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The Episode starts with everyone meeting happily in the mehendi function. Shastri ji welcomes Kirti and Veer and Veer shocks him again by his wrong replies. Sareen asks Shastri ji to say any work and hugs him. Even Rajat offers help. Kirti asks him to call Anu. Shastri ji sends Devyaani. Neil messages and compliments Devyaani. They smile seeing each other. She writes its old, say something new. Devyaani brings Anu. Veer notices Rajat and Anu staring at each other. Kirti compliments Anu.

Kirti says lets start the mehendi. Veer asks her to take his permission, one ritual is remaining which is imp for dance and flirting. He says about drinks and shocks Shastri ji. Shastri ji says this does not happen in our house. Veer says if you do mistake always, does it mean you will do mistake all

your life, and asks Sareen does he has any stock. Sareen says we don’t keep wine in daughter’s marriage. Veer says keep it when son in law says, its not girl’s party, lets bring some shine in the party. Veer brings the bottles.

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Kirti asks why is he doing this to hurt others, he is doing this since few days, whats the matter. He says groom should not be hurt, about others its their problem. He drinks and Rajat asks him to come out, as situation is getting tensed. Veer says I m making thing fine, and asks Alka to out wine in mehendi as it will have dark color. Devyaani gets angry and Neil stops her saying uncle is actually not well. Veer asks why is anyone not drinking, no one is happy with my relation, why. He gets a call and goes out.

He throws the wine in the flower pot. Sareen comes and sees this. Veer turns and is shocked seeing Sareen. Sareen confronts Veer about forcing himself into this bad image. Veer lies to him and Sareen says he knows he is lying. Veer says he is doing this for Anu, as he knows Anu and Rajat love each other, someone sent him their marriage pics. Sareen asks will you cancel the wedding. Veer says no, if I refuse, he will find someone else, I want to make him realize that his decision can also be wrong, if he trusts me and he realizes I m not good, he will find Rajat better. Sareen says try it, you have a big heart, and smiles. Veer says if Anu’s happiness is with Rajat, its my duty to give her happiness. Sareen hugs him. Veer says don’t say anything to anyone, I need your support, prove me bad and greedy infront of them, lets start our drama.

They come inside and Veer drinks more. Minty says how is Sareen with him like this, there is something. Dolly talks to Minty. Veer says my mum should not know this, else she will not be able to stop herself and tell everyone. Sareen asks Devyaani to take Kirti along and tells his plan. She smiles. Devyaani takes Kirti to dance and makes her busy. Anu sees her mehendi. Sareen asks her does she want anything, as she is sitting alone since long. She says nothing. He says I will get water for you. Anu says no, I m fine.

Sareen says no, your face is showing you are thirsty and goes to get water. He gets on call and acts, asking Rajat to give water to Anu as he is on imp call. Veer smiles. Rajat gives the water to Anu. Sareen tells Veer about uniting Rajat and Anu. Veer sees Minty and signs him. Sareen keeps on saying. Veer says Minty aunty is behind you and Sareen changes topic and compliments Minty. Minty asks what was he saying, which couple is he uniting. He says I m talking about us. She says say truth, I will tickle. He says I m saying truth, and says he will get juice for her. She thinks what is he upto.

Sareen tells Shastri ji that this did not happen good. Devyaani says yes. Shastri ji agrees. Sareen asks him to decide. Shastri ji says no, the decision will not be mine, but Anu’s.

Update Credit to: Amena

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