Shastri Sisters 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu asking Devyaani not to worry and be with Peeya, she will just come. Minty introduces Kajal and praises her bahu. Anu comes there and sees them talking to ladies. Kajal acts sweet. Dolly says its good Kajal got included in our society meet. Devyaani says our name is not written here. The lady says she is MMS girl, she is daring to come between us being here. Dolly says it was just made and can happen with anyone, don’t taunt her. She asks Devyaani not to worry and sit. Devyaani says yes but my name is not there. Dolly says its Lord’s game, not my mistake. She says its your mistake, I did your booking in Sareen family as you were going to be Neil’s wife and you refused, and see Kajal is sitting in your place.

The lady says the girl who is seen in MMS does

not get in mandap. They laugh. Devyaani gets a chair and sits. Anu signs her and smiles. Minty messages Dolly to insult Devyaani more, do something to make her cry more. Dolly asks ladies to get luck and play tambola. Devyaani wins the game. Anu smiles. Dolly says Devyaani has won. She says her luck is shining today, if her luck shined in marriage, then she would have been sitting with Sareen on cushion car.

Devyaani says what, I would have been worried till today, and sat worried thinking I did wrong and about fate, I m not dependent on thing which I don’t have, and I have my thinking, that marrying Neil is wrong. She requests everyone not to make her feel bad, as this will not matter her. Dolly claps and says great, you don’t care about them, she did bad things with the guy, and you feel its wrong to marry him, Shastri ji gave good values to them, right. Devyaani says see….Anu says wait Devyaani.

Anu defends Devyaani and says Neil cheated her and why should she marry him. Anu says whats good values to accept wrong man or if you try to have fun of someone’s pain, then its good values to answer such people. Minty asks her to be with them and not favor Devyaani. Anu says if you try to make fun of my and my sister’s love then you should know our love is higher than anything else.

Minty asks will she fight with her friends, how is she doing her duty of a bahu. Anu says no, I m fighting with one who is showing my sister down and making her feel inferior, you should support me as we are one family and they are strangers. Dolly says I feel bad for Minty, she got good bahu like Kajal and this second one will break your home.

Rajat comes and says don’t dare to say a word against Anu. Dolly says Rajat I was just…. He walks to them. Rajat asks what was she saying. Minty says she was saying… Rajat signs her to stop, and says when everyone was insulting Anu and Devyaani, you were quiet, so stay quiet now too, I have seen everything. She says let me say. He says what will you say, that you knew about MMS and Neil, and how you were making Devyaani marry someone, we are family sol we have forgiven you.

He tells Dolly and everyone, that if anyone tells against his family, he will make tough for them to stay in his locality. He asks Anu, Devyaani and Peeya to come home right away. They leave. Sareen talks to someone and ends call. He asks Rajat why is he angry. Anu says listen to me. Sareen asks what happened. Anu says everything went wrong, don’t know how he came there and tells him everything. Sareen is stunned.

Minty comes home with Kajal and Leela. Sareen scolds her. Minty argues and says she did not do anything and do you know what happened, what Rajat told me. Sareen says Rajat was never like this, he is hurt by your doings. She says if he is away from us, its because of his wife, not me. She says tell him not to follow Anu and home will be fine.

Rajat asks Anu why did she go there, she knows Minty and her friends. Anu says sorry, but why did you come. He says I came there to answer them, did you see how they spoke to Devyaani. She says you should have not spoke to Minty like this. He says even she did wrong things there. He says Minty could not become an ideal mum in law. She says what shall I do. He says I don’t want my wife’s head to bow down by any reason, I m fed up and want a simple normal life with my wife, till this goes on, our love story will be stuck. Saajna……………..plays…………..

Kajal tells Minty that Rajat loves her a lot. Shastri ji says this can make Rajat and Anu to get away, Anu’s relation can get spoiled. Minty hugs Kajal and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Realy dis minty is mothers of BITECHES how could she do this…won bhi ek aaurat ho kar acha hai inke chat main koi ladki nai hai…..always respect them plz someone teach her the super bitech

  2. Minty,you want this

  3. I want to see devyaani with other lead…this Neil doesnt have a brain ..

  4. Can anyone tell me why veer is out of the show? Devyaani and veer will be a nice pair

    1. I want Neil and devayani 2 be 2gether. They make a Gud pair

  5. so sad! how can a mother ruin son’s happiness!

  6. Minty u deserve did, u fat face, get lost from dis serial, v hate u

  7. Can anyone tell me anushka ne party main saree pehane thi yaa much or ? Plz tell me

  8. What was the precap I don’t understand plz anyone explain

    1. Also,i did’nt understand the precap

    2. Kajal will be telling minty that rajat likes minty v much but anu is filling his ears against her…at the same time shastri will be telling devyaani that by trying to save sareen family from getting divided anu’s relation with rajat might get spoilt

  9. Its not the right message they r giving to public. Koi mother in law na aisi hoti h na ma Jo aone bche k bhale k liye kabhi he na soche. They r ruining the show once samaj ata h not all the time. Pehle shadi shadi khelre the abh evil evil. They make marriage seem like a joke.

    1. Plz if u Don’t want to watch then Don’t they Don’t need a stupid one like u so and yes whats ur problem they r giving wrg message to public and actually they r not doing anything wrong

      And neil devyani will be shown united soon. They r just showing some twist and opening neil’s eyes of having blind faith in his MOM

      SO IDIOT no need to comment wrng about SS

  10. U BASTARD MR .

  11. above msg was for fullstop one .

  12. No one can support his wife up to these much. ANURAJ is the best and best television couple.

  13. Anu was wearing black color salwar not saree.

  14. I want to see anushka in saree with rajat in formal and they having boll dance together….I want to see them

  15. want a poll for best jodi in colors.Then i wil surely vote for ANURAJ.

    1. In this ss will win but some people Don’t judge. they jus vote for their fav serial like yhm but in this ive voted for SS

      1. you are right pradishma.I have also voted for ss

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