Shastri Sisters 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat telling Anu that Veer will keep her very happy and asks her to forget him. She cries and asks can you forget me, then how can I forget you. He says anyways congrats and gifts her. She takes the gift box and says thanks. They fold hands and greet each other. He leaves. Alka says I will call Anu when pandit ji calls her, she is fine, don’t worry. Kirti comes and Veer does not come out of the car. Alka says there is no grand baraat, its so calm, why so. Shastri ji welcomes the baraat. Kirti says I will just come. Veer looks on sitting in the car.

Veer greets Shastri ji. Kirti says Veer wanted everything simple. Shastri ji says its fine, why to force anyone against their wish, he will be my son in law and we will do as he wishes. Veer stops Alka from doing

the tilak. Shastri ji says its fine, do the shagun aarti. Veer says he has to talk something. Sareen tells Rajat that Minty is not well and she is sleeping, we will go. Rajat says no, we will take her to doctor. Sareen says no, she took tablets and sleeping, we will just go and come soon, she will call me when she wakes up and I will bring her. Rajat says but I will see her once. Sareen says I will come later, lets leave now.

Veer tells Shastri ji that he is mistaken about him, he wants to say that he wants a car so that he can go ahead and marry Anu, I m like this, I like such rituals. Shastri ji is shocked and says I know what you are, will you cancel the relation if I don’t give car. Veer says yes. Shastri ji says so that Rajat and Anu can get related again. Veer is shocked.

Shastri ji says so you have done all this acting to fall in my sight, and I break this relation and make Rajat and Anu link again, am I saying wrong, I did not earn money in life, but I know to identify people, when I saw you first time, I knew you are a good man, and the question was why were you doing it, it means you are caring for Anu’s happiness more than yours, I don’t know how did you find about her and Rajat, but its good you knew it, you did not feel bad that we have hidden it, and you proved yourself wrong, as you really love Anu.

He says now you tell me, how can I end the relation with such a nice guy, this marriage will not stop from my side, now you prepare yourself. Veer says Anu loves Rajat, how can she be happy with me. Shastri ji asks do you love Anu. Veer says yes, but she does not love me. Shastri ji says she will love you, I m her father and I know you can return her smile. She says you can give her true love. Veer says if Anu marries Rajat, she will be happy as Rajat loves her more than I do, whats the guarantee that she will be happy with me, but its sure that she will be happy with Rajat, stop this marriage.

Shastri ji says all guests have come, we can’t stop it. Veer says please let Rajat and Anu marry. Shastri ji says no, you change your decision. Minty wakes up and looks for Sareen, Rajat and Neil, how did I sleep. She gets sleepy again and rests. Astha thinks she came to stop the marriage, but everything is going ahead. Alka and Devyaani talk. Kirti asks pandit about the mahurat. She asks the girls to call Anu and she will call Veer. She looks for Veer. Shastri ji comes with Veer.

Anu comes and sees Veer and Rajat. The pandit says mahurat is passing by, we can’t be more late, make the groom wear the sehra before coming in mandap. Shastri ji takes the sehra in his hand and Veer gets tensed. Rajat stands beside Veer and somewhat far. Shastri ji goes to Veer and passes by him. Veer smiles and turns to see Shastri ji putting the sehra on Rajat. Everyone is shocked and smile.

Rajat and Anu get married happily and everyone smile. Minty comes there and walks inside the venue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Baldev Ki Deewani


  2. Finally.. it happend… nw dis minty aunty kya karega…

  3. Thank u shankarji

    1. owsum! yar anu n rajat ki shadi ho hi gae ab minty ki band bje gi
      i am so happpppyyyyyyyy!!!!

  4. I soooo happy

  5. Finally, Anu and Rajat get married. Two people who are made for each other, always end up together. Hope Minty gets there when the ceremony is completed. By the way, didn’t Minty found the love of her life in Sareen, so why is she stopping her son to marry the woman he is madly in love with. What kind of mother is she?

  6. So happy for anu n rajat…
    But dunno what minty gonna do….
    Please throw her out…..

  7. thnx I m so happy .

  8. Don’t want minty to create any drama now

  9. wow! lovely episode. finally Rajat & Anu are getting married. plz don’t allow that Minty aunty to create any further drama

  10. I am so glad they got married but now anew drama is going to start mother and daughter in laws disagreement and I know Anu is able to handle any situation

  11. I don’t my mind agar is programs main saas bahu or sazish shuru hho Maya toh even anushka or rajat ek saath tih honge … I believe ki rajat aunshka ka saath kabhi nai chodega

  12. Wow its amazing !!!!!!! But minty

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