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Shastri Sisters 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani seeing the access blocked on their fashion website and says it means Neil has done this. Few ladies come to meet Minty. Dolly asks Minty to com with family in the get together. Minty taunts Anu and Rajat looks on. Anu says she will come and Rajat refuses. Anu says sorry, I will talk to him. Minty says what will you talk, you have divided me and my son. The ladies smile. Minty asks Anu why is she quiet. Anu gets teary eyed. Dolly says I think we should leave, I think Minty is losing her family.

Minty says its good they knew it now and taunts Anu and Devyaani. Anu comes to Rajat. He says I m not such husband to force my decisions on you, but I thought Minty and her friends will taunt you. She says I m proud of Devyaani that she showed courage and stopped the

marriage. He says I don’t want you to go. She says should we not go anywhere, we have to answer them. He says whats the use. She says no one should say Sareen family has broken, we are still one family and I don’t want anyone to point.

He says I don’t want you to go in that society party, you can decide by your wish. Anu comes to Sareen. He asks whats the matter, why is she worried. Anu tells about Rajat stopping her from going in society get together, as they will taunt me. Sareen says he is right. She says but if I don’t go there, I have to face them some day, if I prove that I m not ashamed but I feel proud, they will not taunt later. He says she is also right, you go. She says Rajat is not agreeing. He says I m agreeing, I will see him, fine don’t tell him, say you went to market with Devyaani.

She asks will this be right. He says yes. She smiles and says thanks. He asks her to go, and he is repairing the watch. Leela hears this. Devyaani calls Anu and tells about the party, I m afraid to come. Anu says we have to face them some day, let them make any issue, till we are together, there won’t be any problem. Devyaani says I will come with Peeya.

Kajal looks for clothes and says thinks she should wear something that Minty should be praised, and her ego will increase and she will love me more. Neil comes to the room. She stops him and he gets angry. She says I wanted to say there is a function and Minty’s friends called me, I will not go if you want, and you did not accept me as your wife. He says so what, Minty accepted you as bahu, I don’t care if you meet her friends. He leaves. She acts like him and says huh, he is always rude like his mum.

Leela comes to her and asks her to see around and talk, else Minty will do like she did with Anu. Kajal says I was excited for party. Leela asks her to take dress from Anu and then tell Minty that she did not have anything good. Anu tells Rajat that she is going out with Devyaani. He says fine and leaves for office. Kajal asks for a dress from Anu. Anu asks her to take any dress. Kajal thanks her and asks is she coming. Anu says yes and smiles.

Minty asks them to come soon. Kajal comes in western dress, which Rajat gifted Anu. Minty is shocked seeing her. Minty says Anu gave me asking me to wear this. Minty says I should have understood, go and wear a good saree from my cupboard. Leela says Minty is old fashioned, even when Sareen is modern. Kajal says its good I put blame on Anu, else my impression would have gone bad.

Anu gets ready and comes. Minty says you look beautiful, like good ideal bahu, give some sense to Kajal too, she is not clever like you sisters, so will you make her anything. Anu says what is she saying. Kajal comes wearing saree and Minty asks her to come to her if she needs anything. Minty asks Anu why did she give her wrong dress. Kajal changes topic and says we are getting late.

Kajal says I have to do puja after coming and Minty gets impressed. She asks Anu to learn from her. Anu asks Kajal what was Minty saying. Kajal says nothing, come. They leave. Leela says she has migraine. Sareen asks shall I help. She asks her to get medicines and gives her massage. He says I will get medicines and leaves. Rajat comes home and calls out Anu.

Leela says Anu went with Minty in party. He says what, she is mistaken. Leela says no, they went for function. He is stunned.

Dolly tells Minty that Anu will break her home. Rajat comes there and asks her not to dare to say a word against Minty. He scolds Minty why was she quiet when everyone was insulting Anu and Devyaani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. superb episode.waiting for tmrw

  2. wrong precap it is “don’t say a word against anu” not minty

  3. I Don’t kno y they ar showing more anuraj scenes such a big thing has happened wid deveel BRING THE WHOLE TRACK ON DEVEEL

    1. This story’s main hero and heroine is ANURAJ.That’s why they are showing more anuraj scenes.Even its viewers are interesting in more anuraj scenes

      1. U r wrng the story is nt about anuraj its about shastri sisters bond

    2. Yeah
      In my opinion ur right
      But I like anuraj scenes
      Deveel and roka scenes are gone all over the place
      But also u would like to see more roka and deveel scene

  4. Yeah true itz all about anu rajat lol

  5. Rajat well done!Plz support Anu alwz

  6. oh wow! minty’s frnds r also lyk minty! wat a frnds!

  7. really they r true frnds! they truly try to break minty’s family n minty, she s enjoying all tis! wow! they r called true frnds

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