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Shastri Sisters 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu asking the maid to help her, as she is locked in the room since one year. The maid asks what, since one year. Anu says Dr. Raghav has locked me here, he beats me and chains my leg, I want to go to my home. The maid asks how can I help you. Anu says help me when Raghav is not at home. The maid says Raghav is not at home. Anu asks her to help, as she can never go out. Anu requests her a lot. The maid gets thinking.

Fake Rajat shows Anu’s pic to the people in the park where Alka has sen Anu. The people do not identify Anu, and he sits there. A drunken man comes to him and says he has seen this girl. He says he can say where she has gone, and says give me some money, I need to get wine. Raghav comes and asks what are you asking him, he is not in any state to help,

show me the pic. Raghav sees Anu’s pic and is shocked. Fake Rajat asks him about her, saying she is my wife, tell me did you see her. Raghav asks your wife, you are coming now, I m finding her relative since long, she is dead. Fake Rajat gets glad in his heart.

Raghav says he has treated Anu and he could not save, he could not reach her family and hospital people did her last rites, I m so sorry for your loss. Fake Rajat says but my sister in law has seen her here in the park yesterday. Raghav asks his name. Fake Rajat says I m Rajat. Raghav says I can’t say, tell the family, what can we do, and I want to advice that don’t come here, where you left your loved ones, memories come and it aches heart, so avoid all this. He hugs Fake Rajat, and they both smile evilly. Raghav says I m doctor, but a human first, I understand your pain.

Fake Rajat asks can you tell anything else. Raghav says nothing, God bless you, inform family. Fake Rajat turns smiling and leaves from there. Anu asks the maid to take her out. The maid is tensed and says no, if Raghav knows I helped her, he will kill me. Anu requests her and cries. Raghav comes home and Anu asks the maid to talk normal to Raghav, he will not know anything. The maid asks her to understand. Anu says please. Raghav enters his house and walks to his room. Anu sees him and hides quickly, while he questions the maid for being here till this time. The maid tensely looks at the other side. Raghav shouts and asks what did she see there. The maid says nothing.

Raghav tries to see there and Anu gets worried. He asks the maid to get food. The maid leaves. Anu prays that Raghav does not go in room, if she is caught, she will lose courage to fight, and prays that Raghav does not go there. Raghav leaves and Anu quickly runs inside the cupboard. Fake Rajat gets Devyaani’s call and says he will talk later, he is upset. She asks why, did you find about Anu. He says yes, but you won’t like to hear it. Devyaani says she is gone, what is it about her. She says I know she will never come back, but I will be glad to know anything. He says Anu was here one year before, some people took her to hospital an she could not survive, its sure thing, I met her doctor. Devyaani cries and says I wish we got Anu that time.

She asks him to get Anu’s death certificate. He says I will try and ends the call. He says Devyaani is right, I want some proof for Anu’s death, I can be sure that Anu is dead. The maid gets the food. He says make anything for me. She asks for her. Raghav asks what did she say, what is she saying. She says she has seen a girl yesterday, so thought to ask what will she eat. Raghav says listen to me, don’t tell anyone about that girl, else I will get angry and he will not leave her.

The goons talk and Rajat gets senses. He tries to free himself. Saajna……………….plays……………He falls down and sees Anu’s pic in his wallet. He recalls fake Rajat’s words that maybe Anu is alive. The goons come to him and beat him up for trying to escape. Raghav comes to Anu and asks what shall I do, what love shall I show, why do you want to run and why, and scolds her. Anu cries and he warns her. She says she does not know the maid and he gets angry. He asks how did the maid see her and asks her not to try to run away. She says she did not talk to maid, she was walking in the home as he said she is free to roam at home, and maid might have seen her, maybe I did a mistake to believe his house is hers. She fools him in her words and emotionally blackmails. Raghav gets thinking and holds her. He leaves and fake Rajat comes to meet him. Raghav gets shocked seeing him.

Raghav talks to fake Rajat and gives him the file of Anu’s death certificate and all details. Anu sees Rajat and smiles. She makes a vase fall and fake Rajat turns by the sound. She smiles seeing him with high hope in her eyes, and he looks at her shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First!

    1. From shab di my sweet prads!!!! Yayy v three r first!

  2. First on d last day!!!

  3. please bring rajat and anu together

  4. The serial is getting very interresting…..i want . I LOVE SAHSTRI SISTERS

  5. Why did fake rajat kidnap real rajat ? Is that the secret ?

  6. Omg wats happening?! Who is raghav and fake rajat?! Does any1 know? 🙂

  7. Guys the serial is about to finish!! Omg i swear it says the seriel is not popular ans stuff so it will be ending 8th august

  8. The actors in shastri sisters were let down by a mediocre storyline

  9. It will end??

    1. Yes at 8august sonal conformed it….. even in dtb they said

  10. delete
    End Of The Road For Shastri Sisters
    Posted on Jul 18, 2015 in Shashtri Sisters | 2 comments | Post a commment
    Bad news for all Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilm) fans.

    Colors’ popular daily is all set to bid adieu.

    A source shared, “After the change in its timeslot, the ratings of the daily continued to decline. Though the makers introduced many interesting twists in the storyline recently, it did not help much to regain the numbers. Hence, the channel decided to pull the plug.”

    While our efforts to reach producer Shyamasis Bhattacharya proved futile, actress Sonal Vengurlekar confirmed the development.

    Shastri Sisters will telecast its last episode on 8 August.

    FilmFarm’s upcoming venture Ishq Ka Rang Safed, starring Mishal Raheja will take Shastri Sisters’ time slot.

    Keep reading us.
    Its from dtb and even sonal aka devyani confirmed it….. somewhere dowm the line thapki is the reason….

  11. ash all la la

    This has gone worse and worse every day. Why is this really bad ?. We want the old Rajat and Anu back get rid of Raghav and the fake Rajat the just spoil the episodes.

  12. Its a shame – the serial began well and held its own till Rajat and anu got married. Then onwarsd it seemed to lose its plot. For a story that tried hard to reflect everyday life (which is what made it fun, refreshing, interesting and easy to relate to, unlike many of the unwatchable serials on colours) – it suddenly got stuck on issues similar to other serials (saans-bahu rigmarole) and then lurched to unrealistic stuff like the kajal-astha track – and from there to complete fantasy – like the terrorist angle and anu being rescued by a psychotic. Now it actually resembles serials on their desperate bid to create a storyline (like Uttaran towards the end) and ultimately creating one that no-one relates to. And that’s just so unfortunate, ‘cos this was a serial with a lot of potential and with some very good actors. If the script writers had breathed more life into their roles and allowed the story to evolve like life does, it would have been so much more watchable. The more successful serials did exactly that – it showed people move from one stage of life to another – like the age-old buniyaad, and the less memorable ones like Uttaran. Hope this is taken as constructive criticism by the makers of this serial.

  13. omg what’s happening I’m so confused lol don’t worry I love you Anu and Devyani

  14. I think they will end like this real rajat and any meeting each other and trying to find out about fake rajat and free everyone

  15. Dr.N. Janakirama Rama Rao

    Dear Color channel executives,
    I am a constant watcher of shastri sisters serial, from a long time I liked it very much in the beginning. But subsequently this serial lost it’s originality. And turned to be boring with highly idiotic twists like terrorist activity etc. it is utter nonsense
    So better stop such serials hereafter & don’t let you loose us

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