Shastri Sisters 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu coming to jail to meet Ajay. She sees Kajal leaving and follows her. She goes to the jewelry shop and sees her selling bangles. Kajal takes the money and leaves. Anu goes to the shop and buys the same bangles. Devyaani and Neil are waiting for the result. Neil sees Devyaani getting nervous. Neil goes to her and recalls her words. Alka says don’t take tension, result will be positive. Neil says the same but in low tone, being confident that Devyaani will get the project. The man says the team has decided that they will do the project with Devyaani and her company.

Neil says I knew it, you will get this project, and gives his hand. Devyaani looks on. The man says congrats, I think you both are good friends, else if one is happy, all others get annoyed. Devyaani

says she will leave now, and goes with Alka. Anu asks Sareen about Kajal. Sareen says she went to buy vegs. Kajal comes home and Anu asks where did she go. Kajal says I went to get veg, and I asked Minty too.

Minty asks Anu not to ask too many questions. Anu says maybe she has gone somewhere else too, like any jewelry shop. She asks did she go to jeweler shop. Kajal says no, why will I go. Anu says to sell bangles. Kajal says I did not sell bangles. Anu asks where are the bangles. Kajal says its inside. Anu says no, it can’t be, as it was at jeweler shop. Minty says what. Anu shows the receipt to Minty. Sareen and Minty are shocked. Anu shows the bangles to Minty.

Anu asks Kajal to say what would she say about this. Minty asks Kajal to say. Kajal asks will she get angry if she says, she knows she should have asked her before selling the bangles. Minty says yes. Kajal says I have sold the bangles for Leela. Leela is shocked. Minty asks for Leela? Kajal says yes, she said she wants to go back home, her home is mortgaged, I asked where will she go, she has raised me and is in big problem, how can I not support her, so I have sold the bangles, I know I did a big mistake, forgive me.

Kajal acts and cries. Leela starts drama and hugs her. She says see what all are they blaming you. Kajal says sorry, I can’t give you the money to you, as I always thought not to give tension to Minty and today she is worried. She returns the money to Minty. Minty asks her to give the money to Leela. She says she don’t care if Anu does not trust her, but I m with you. She asks Anu to learn how people hide and help others.

Rajat talks to Anu about Kajal. He asks does she not trust anyone. He asks her not to get in any problem, mum can handle any problem. He goes to sleep. She thinks how can she be quiet seeing all this. She sees her jewelry and says why is this shining so much. She says it looks light, did it.. no I m thinking anything. She sees its fake necklace and is stunned. She says no, I m thinking wrong, maybe Rajat is right.

Astha starts crying aloud. Alka and Rohan get worried and go to her. They to to see her and find her crying. Astha looks at them. Astha stares at Rohan and says you came, I knew you will come. Alka asks is she fine. Astha says you can’t leave me, I know you can’t go. Rohan is stunned. Alka says Sunil is not here, with whom is she talking. Astha says who is he, he is Sunil. She goes to Rohan and says Sunil, what is she saying, you are my Sunil. She hugs Rohan and says I know you love me and will not go anywhere. Rohan looks at Alka.

Rajat and Anu say the new timings.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. I wonder wer s sunil y don’t rohan or alka cal sunil till now at once nd astha’s drama s getting vry cheap nd worse day by day

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    • Maybe but there was fight between sanjeev and khanikar in older comments how can he do so much give himself abuse he used my name also but it can’t be proved that I wrote it cuz of my dp when khanikar used my name my dp dint appear And it was clear that I dint wrote it but how
      can u say that khanikar wrote it I think so sanjeev only wrote it and khanikar took advantage of the situation and came here by calling himself my husband

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