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Shastri Sisters 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty coming to her room and recalling Kajal and Rajat’s words. Kajal comes to her and fills her ears against Rajat. She asks her to cry and get all her pain out, Rajat has fooled his mum, he did very wrong. She says she will never leave her and acts sweet to her. Minty says how can Rajat do this and cries. Kajal smiles and shows sympathy to her. Minty hugs her. Anu and Rajat talk to Devyaani and Neil. Anu says Rajat we have to wait to get proof, Minty did not listen to you. Rajat says don’t know mum will be ready to come there or not, else everything will go waste. Anu says I will manage, I will talk to Sareen, you think how to use Ajay.

Rajat and Neil meet Ajay and say he has done all the work, just Anu has to get mum there. Anu comes to Minty and asks her to

open the door, she has to take her somewhere urgently. Minty refuses to come. Anu asks her to come just today and trust her once. Minty opens the door and says she will not go anywhere, she can’t trust her. She asks her to go alone and shuts the door. Anu gets worried and thinks Minty is not ready to come, how to bring Kajal’s true face out. Kajal goes to meet Ajay at some place. She finds the place dark and calls out Ajay.

Ajay comes to her and she gets scared. She says I was afraid, its good its you. She asks how did he get hurt. He says nothing, I fell. She asks why is it so dark here. He says light often goes here and takes this paper. She says give. He asks her to give money first. She says money is at home, she will give money once she gets the house. He asks her to get money. She says will she cheat him. He says he knows her well and asks her to get money first. She says she will give money for sure. He says he has done theft, went to jail and got beaten up because of her.

Ajay asks her not to fool her by her love. She says Sareen are fools, even that Minty. She says how she has fooled everyone there. The power comes and Kajal asks him to give the papers. Anu comes and Kajal gets tensed. Anu says lord wishes you get punished for your bad crimes. Rajat comes there and Kajal gets more shocked. Devyaani comes. Kajal then acts cool and says its fine if Anu did Rajat and Neil on her side, and reminds her that Minty is on her side. Kajal says no can do anything till Minty is on my side.

Anu turns and calls Neil and Minty. Kajal gets shocked seeing Minty and Neil. Minty gets angry and goes to Kajal. Kajal starts her drama. Minty slaps her and does not listen anything. She scolds Kajal and asks is she not ashamed. She says you fooled me taking your mum’s name.

Minty asks her to think when Minty goes against her, I have saved you from everyone, who will save you from me. Kajal cries and Minty asks her to shut up. She says she is getting much anger on her and asks her to think to think how to get her anger out. Kajal signs Ajay. Devyaani says they can’t trust her, she is a creep. Ajay moves back and runs from there silently. He shuts the door from outside. Anu asks Kajal not to lie more. She says you can prove everyone as liars, now no use to lie, as your truth is out.

Rajat says he has recorded everything, this recording will go to police now. Kajal asks Minty to forgive her and says she does not have mum. Minty scolds her. Ajay puts kerosene outside. Rajat says he will call police. Minty pushes Kajal in anger. The kerosene comes inside. Ajay says I will see how Sareen family gets saved now and lights fire there. The fire comes inside the door and they all get shocked seeing the fire. Rajat asks everyone to come out. Kajal holds Minty while Rajat asks them to come out.

Minty says I will not forgive you. Kajal holds her feet and does not let Minty go. Rajat, Neil, Anu and Devyaani come out. Minty calls out Rajat and Neil. Minty kicks Kajal and screams as the place gets lit by fire. They all hear her screams and get shocked.

Leela asks where is Kajal and scolds Minty and Sareen family. The lady inspector comes and says Leela has complaint that Kajal is missing and she doubts them to be behind this. Minty and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. Thanks for the update Amena ? and it was an…*drum rolls please* AWESOME EPISODE ??? Kajal’s true face is finally revealed ? Yippee ? Well done Anuraj and Deveel ? You guys are simple amazing ?

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    neil and devy will come close by 31th july 2015. no need to worry as there are numerous serial on colors tv or other channel.

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