya says I will take a leave for the function. Devyaani says don’t act to be sad, I know you are happy.

Peeya says I like to go school, so I used to come first. She gets a message that particular shop will have that silk material. Devyaani gets glad. Neil chats with Devyaani. Kajal keeps an eye on Neil. Ajay calls her and blackmails her to give money, else she should be ready to go jail. She ends call and says she will not give money, but a slap. Astha calls out Sunil and sees Rohan. Astha says she has work with him. He asks what work. She says that only husband can do for a wife, and shows sindoor box. Alka is shocked seeing this, and Rohan looks stunned. Astha smiles and says since you went, I apply sindoor myself, now you apply it. Rohan looks at Alka.

Time change to 6.30Pm from 25th May.

Update Credit to: Amena


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