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The Episode starts with Vrinda getting angry knowing Rohan did not apologize to Astha. She asks Alka why did she become their enemy and she will be responsible for any problems coming their home. Rajat and Neil come in the market and show Ajay’s pic to find him. They look for him. Rajat and Neil ask few people about him. A man says Ajay comes here to take lottery, he has come today too. Rajat smiles and says he hit the lottery. Rajat and Neil come home. Devyaani changes the sim and says she wants to change the situation of home. She calls Ajay.

Devyaani calls Ajay and says she is from lottery company, did he buy tickets. He says yes. She says congrats. You won 50000rs. He gets glad. She asks him to come to some market. He agrees and asks how will he identify her. She says she will have red

suitcase and ends call. Devyaani asks about her acting. Anu says it did not look she was acting. Neil smiles. Rajat says we will make you do any such thing. Devyaani asks them to be ready tomorrow morning. Anu says we are ready.

Its morning, Rajat changes his getup and waits for Ajay. He turns and sees Neil at some distance. Neil and Rajat talk via Bluetooth. Neil says he did not see Ajay. Rajat sees Ajay and goes to him. Rajat beats him and Ajay fights back. Neil comes there. Ajay pushes Rajat on Neil and runs away. Rajat and Neil follow him. They catch Ajay and beat him up.

Anu gets Rajat’s call and asks are you hurt. She sees Kajal and says fine you come home Rajat, then we will talk. Kajal looks at her and Devyaani. Anu taunts Kajal and Minty comes to defend Kajal. She scolds Anu and Devyaani and asks them not to create any issue. Kajal says she was going, but they shocked them, saying Rajat is with them. Anu and Devyaani get shocked. Kajal says Anu said Rajat is doing drama to fool Minty, and wanted to make me out of the house. She says Neil is also with them. Minty gets angry.

Minty says what… Anu says yes, and also tell them that we have kept spy in your room, we have kept tracking device in your purse, tell her. Kajal says yes, she is right, they kept tracking device in my locket. Minty asks is she mad. Devyaani says she needs some lemon water. Rajat and Neil come home.

Rajat and Neil come home. Minty asks Rajat did he fight with Anu or not. She asks him to swear on her and say, he is not related to Anu. Rajat looks at Anu. He moves his hand off her head and she gets shocked. Anu says there is nothing like that. Rajat stops Anu and says its between me and mum, I will handle it. He says he will not lie, Anu and I are together. Minty cries. Rajat says he did this to prove Kajal’s truth to her, she is ruining our house. He says he has Ajay and Kajal’s pic and takes his phone to show her.

Kajal starts her drama. Minty gets angry on Rajat and says he is becoming like Anu. She scolds hima dn says she is more hurt now as he is supporting Anu. Rajat asks her not to say this. Minty does not listen to him and asks him to go anywhere, she will never stop him. She defends Kajal and says she will not leave Anu and Rajat too. She goes and Kajal acts sweet to her. Rajat gets stunned and cries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. PRECAP: Kajal tells ajay to give the property papers. Ajay says he needs the money first. Kajal says if that stupid mother-in-law will sign the papers then I will give u the money! Minty, Anu, And rajat catch her red handed

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