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Shastri Sisters 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking a lady to make Anu drink water. Veer misbehaves with Sareen and says he want to drink. Sareen says I m doing this for your good. Veer says its my liver, my kidney, I know my good. Sareen tells Shastri ji to see how he is behaving and he is getting angry. Veer gets angry and asks him to show his anger. Dolly says in whose house is Shastri ji giving his daughter, the guy is so bad.

Kirti looks on shocked. Veer insults Dolly and she leaves. Rajat asks Veer to come and takes him. Veer acts drunk and bring shame for them. The guests leave.

Rajat brings Veer out and asks what happened, I did not see you like this before, drinking and misbehaving. Veer says I m like this, so I want Anu to know this, I m going to dance with Anu. Rajat says no way.

Kirti says leave him Rajat, I will take him home, all rituals are done when you got drunk, I need to talk. She takes him home. Sareen asks Shastri ji to see what Veer did. Minty says what did he do, it was normal, he is good for Anu. Devyaani says even I feel he is weird, think again dad. Shastri ji says even he is not happy with Veer did today and the decision will not be his this time, Anu will decide now.

Veer waits for the call and says I felt Shastri uncle will cancel the marriage as Sareen told me. He gets the call and smiles. He says congrats the marriage is over. Sareen says I think the marriage will happen. Veer is shocked and asks why. Sareen says Shastri ji decided to cancel it, but the fate has your marriage fixed. Veer says no, we have to do something that Anu and Rajat get married.

Kirti asks Veer what does he want to do, everything was happening by his happiness, what is his problem now, don’t do anything to embarrass me, I want you to apologize to everyone. He says I did what my heart said and today too I will do the same. He kisses her forehead and smiles. He leaves. She worries.

Alka sees the necklace and Rohan asks is she choosing it for marriage. Alka says I have to gift to Anu, so I was thinking I will gift this. He says this is which I gifted you. She says yes, she will also like it. He says you mean we can’t afford a new one. She says I know the bad time is just for sometime, why are you feeling bad. He says I m feeling bad, as you are giving your jewelry to gift, I failed. She says everyone call me lucky to have a husband like you. He says things have changed.

Minty sings Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan ve and gets ready. Sareen thinks Minty ahs cancelled the bidaai, I should keep her away from marriage if Veer cancels it for Anu and Rajat. He takes some sleeping pills and adds in lemon water. He says I m sorry Minty, I have to do this for my son’s good. Minty gets suspicious as he gave her water glass till now. He gives a silly reasoning and makes her drink. She gives the glass to Neil. Sareen says I made this on for him. She drinks the juice.

Alka makes Anu eady and asks Devyaani to hurry up, as the baraat can reach any time. Rajat comes and says I want to talk to Anu for few mins, can I. Alka says no. Devyaani says sure, they made a big sacrifice for elders and we can let them spend some time. They leave. Anu comes to Rajat and he compliments her. Saajna……………plays…………. He gifts her a necklace and says I bought it for you thinking this will be the first gift after our marriage, but fate did not give a chance. She says gift it to your wife. He says maybe I won’t marry again. She cries.

Veer tells Shastri ji that he wants a car to do marriage. Shastri ji asks was he doing all this drama to make Rajat and Anu marry, and fall in his eyes, he respects him even more, the marriage will not break, not get ready.

Update Credit to: Amena

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