Shastri Sisters 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka telling Anushka that Devyaani also loves Rajat. Anushka is shocked and looks at Devyaani. Nikki asks Minty did she tell everything to Sareen. Minty says yes, he is happy. Nikki says come, lets take the proposal, Lord has given us chance by sending Rajat far, as he knows whom he loves. Minty asks are you sure this plan will work. Nikki says yes, it will work out. Sareen, Minty and Nikki come to meet Shastri ji. Rohan greets them. They sit and have a talk. Nikki is angry seeing the sisters. Sareen says he will have to give special serving to him, as they do for Rohan’s family. Shastri ji asks what do you mean.

Sareen says he is his friend, but now they will have double relation, he asks him for his daughter’s hand for Rajat. He is shocked. Devyaani prays.

Nikki says lets cleat it to him, for whom, we are saying. She says we are talking about Devyaani. Anushka is shocked. Devyaani smiles happily. Alka is worried for both of them. Nikki and Minty see Anushka’s sad face as she breaks the glass in shock. Alka says it fell by mistake, I will just come. Anushka starts crying. Sareen asks Nikki is she mistaken, I think Rajat has signed to……

Nikki says no, keep your thoughts to you, we have seen how Rajat was seeing Devyaani. Minty says yes. Alka pacifies Anushka. Sareen asks Shastri ji to think and say, if its yes, he will be happy, if its no, their friendship won’t change. Shastri ji says where will I get a guy like Rajat, and Minty is like my daughter’s mum, and I m ready for this. He says I will be strong being linked to you, but I want to talk to my daughters first. Sareen says you talk to them, if anyone says no, tell me, I will explain them.

He says such decisions should be made after thinking, we will have sweets later. They leave. Shastri ji asks Alka and everyone what they think about this. Alka says it’s a good proposal, you know Sareen’s family since long. Shastri ji asks Anu is she happy with this. Anushka thinks of Alka’s words and how she told Devyaani that no one can come in between them. Alka looks at Anushka. Peeya says I like Rajat. Devyaani smiles. Shastri ji says it means everyone like him here. Shastri ji says he is glad, but there is a problem. Rohan says whats problem now. Shastri ji says Anushka. Everyone look at her. He says Anushka is elder and has to get married first.

Anushka thinks about her and Rajat. She asks Devyaani can she wait till she get married. Devyaani nods yes. Anushka says no, such good proposal should not go, Sareen and Minty loves us, and Rajat is very good, we should say yes for this proposal. She says Devyaani loves him, this is imp. She says we have many reasons to say yes, and one reason to say no, please say yes. He says yes and asks Rohan to come along. Devyaani hugs her sisters and says she can’t believe it, how did this happen suddenly, Lord did miracle.

Devyaani says she is thinking about Neil, he is not out of my saying no, he will feel bad saying I said yes to Rajat. Alka says don’t worry, failed love makes a person mature and prepares for any situation. Alka goes to Anushka. Anushka cries thinking about Rajat. Alka pacifies her and hugs her. Anushka says its misunderstanding, if Rajat loved me, he would have told me, I was wrong thinking he loved me, am I so wrong, did Rajat never love me and spoke about Devyaani and I thought its me. She says I don’t want anyone to know about this, especially Devyaani, promise me you won’t tell her. Alka promises her. Anushka says she will be happy seeing Devyaani and Rajat together. She hugs Alka and cries.

Nikki says Shastri ji said yes, when Rajat tells everyone that he loves Anushka, not Devyaani, then Devyaani will know whats the pain of rejection, as she has rejected Neil. Minty says yes, Shastri sisters relation will end with this. They turn and are shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arey yaar wt going on.i cant c anu crying.rajat where r u plz come soon for anu’s sake.jaldi se aajavu yaar.waiting for u only.and rajat agar u dont say anything to everyone.i am damn sure i will not watch the show again.i hope rajat say that he loves only anu.i just watch the show to cif or cif for anu and rajat.

  2. The serials in colors end up with wrong pairs always.. like the one in bani, balika vadhu, sasural simar ka etc… I hope atleast this will be a good story with rajath and anu n neil and devyaani

  3. i hope anu and rajat wil pair up after engagement of rajat and devyaani,.,. according to the promo

  4. Rajat please come and pacify Anu, and Devyaani why can’t you just be with Neil?

  5. What is This?
    This Is Wrong Story…..

  6. what’s going on yaar its not good

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