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The Episode starts with Anu following Sameer. Sameer come to meet Shastri ji and says he wanted to talk to him. He says he has dreamt about Anu in trouble, as if she is calling me. Shastri ji says dreams can’t be stopped. Sameer says I felt like Anu is alive, do you not feel so? Shastri ji says I used to feel before, not now, I have convinced my heart not to think about that thing which does not matter, now your relation with Devyaani matters, focus on that, no need to worry by dreams. Sameer says right, when I sit, I feel strange, its one year Anu has gone. He says mum said if you want to call Anu’s friend in her death anniversary, you can call. Shastri ji says she has no friend, the sisters used to share everything. He sees Mony and asks her to come. Sameer looks at her.

Mony says

Sareen is calling Sameer for dinner. Shastri ji says thanks for making tasty chole bhature, just like Anu used to make. Sameer gets thinking. Shastri ji says I felt Anu has made it, but…. Anu cries. Sameer says I will leave and goes. Shast5ri ji asks Mony to take the utensils and gives her. She thanks him and goes.

The utensils fall and Anu’s ghunghat falls. She covers her face and takes the utensils. Sameer sees Anu and says my doubt was right. Minty asks him to have dinner with them. He says he has to check mails and looks at Anu. He asks Mony to keep water jug in his room. Any says fine, and takes water for him. She hears Sameer saying about the pendrive. Sameer sees Anu hearing him and fools her. She keeps the water jug and leaves. He thinks she was going to fool me, see how I trap her in her own plan.

Minty and Sareen have a talk about Rajat, he is like we don’t exist for him, as if he is stranger. Sareen says once his mission ends, he will focus at home and Devyaani. Minty says she is worried for Devyaani. She is new bride and is not happy, se wishes Rajat’s mission ends soon so that they can get their son back soon. Anu tells Alka that Sameer has some mission. She says she won’t let Sameer succeed, they have to protect family till Rajat comes back, they have to fail Sameer’s plan by getting that pendrive. She asks Alka why is she quiet. Alka says I m fine, leave it. Anu asks what is it. Alka tells her everything about Rohan. Anu says don’t worry, I m sure Rohan refused for that relation, else we would have known it, Rohan loves you, Lord won’t separate you both. Alka thanks her. Anu says she has a plan.

Devyaani says she is not hungry. Anu suggests Devyaani and everyone that they can arrange special dinner for Rajat and Devyaani on the terrace. Sareen and Minty like the idea and says she is good. Sameer gets a call from the goon about Rajat trying to flee. He is worried for Rajat and Anu creating troubles for him. Anu talks to Alka and everyone arrange a surprise for Rajat and Devyaani. Sameer does not find anyone at home and says where did they all go, I will kill them before killing Rajat. He takes a gun and goes to terrace, seeing the darkness. He comes there and sees Devyaani.

She says its not your mistake, its my mistake that I did not know you, I was finding my Rajat in you, when the truth is you are not my Rajat. He gets shocked. Devyaani says if they have to get Rajat back, they have to fight, and she wants to say she started the fight…. This is the start of what I did here. He holds the gun tight.

Anu looks for the pendrive and gets it. She says thank Lord I got some proof against that imposter. Sameer comes there and catches her red handed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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