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Shastri Sisters 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bua ji introducing her daughter Karishma. She hugs Rohan and asks about Bhabhi. Vrinda says you surprised us. Hari and everyone look happy. Alka meets Karishma and gets praised. Astha gets jealous. Karishma says sorry I could not bring any gift. Bua ji says Hari that Karishma came to do fashion designing course and will stay here for six months. He agrees. Neil is furious on Devyaani and Rajat comes to him. Rajat tries asking him the problem he is facing since many days.

Neil hides his eyes with tears. Rajat asks him to share as a friend. He asks is this about any girl. He gets Devyaani’s call and acts cold to her. Devyaani asks can’t she call him. Neil hears them. Devyaani says our relation changed and I called for Anushka. She says I called to say thanks

for saving Anushka from current and asks him to take her on date. She asks him to give time. Rajat says I m busy and I hope I will do my duties ahead. She replies she will wait and admits her love. He ends the call rudely. Neil asks Rajat to tell his secret as he felt he is hiding something from him. He says you love her and got engaged, then why did you talk like this. Rajat thinks to tell him he does not love Devyaani. Rajat hides the matter. Neil asks again. Rajat says you don’t know as you are young, you take care and share things with me. Rajat goes.

Alka gives tea to Karishma and she likes her bangles. Hari says take this one. Karishma asks her to give bangles. Alka thinks it was gifted by Rohan and looks at him. She says I would have given it but. Karishma asks her to think again. Rohan asks Alka to give it. Alka removes the bangles and gives to her. Devyaani calls Alka and tells about Rajat’s behavior towards her.

She tells about Rajat and Anushka and their promise. She says they want to hide something from me. Alka says don’t overthink. Devyaani says they are making me think. She says Rajat did not take me for lunch or dinner, there is no difference after engagement. Alka explains her to think positive from Rajat’s point. Devyaani thanks her for clearing her doubt. Rohan comes to his room and talks to Alka. They talk about the gift which she gave to Karishma. He feels sad that she is annoyed and worried. Alka tells him that she is worried for something else. He asks what is the matter.

Alka tells him about Anushka and Devyaani have made me tensed. She tells about the confusion as they both love Rajat. Rohan is shocked. Alka is clueless what to tell them. Rohan asks her not to worry as time will heal everything. They hold hands and she thanks him. Rajat comes to meet Anushka and talks to her. Nikki looks at them.

They have an argument and she asks him to leave. Rajat says sorry its my mistake. He says its your sister’s problem, will you hear now. Anushka asks what happened. He says she has expectations from me which I can’t fulfill as there are many issues, her heart will break one day. She says you are going to married Devyaani, forget all issues and do what Devyaani likes. Nikki says Devdas and Paro are uniting so I have to call Chandramukhi. She calls Devyaani.

Rajat tells he can’t do anything his heart does not like, he does not love Devyaani, as he loves her. Saajna…. plays. Anushkaa says Devyaani’s expectation is not problem, you have to solve it. He says I can’t as I love… She keeps her hand on his mouth to stop him saying Devyaani loves him a lot asking him to try to love her. Devyaani watches them being shocked. Rajat says what you are doing is injustice to everyone and also with Devyaani. He leaves and Devyaani confronts Anushka.

Rajat tells Devyaani that he loves Anu and not her. All family members look on. Rajat says Devyaani came between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. arey wow yaar wt an epidose.precap was outstanding.the finally day has come which i was waiting.from now i will not miss a single scene of rajat and anu.they r my fav couple on colour right now.very very excited for trm.and neil cheer yaar.even jaldi se u will get u love also.and i mean it yaar.thank for update.waiting for trm.

    1. same yar they r my fav couple rajat and anu

  2. great episode………………eager fr 2mrw episode…………………… u rajat- anu

  3. so sweet rajat anu

  4. Happy for rajat anu

  5. precap is superb

  6. Thank god for the truth.happiness begins now for lovebirds.

  7. Can’t wait for tomoz one have to watch!! Love those two lovebirds!! Plz post the episode as soon as it starts

  8. Oh god!!! Fingers crossd 4 tomorrow….i jus hope tht tomorrow itself d scene( rajat devyani confrntatn) occurs…bcZ de hv a habit f delayn till d next day…by telecastn sum bullsht

  9. Rajkumari Irina

    m very happy about 2day episode of rajat n anu…&i hate devyni…why she so stupid..if i were devyni…i wil understnd all…

  10. its too good yaar

  11. Cnt wait for Thursdays epi

  12. Karishmas gunna end up lykin rohan i fink n ashta is gunna use her to get to alka

  13. @ms-colours:this s too much ………….. karishma is rohan’s sister… bua ki beti… remember?????

  14. Omg this guyz gow about yrs

  15. I read as per tata sky’s information Neil is going to meet Karishma. Hope it’s true. Neil deserve someone better than devayani. With Karishma in picture Alka won’t face problem. Also Minty and Nikki’s plan will be esposed. Sastriji will come to know Minty’s hatred for his girls.

  16. Thank god rajat confessed his luv for anu
    And told dat devyani came in between
    Luv u rajat n anu !!!

  17. flivjfjv.....

    Wow suprb episode…..shasthri ji!luv u anuraj…

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