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The Episode starts with Devyaani telling Minty that Kajal has come in the birthday party and they all are glad. She says she forgot to have the cake, I got it here for everyone, tell me Kajal if you need anything. Kajal says nothing. Sareen asks Devyaani to wish Anu from their side. Devyaani says sure uncle and leaves. Minty looks at Kajal. Kajal gets tensed. Minty asks her whats all this, why did she go to meet Anu. Kajal falls on her feet and starts her drama. She says she went to beg Anu to come back home for Rajat’s sake, she can’t see Rajat sad, she is our bahu and Rajat’s wife, how can she see Rajat unhappy, can’t we do this for his happiness. Rajat and Neil are shocked seeing her drama.

Kajal says you punish me, but don’t get annoyed, forgive me. Minty says why are you apologizing,

Anu should apologize if she wants to come here. Kajal says fine if you are saying. Sareen asks Kajal to stop crying and go and take some rest. Rajat shows a tracking device to Kajal and asks Neil to fix it to Kajal anyway, so that they should know where is she. Neil says she is not dangerous. Rajat says did you not see her drama, I feel we should keep CCTV fixed to her, fix this chip to her anyway. Neil says fine.

Its morning, Neil comes to Kajal and says he wants to give her something. Kajal asks what. Neil shows the gold locket and chain. He says he told her that he will try to ecome her husband. She smiles. He says he bought this locket for his wife, and makes her wear it. Neil smiles and leaves. Kajal thinks why does she feel Neil is playing a game with me, or did he accept me really.

Rohan gets ready and goes to check who is at the door. He gets court’s summon letter. He sees it and is shocked. Vrinda asks what happened. He says court notice, its first hearing of the case in few days. Vrinda gets upset and cries. She says they will not listen to her, what can she say, and asks him to apologize to Astha. She says how her life is linked to their children, but do as he feels right. He looks at the notice and calls Astha. Astha smiles and says I think he got the notice.

He says he wants to meet her. Astha says he said her heart out, and asks him to come at night. He says fine, I will come. She smiles. Vrinda gets glad. Devyaani sees Kajal showing off the locket to her, and Neil sees her. Neil asks Kajal to wear it, he will feel happy that he gave thae locket to right girl. Devyaani leaves. She comes to office and talks to Alka. Neil comes and tries to explain. Devyaani stops him and says he does not care. Neil says what if the locket has a tracking device. She is stunned. He says Rajat gave him the device so that they can track Kajal. Alka says its good you came on Rajat and Anu’s side. Neil says I came on right side. Devyaani thanks him and he smiles.

Rajat and Anu track Kajal and follow her. He stops the car and they walk to find Kajal. She says maybe she met Ajay. They go inside the woods and he says he is not sure of any way here. They walk ahead and Anu gets hurt. He holds her hand and takes her. They go to some house and see Kajal and Ajay talking. They hide and hear them. Ajay tells Kajal that Anu followed him, and then Rajat came and he did not call her as Anu can track her phone too. Rajat and Anu record the video. The guard asks them to leave. Kajal and Ajay hide. Kajal sees Ajay and Anu and get shocked.

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