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The Episode starts with Veer acting rude and saying Anu he will drop her home. He nags on the way and taunts about Rajat, saying you talk to him by love and saved all hatred for me. She says we are engaged, it does not mean we say anything to each other, we should take care of our feelings.

He says did you take care of my feelings, why did Rajat talk to you by love. She says whats this kiddish thing. He says I m like this, I like to be kiddish to speak my heart out, you can get down the car if you want. She says fine, if you have a problem. He stops the car and she gets down. He leaves. Veer sees the time. Rajat passes by and sees Anu on the road.

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goes to Anu and asks her how is she here, she was going on lunch with Veer. She says yes, he had some work. He asks is she going home. She says yes. He says I m also going home, I will get bike. She sits behind holding him and they leave. Veer sees them and smiles folding the paper drawing and bringing Anu and Rajat close.

He says Anu said right, I like to be kiddish, I don’t know what kiddish thing broke your relation, I will unite you both, you both will marry, its my promise, I love you Anu, I can do this for you to make you get your love, I won’t let you do injustice with yourself, I can see you both did not wish to be separated, I will unite you both, I want your friendship and someone else got your love. He cries and gets Astha’s call. Astha says she is his well wisher and changes her tone. She asks did he get the pics of his to be wife and her husband.

She asks why did he get engaged. He says I will break engagement, but I want to meet you. She asks why, to thank me? He says to send you to jail, who are you to interfere in my life. He says who can it be. She removes the sim and says he is saying he will send me to jail, I have to think some other plan for Anu. Alka hears this and questions her. Astha says planning to attend her marriage. I was talking to my mum. She leaves.

Neil tells Devyaani that their first order is booked and shows her. She gets glad. He says we don’t have delivery boy. She says I got him, its you, if we have a cute delivery boy, why will we need someone else, we both will go. Neil smiles. They both deliver the item and get money. He says your first salary, take it. She says its our salary, thanks for the idea. He says lets party. She says in just 1000rs. She says we will go shopping too. He says stay less with my mum, you learnt to taunt. They go to have gol gappas. Sab pyaari teri yaari hai……………plays………..

Rajat drops Anu. Shastri ji sees them and thinks why did she come with Rajat when we went with Veer. Rajat says maybe Veer had imp work so he left you there. He gives the engagement ring and says size is fine now, Veer asked me to pick up and give you. Minty looks on. She says this bad dream started again, she is engaged and still with Rajat, why. Anu comes in her room. Shastri ji comes to her. He asks her why did Veer not come to drop her. She says he had some work.

Minty asks Rajat why did be bring Anu if Veer has some work, she would have come by auto. Rajat says I was coming home, she was on way and I got her. Shastri ji says you are also imp for you, he should have dropped you. Rajat argues with Minty and defends Anu, what will she do to prove she wants peace in both families. He gets imp call and goes. She shouts don’t do anything that I become helpless to do anything.

Shastri ji says he would have sent you in taxi. She says its nothing like that. Veer smiles seeing his and Anu’s engagement pics. He gets Shastri ji’s call and plays music on laptop, asking him to say fast what he wants to, as he is out with his friends. Shastri ji asks did he fight with Anu, she was worried. Veer says even I was worried, what I say will be different, will you trust me. He says yes. Veer says Anu got angry on small thing, she scolded me. Shastri ji says no, she is not like this.

Veer says I know you will say this, what did she say. Shastri ji says she did not say. Veer says I had work, shall I leave work for her. He says he is in pub and ends call. Shastri ji is tensed by his change. He says why is Veer talking like this. Veer says sorry for misbehaving, if I have to make Rajat rise in your eyes, I have to fall.

Veer drinks in the Mehendi function and talks in ill manner with Shastri ji. Sareen confronts Veer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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