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Shastri Sisters 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty making great dishes for Kajal. Kajal taunts her and asks did they make just one home all these years. Minty says yes, one house was possible in all income. Kajal asks did they make any property. Minty says no. Kajal asks her to think well. Minty says we did not make. Kajal scolds her and asks how much will she lie, whose farmhouse is that. Minty says I don’t know what you are saying. Kajal hurts her and asks her to say, twisting her hand. She says she will call Guggal. Anu comes and stops Kajal. She asks how dare she and scolds her. Kajal scolds her back and says Minty has hurt me a lot.

Anu says stop it, what do you want. Kajal says I want the farmhouse property, else I will do as I did with Ajay, and frame in any fake case. Minty asks her to have food. Kajal

leaves. Anu asks is she hurt. Minty says this is nothing infront of the pain Kajal gave us, its good she is getting trapped in our plan. Anu says its matter of few days, like Kajal hurts you, we will hurt her.

Its morning, Peeya sits doing her project. Devyaani asks her to drink milk. Peeya asks her to cut best Indian dress designs and she has to present scrapbook. Devyaani helps her. She checks the magazine and sees the company’s logo seen in the video. She says she will tell Anu and Neil. Anu thanks Peeya and gives her the credit. Peeya says she wants pizza party. Neil says he will get the clue. Anu says I will come, but Kajal will doubt. She sends Devyaani with him. Anu asks him to inform him.

Leela talks to Kajal and says Neil is going to market and asked me what Kajal likes. They see Neil leaving with Devyaani and get angry. Kajal says maybe they are doing something against me, have to find out, follow them and see what are they upto. Leela follows Neil and Devyaani. Neil and Devyaani come to the place and see the logo. Leela worries and says how did they know this place, do they know Ajay was killed here, what to do now. Neil and Devyaani try finding some clue. Leela calls Kajal. Kajal asks her to follow them and Leela argues. Kajal asks her to get details of them.

Neil and Devyaani see the whole place. Kajal says she will show Neil what happens to act smart to me. She calls Minty and scolds her. She keeps knife at Minty’s neck and scolds her. She cuts her hand and they get worried. Minty asks what did she go. Guggal comes there and runs to Kajal. She asks what happened, who did this. Kajal acts innocent. Neil comes and asks what happened mum. Guggal says his face is innocent and she came to give it a medal/slap. Kajal looks at Neil. Guggal asks her not to worry, she is here. Kajal says its her mistake. She threatens Minty acting sweet and says she forgot to tell Guggal that her husband Neil is so caring. Minty and Anu get angry. Guggal asks Kajal to take care and asks them to take care of Kajal. She starts leaving.

Anu stops her and says this was not true, this was planned to show her. Guggal asks whats the matter. Anu says Kajal has cut her hand to blackmail us. Guggal does not believe her and says Kajal can’t even kill any mosquito. She leaves from there. Anu goes to Minty and asks her to hear her. Kajal looks at them. Minty sees Kajal and Anu acts well. Minty asks why did Anu hide about the property. Anu says Rajat saved money and bought it, he wanted to gift me, she can come sometimes. Minty says invitation for my son’s house, its my right to come there. Anu says I don’t want Kajal to know it, else she will try to get it. Kajal thinks Rajat might taken bribe to earn crores, he looks so decent and honest. Minty and Anu argue. Anu asks her to listen to her and Minty leaves. Kajal smiles seeing them.

The lawyer asks Alka what did she see when she went to Astha’s home, did she see Rohan misbehaving with Astha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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