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Shastri Sisters 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani agreeing to marry Neil and Shastri ji asks her did she think well. Devyaani says yes, but I have one condition. Vrinda packs her bag for yatra and Astha asks can she help. Vrinda nods no and goes. Astha gets sad. Shastri ji and daughters come to Sareen house. Minty thinks why did they come. Sareen welcomes them. Shastri ji says Devyaani took decision, she is ready to marry Neil. Sareen says its great news. Rajat says is it right to get them married to shut people’s mind, is this not wrong with Devyaani. Sareen says they will keep Devyaani happy, Neil did mistake, I promise I won’t let him do such thing again.

Shastri ji says I know that and tells about Devyaani’s condition, that Neil should also be ready for this. Sareen says will he dare to say no.

Shastri ji says she means he should agree by his will, not by any force. Minty thinks the proposal will be cancelled, as her Neil will never say yes to marry Devyaani. She says till Neil gets ready, he can’t keep Devyaani happy, I will bring him. Sareen says wait, I will call him.

Sareen brings Neil and says he told him everything. Neil says he is ready to marry Devyaani. Shastri ji is glad. Rajat gets thinking. Minty asks Neil why did he not say yes. Sareen says its good he agreed. Minty says I was saying… Sareen calls the pandit and asks him to get a good date for marriage. Astha sees the dining table and food and knocks the door to call Vrinda. She asks her to come for dinner. Vrinda says no, we had food. Astha says I made kheer for you. Vrinda says I don’t wish to eat and shuts the door. Astha sits alone and eats food. She keeps the food and says I did not do such bad thing that they are showing this attitude.

Minty comes to Neil and asks why did he say yes. Neil says he did not wish to say yes and FB shows Neil refusing and Sareen asking him to find new home and new dad and blackmailing him to end ties if he says no, if he says yes, then maybe he will let him stay in house. Minty gets angry knowing this. Neil says I don’t know how did Devyaani say yes, does she love me. Minty says she said yes so that she does not lose name, can she love anyone. He says he did this for her, he does not wish to marry. She says don’t worry, I will handle your dad and stop this marriage, I need some time, but how. She hugs him.

Shastri ji says we said yes, and even Neil says yes, but don’t know it this good or not, what if Neil does not keep Devyaani happy, I will curse myself all my life. Alka says if Devyaani said yes, then she knows Neil very well. Anu says yes, Alka is right. She asks for Devyaani’s kundli. Alka goes to get it. She brings and gives it to Anu. Anu says Sareen asked for it and goes. Vrinda calls Alka and says Sunil left home after CD issue and we are not talking to Astha, we are going for yatra. Alka is stunned. Vrinda asks her to take care, as Astha will not be quiet and trouble her.

Anu tells Rajat that she will get breakfast. She gives kundli to Sareen and says he called pandit to match kundlis and fix wedding date. Astha calls Minty. Rajat goes to see and Minty takes the phone before he can see. She cuts the call and makes excuses. Minty thinks why is Astha calling her. The pandit ji comes and they greet him. He checks the kundlis and says it matches well, But there is no good time till six months and asks them not to do anything till six months. Sareen says fine. Anu looks on. The pandit meets Minty and says he did as she said. Minty pays the money and Sareen catches her red handed.

Sareen says Neil can’t get better girl than Devyaani, she will make him right. Minty says I m with him to teach him how to live life. Sareen asks her to learn first. She says she does not want Devyaani to come in her house. He asks her to leave the home, as Devyaani will come as his bahu, she will see his dead face if she does something. He asks her to come home and she thinks.

Sareen tells the mahurat in three days. Neil says my life will end, is this age to marry and asks Minty to do anything. Minty says give me some time, don’t do anything to make anyone doubt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I swear I’m the only one from the UK who watches it

    1. Also my friends from UK watch this serial..

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  5. I am missing sajana..mere…sajana song many days plz anuraj ke kuch romantic sceans bhi toh dikhaoo then alka or rohan ko bhi thodi important doo…. And todays episode is fantastic

  6. I live in London I watch this serial

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    Bit good episode…………..

  8. wht d hell of this blckmailing mariages.. Sareen nd minty always uses this

  9. Please bring a new jodi for devyaani.neil is not the perfect match for her.

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    I’m from Peterborough in uk lots of people who live in the UK watch this drama

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