Shastri Sisters 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty recalling Rajat’s words and crying in her room. Kajal comes there with a sandal and requests her to beat her with this sandal, if she behaves to her like Anu does, and says Anu has filled Rajat’s ears to go against her, as he loves you a lot. Minty says yes, its Anu who made me away from her, she did all this. Kajal says she stays quiet but she will say if Neil does anything wrong, as its wife’s duty to show right path. Minty says she is saying right, all this is done by Anu.

Minty speaks her pain out about Rajat supporting Anu. Kajal says I will try to make you not complain against me. Minty says Kajal you are like my daughter. Kajal acts sweet and hugs her.

Anu talks to Sareen and gives him tea. He says Rajat did not come out of room and did not had dinner with us, not even Minty. He says what to do to make things fine. She says we have many ways to bring them together and tells her plan. He says its good plan. Sareen likes the idea and she goes. Anu asks Rajat to come home early today.

Rajat says tell Devyaani that I spoke to my cousin, and keep her work samples ready. She says fine. Alka asks Rohan not to be sad. Rohan says I m fine. Astha gets the aarti plate and Rohan asks what was the need. Astha says I know you know your work and its my duty to do this. Astha looks on and Alka does the aarti.

Sareen convinces Minty to make some snacks and spend time with family. Anu asks Devyaani to forward the designs. Sareen tells Anu that he is not sure that Minty will come. Minty comes and brings the snacks and is about to leave. Anu starts the movie and Minty sits watching saying its her fav movie. Rajat comes and Anu says prime time started and takes him to see movie. Rajat asks whats going on, its my fav movie. Anu asks him to see. Rajat smiles and she goes to bring samosas.

He likes the samosas and asks who made it. Anu says Minty made it. He sees Minty beside him. Rajat and Minty are shocked seeing each other.

Rajat invites Minty in the award ceremony of his department, as he is receiving medal, and asks will she come. Minty cries and wills to come. Anu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fast update

  2. Its a fact jayada meetha bolne wale loogge ka maan hamesha kadhva hi hota hai..I hope minty ko nai lakin anu ko kajal ka intention jaldi malum ho jaye tih acha hai…other wise I fear minty nai kar saki woh kajal naa kar daale means break of relation anushka or rajat…I am very afaired

  3. why they did’nt change the front picture of shastri sisters?

    1. U idiot stupid bastard

      1. What wrong i have said? You stupid monkey,how dare u

      2. u mad u r a big RASCAL u wicked *****

  4. In 2daya epi mr sareen action was brillent and devyani s top she talk to anu on phone…and about anu what can I say she is my main motive for seening the serial regular ……

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