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The Episode starts with Rajat and Anu talking to the guard. They look for Kajal and Ajay. She says did they see us. He says yes, maybe and looks at the tracking device. He says the location is this one, but where are they. She looks around and finds the locket there. Rajat says its that locket which Neil gave Kajal. Rajat says I m angry on her and impressed too, how did she know this has tracking device. Kajal and Ajay look on from far. Kajal says they fooled me, I should have not hoped from Neil, see it was plan to trap me. He asks what to do now. She asks him to make plan ready. She says if we give them time, don’t know what wi8ll they go, we have to workout our plan, I will fool them now.

He asks shall I make property papers. She says yes, then I will manage. Rajat and Anu come to meet

Devyaani, Neil and Alka at the office and talk about Kajal. Neil says mum will not hear anything against her. They all think what to do. Anu says can’t we use the pics. Neil and Devyaani ask what they can do. Anu says she is happy they all are together, after forgetting all the fights, we should thank Kajal for this.

Devyaani asks Anu not to talk anything. She says once they send Kajal to jail, she can send thank you card to her. She says they have to find Ajay now. Rajat says lets go home, else mum will doubt. Alka says I will also go home, Rohan would have come. Neil and Rajat come home. Kajal opens the door and greets them. She starts questioning them. Rajat says everything is fine. Kajal asks them to come inside, she will get water. She gets water. Rajat asks her to make tea. Kajal acts sweet and says she is family member, and asks him not to do any formality like requesting. She says she will leave home and never come back. Neil jokes and asks Rajat to be formal.

Leela hides and looks on. Rajat asks Kajal to control Neil. She goes. Rajat says you won’t need to leave house, we will kick you out of this house. She asks Kajal will she really settle here. Kajal asks her to be quiet, and asks her to act with her. Devyaani asks Anu why did she sign her and Neil. Anu asks did she not like it. Devyaani says I m bearing Neil as he is helping you and Rajat, else I would have not seen him. Anu says he has helped me a lot. Devyaani says leave it now. Anu asks her to say can’t she forgive him ever. Devyaani leaves.

Neil tells Rajat that he does not know they will forgive him or not for what he did in past. Rajat asks what is he saying. Neil says he has cheated Devyaani. Rajat asks him not to worry, you did some good work that Anu and I have forgiven you. Neil asks about Devyaani. Rajat says she can say, she will forgive you. Neil says no, she is adamant, she wants to hate me all the life.

Alka is on the way. Astha waits for Rohan and thinks how to welcome him. Rohan comes there and is sad. Alka comes there in nick of the time and asks what is he doing here. Rohan looks at her. He says I have come to end everything today, I will apologize to Astha. Alka is stunned. He says when he came to know case is starting, they will need to go to court, he can’t face bad blames. Alka says he can’t be afraid of people. He says he is worried for his mum, he can’t bear her insult. Alka says she does not want to be afraid of anyone, else her trust on him will fail. She asks him not to apologize, and convinces him. Astha opens the door and sees them. She says she has leg pain and asks Rohan to massage her legs. She asks Rohan and Alka to beg her and apologize. Alka starts scolding her and insults her. Astha gets angry and says Alka. Alkka says shut up, are you not ashamed to blame Rohan and now she is having fun to make him apologize. She says Astha will apologize to Rohan and challenges her. They leave and Astha fumes.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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