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Shastri Sisters 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Devyaani online and messaging her. Devyaani asks Priya to take a treat from her. Neil says no, I have some work. Devyaani says fine, then we will meet tomorrow. She asks is she meeting at coffee shop. Neil gets tensed. Minty calls him and he keeps the laptop on. He goes out of his room. Kajal goes to the room and sees the message. She gets angry seeing Devyaani’s message and replies yes. Devyaani smiles and writes thanks. Kajal says now Neil will meet Devyaani as Priya, I will lend him my dress. She leaves from the room, and Neil enters the room. He sees the chat and is stunned seeing yes. He says who wrote this and holds his head, thinking what to do now.

Rohan takes a bath and comes out. He sees a lady and assumes its Alka. He says Alka, you were with

Astha, oh you got this way to get rid of tension, nice. He goes to her and hugs. He is stunned seeing its Astha and asks her to leave. She says he is so cute, he has something in heart. He asks what is she saying. She says he has held her hand with love, and she realized he is hot and handsome. He says stop this nonsense, else I will forget you are my Bhabhi. She says this is what I want. He asks what happened to her, Sunil was right about her, is she not ashamed, how did she think this. She gets angry.

He scolds her and she looks at him angrily. Anu thinks why does she not remember she has done all this. She thinks she can’t tell Rajat, else he will be in tension. She talks to him well. Rajat asks where is he, he is calling since long. She says phone was in kitchen, he knows she loves him a lot. He asks how is she. She says she is fine, and missing him. He asks her not to talk cutely. She says I m well. He is relieved and says he is also fine, and misses her.

She asks when is he coming. He says in 2-3 days. They say miss you to each other and end call. Alka talks to Devyaani and says I will come there and we will call Anu too, its many days since we sat for gossip. Devyaani says she has to talk to Priya, and she can join them too. Alka says all the best. Devyaani says I wish Astha’s plans don’t work. Alka gets food for Rohan and says she will call Astha. Rohan says leave it. Alka says I will see her and goes. Rohan recalls Astha’s words. Alka gets her letter and says she wrote she is going to her Maayka and sorry for yesterday night, what happened. Rohan gets thinking.

Alka says it was not Astha’s mistake in what Sunil did, why is she apologizing. Rohan excuses himself. Alka says I don’t understand. He asks her not to think anything. Alka says there was nothing that she needs to say sorry, did anything happen which I did not see. Rohan says its many days and Astha comes in between, don’t we have any life, let her go, why to get in details always. Alka says I m sorry, I did not know you will react this way. He stops her and says sorry Alka, don’t get annoyed with me, what to tell you, I m fed up by Astha, I want to spend a simple life with you, I was irritated by her. Alka smiles. He says leave all this, we will go for romantic date tonight. She says yes, but we are married, how can we go for date. He says your husband is innocent, he will not know. She says he is very smart, and asks him to pick her, she will be ready. She leaves. He says sorry Alka, I did not share Astha’s matter, I don’t want to give you tension, its good Astha left, everything will be normal in our life.

Minty shares with Dolly about Anu. Dolly says I think its some evil sprit. Sareen comes and scolds them for discussing this. Dolly leaves. Minty asks Sareen to stop it, she can’t share things with him, as he always blames her. Sareen asks her to stop it now. Kajal comes happily to Leela and says Anu was ideal bahu and now I will get her on the ground. Leela says she is right, if anyone take her to doctor, they will get to know of chemicals. Kajal says just 2 days and Rajat is coming on vrat savitri puja, Anu will be kicked out from this house. They smile joining hands.

Sareen sees Anu going in Minty’s room and Kajal tells Sareen that Minty is not getting up. Sareen is shocked seeing Minty unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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