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The Episode starts with Devyaani telling Minty that Kajal has come in the birthday party and they all are glad. She says she forgot to have the cake, I got it here for everyone, tell me Kajal if you need anything. Kajal says nothing. Sareen asks Devyaani to wish Anu from their side. Devyaani says sure uncle and leaves. Minty looks at Kajal. Kajal gets tensed. Minty asks her whats all this, why did she go to meet Anu. Kajal falls on her feet and starts her drama. She says she went to beg Anu to come back home for Rajat’s sake, she can’t see Rajat sad, she is our bahu and Rajat’s wife, how can she see Rajat unhappy, can’t we do this for his happiness. Rajat and Neil are shocked seeing her drama.

Kajal says you punish me, but don’t get annoyed, forgive me. Minty says why are you apologizing,

Anu should apologize if she wants to come here. Kajal says fine if you are saying. Sareen asks Kajal to stop crying and go and take some rest. Rajat shows a tracking device to Kajal and asks Neil to fix it to Kajal anyway, so that they should know where is she. Neil says she is not dangerous. Rajat says did you not see her drama, I feel we should keep CCTV fixed to her, fix this chip to her anyway. Neil says fine.

Its morning, Neil comes to Kajal and says he wants to give her something. Kajal asks what. Neil shows the gold locket and chain. He says he told her that he will try to ecome her husband. She smiles. He says he bought this locket for his wife, and makes her wear it. Neil smiles and leaves. Kajal thinks why does she feel Neil is playing a game with me, or did he accept me really.

Rohan gets ready and goes to check who is at the door. He gets court’s summon letter. He sees it and is shocked. Vrinda asks what happened. He says court notice, its first hearing of the case in few days. Vrinda gets upset and cries. She says they will not listen to her, what can she say, and asks him to apologize to Astha. She says how her life is linked to their children, but do as he feels right. He looks at the notice and calls Astha. Astha smiles and says I think he got the notice.

He says he wants to meet her. Astha says he said her heart out, and asks him to come at night. He says fine, I will come. She smiles. Vrinda gets glad. Devyaani sees Kajal showing off the locket to her, and Neil sees her. Neil asks Kajal to wear it, he will feel happy that he gave thae locket to right girl. Devyaani leaves. She comes to office and talks to Alka. Neil comes and tries to explain. Devyaani stops him and says he does not care. Neil says what if the locket has a tracking device. She is stunned. He says Rajat gave him the device so that they can track Kajal. Alka says its good you came on Rajat and Anu’s side. Neil says I came on right side. Devyaani thanks him and he smiles.

Rajat and Anu track Kajal and follow her. He stops the car and they walk to find Kajal. She says maybe she met Ajay. They go inside the woods and he says he is not sure of any way here. They walk ahead and Anu gets hurt. He holds her hand and takes her. They go to some house and see Kajal and Ajay talking. They hide and hear them. Ajay tells Kajal that Anu followed him, and then Rajat came and he did not call her as Anu can track her phone too. Rajat and Anu record the video. The guard asks them to leave. Kajal and Ajay hide. Kajal sees Ajay and Anu and get shocked.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ?Pradishma?

    Precap: minty questions rajat y he did this rajat says i didn’t did this for anu I did this for u and this house I saw kajal with a man kajal acts innocent and says u will click my pic with any1 and show it rajat yells and says shut up I have pic he shows the pic and everyone is stunned.

  2. KAY

    Whoever writes written update needs to learn proper english, it’s so confusing as to who said/did what to who, when, why, where etc… Apologies for being abrupt, it’s kind that you take time to write about each episode but grammar and punctuation needs to be used appropriately… Anyways thank you for writting this up and from what I can understand of it…!!

  3. ?Pradishma?

    No look amena has many more serials also TO update and u don’t need TO take small mistakes v should see how much efforts she takes …

  4. Hi Pradishma sorry I’m saying this again but sorry for not being there when someone used ur name I wish I could cuss them but was too late really sorry.

    Love shastri sisters

  5. Dreamer ?

    Thank you for the update Amena ? and thank you for updating the precap Pradishma ? I really appreciate it ?
    – Dreamer ?

  6. Anuraj story by anu

    Rajat’s part will be in BLUE
    Anu’s part will be in PINK

    His phone was ringing for the tenth time in a row.

    He slowly opened his eyes and realised that he had slept sitting on the floor last night..

    His head was resting on the bed and his hands were clutching onto a photograph on his chest,close to his heart.

    Anu’s photo,HIS Anu.

    As he opened his eyes,all the events that had happened in the past few days, started to haunt him again..

    Right from Shastri uncle’s heart attack to Anu giving back her mangalsutra and then the most horrible thing – Anu signing the annulement papers.

    “How could she do that? How? Doesn’t she love me anymore? Did she EVER love me?”

    “What am I thinking? Ofcourse she loves me.I know she loves me.” He mentally rebuked himself.

    His phone started ringing again,but he was not in a mood to talk to anybody.

    Actually he hasn’t talked to anybody for the past few days at all.

    He has turned into a Zombie.

    He goes to office,comes back and locks himself in the room. Most of the times he doesn’t even have his meals..

    He came out of his trance as his phone started to ring again,but he didn’t pick it up and it stopped ringing.

    He took his phone to switch it off when he noticed that there were 15 missed calls.

    “Who could it be? Who is calling so many times so early in the morning?”

    She has slowly started to panic.

    Why isn’t he picking up the phone? Is he alright?Shankarji,hope he is fine.

    Just as he was going to check whose missed calls are these,his phone started to ring again and the name that flashed on his phone screen brought a smile on his face.

    “ANU Calling..”

    He answered the phone ” Woh Anu,main woh so raha tha.

    Sorry Anu. Tumne 15 baar phone kiya? Tum thik toh ho nah?”

    He was worried..

    As soon as he received her call,she started ” Aap thik toh hain nah,main kabse phone kar rahi hoon,Aap phone kyun nehi utha rahe the?” There was worry and concern in her voice..

    “Tumhe abhi bhi meri itni fikar hain?”

    “Rajat,humein aapse milna hain. Aaj 5 PM lake side pe” She said and hung up the call.

    Rajat’s happiness knew no bounds. He felt like someone has placed the moon in his hands..

    “Humein maaf kar dena Rajat,but I had to do this. I cant see you suffering like this. I had to do this for you. I know,what I am going to do will break you,but then someone said that the emotion that breaks your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it. I have to break your heart,so that you can move on in your life and be happy. I have to do it.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

    Rajat couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 5,HIS Anu has asked to meet her,the same Anu who,a few days back had told him that they wont meet again.He was on cloud 9.

    He went to the washroom to freshen up and then went outside his room and shouted,”MOM where is my breakfast?I am hungry”

    Minty was surprised. After so many days,Rajat has come out of his room and started a conversation himself and was looking really happy.


    As he reached the lake side,he could see that she has already reached there.

    There she is standing,HIS Anu,in a red salwar suit and white dupatta facing the lake.

    He paced towards her,and hugged her from behind..

    “Anu tum nehi janti main aaj kitna khush hoon..

    Mujhe paata tha,tum mere paas zaroor aogi,mera pyaar tumhe mere paas khichke layega”

    She broke the hug and said,”Rajat humein aapse ek zaroori baat karni hain”,

    But she didn’t turn towards him.

    He put his hands on her shoulder and turned her to face him and said,

    “Tumhe jitni baatein karni hain karo Anu,I’m all yours” and put one hand on his chest and bowed down just a little to add dramatic flair.

    “Rajat,humari shaadi tey ho gayi hain.”

    “HAHAHA.That was a very bad joke Anu.”

    Waise main jaanta hoon ki tumhari sense of humour bohat hi buri hain ,

    Par Mrs Rajat Sareen pe Mr. Rajat Sareen ke mind blowing sense of humour ka kuch toh asar hona chahiye nah ” He said with a smile on his face.

    “Hum sach keh rahe hain Rajat.”,she said with her face lowered.

    ” Hum nehi chahte the ki yeh baat aap ko kisi aur se paata chale , iss liye hum khud aapko yeh baatana chahte the .

    Rajat , aap . Aap bhi zindagi mein aage barhiye . ”

    His smile vanished and he was now exasperated. “Yeh kya bole jaa rahi ho tum Anu?

    Tum janti bhi ho ki tum kya bol rahi ho?” he almost shouted.

    “Hum jante hain Rajat aur yehi sach hain.

    Ek hafte mein humarii shadi hain”

    “Yeh nehi ho sakta Anu,tum kaise kisi aur se shadi kar sakti ho? ”

    “Hum majboor hain Rajat ,humne papa ko kasam diya tha..

    Woh kasam hum kaise tod dein Rajat?”

    “Ohh,toh tum apne papa ko diye hue ek kasam ke liye mere saath shaadi ke waqt liye saat kasme tod dogi?

    Tumne aise kaise keh diya ki tum kissi aur se shadi kar rahi ho?

    Mera kya Anu?

    Mere pyaar ka kya?” Rajat yelled..

    “Rajat hum apne papa se bohat pyar karte hain”

    “Aur mujhse Anu? Tum mujhse pyaar nehi karti?”

    “Rajat, hum apne papa ke liye apni jaan bhi de sakte hain,aur hum wohi kar rahe hain..

    Aap humari jaan ho,aur apne papa ke liye hum aapko chhor rahe hain” Tears rolled down her cheeks..

    “Nahin!!”Main tumse pyaar karta hoon aur main tumhe khabi kissi aur ka hone nahin dunga! Khabi nahin!”.

    He came to stand in front of her and grabbed Anu by the shoulders.

    Anu gently pushed his hands off her shoulders. “Faisla hochuka hai,” she said, her voice cracking with emotion.

    “Nahin Anu, nahin! Iss faisle ko main nahin manta! Main tumhe kissi aire gaire ke saath jaane nahin deh sakta,” he said.

    “Unka naam Veer hain.”

    At this point Rajat was feeling like he is fighting a lost battle.And what was the use of fighting this battle,when the person for whom,for whose love,he was fighting this battle,had already given up?

    How long can he fight alone?

    But then,he remembered that as an Air Force officer,he was taught to fight till his last breath,so he kept trying.

    “Anu, tum mere saath aisa kyun kar rahi ho ?

    Please mere zindagi ko aise adhura chhor ke maat jao , mera dil todke maat jao,Anu.

    Tum mujhe thora waqt do,main sab kuch thik kar dunga”,he pleaded..

    “Kya thik karenge aap Rajat?

    Papa aur minty aunty kabhi bhi nehi manenge.”

    “Main sabko mana lunga Anu,sabko.

    Mujhe thora waqt do” he pleaded again..

    “Nehi Rajat bohat der ho chuki hain.

    Papa ne Veer ke gharwalo ko apna zubaan de diya hain.”

    Rajat was feeling helpless,He could just say,”Par . Par main tumse pyaar karta hoon , Anu”

    “Phir humein jaane dijiye Rajat”

    “Kaise? kaise jaane doon rumhe main? Kaise?” Rajat asked as he leaned his forehead against Anu’s, his hands on her waist.

    “Kaise tumhe kissi aur ka hota hua dekhoon? Kaise tumse door rahoon? Kaise tumhe bhool jaoon? Kaise Anu, kaise?”

    ” Rajat please!” Anu yelled as she stepped out of his embrace.

    They stood there silently, with just the sound of the winds blowing around them. Rajat looked at Anu’s red, teary eyes and he knew that she was just in as much pain as he was. He looked at her .

    And as he looked at her, he had one question on his mind – how was he going to live without her? How was he going to live without her smile, her smell, her laughter? How was he going to live without her tantrums? How was he going to live without her love? How, how was he going to live without her? Just the thought of a life time without her by his side brought tears to his eyes..

    “Ek baat jaanlo Anu. Main kaal tumse pyaar karta tha, aaj bhi karta hoon aur humesha karta rahunga,” Rajat said. “Tum shayad meri nahin rahogi, lekin main…main humesha tumhra hi rahunga.”

    At that comment, Rajat saw Anu’s eyes once again fill with tears. After a moment’s pause she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. Rajat wrapped his own arms around her waist and held her, his heart breaking because he knew this would be the last. She held on for a few seconds as her tears fell and wet his shirt. It was like she was holding onto him for dear life, and in some way, she was.

    The instant her grip loosened Anu said, ” Hum bhi aapse bohat pyaar karte hain ,” before untangling her arms and running away.

    Rajat watched as she ran away while wiping the tears from her face. He watched her going away from him, her payals making that familiar chan-chan sound that they did. He hoped that she turn back – once, just once – but she didn’t.

    She knew that whatever she has done,would have broken Rajat.She wanted to turn back,once,to see,whether Rajat was alright?But she knew that if she turned back, she wouldn’t be able to do what she had planned, she wouldn’t be able to leave him.

    Rajat stood there as she disappeared from sight, but he could still hear her. He stood there listening to the sound of her payals.

    She was wearing the payals that he had gifted her..

    He waited until he could hear them no more. Then, as the dark clouds closed in around him, Rajat fell to his knees, tears over taking his will power. As he cried in his loss, as his soul cried in its vulnerability and as his heart cried in its emptiness, the heavens joined him. The clouds released their own tears, which drowned out Rajat’s.

    He’d always thought love was the be all and end all of live. He thought once you found love you were set. As long as your love was unconditional and pure, nothing could come between your love and the one you loved. But he was wrong. He loved Anu with his whole heart and soul, every fiber of his being but now she was gone. It was like he was waking up from the sweetest dream, but now as reality set in, all he had was the memories of that dream. Love hadn’t been enough.

    Rajat and Anushka,Anushka and Rajat – The Soulmates


    Anu came back home,all drenched in the rain.

    As she reached home,she saw Veer was waiting for her there..

    Seeing her,Veer came towards her and said, “Kahan thi tum Anu? See,I have come to take you for shopping” and grinned..

    Anu didn’t look at him,and said,”Ra, Veer, Hum bohat thak gaye hain, ”

    “What is this Ra,Veer? My name is Veer hun!Naam to suna hi hoga!” He stretched his arms to recreate that famous SRK posture and chuckled.

    Anu said,”hum thora aram karna chahte hain.Hum kal baat karein?” And even before he could say something,she went towards her room and locked the door..

    After entering her room,Anu fell on her knees and broke down.

    She cried her heart out..

    Devyani knocked at the door.

    “Devyani please humein thori der akela chhor do.” Anu said.

    Devyani left and Anu kept on crying at the loss of her love,HER Rajat.

    Devyani banged the door again and called her name..

    She again said,”Devyani please humein kuch der akela rehne do”

    To which she replied,”Kuch der? Tum shaam ke 6 baje se kamre ke andar baithi ho , aur ab raat ke 12 baaj rahe hain? Aur kitni der , Anushka ?”

    Anu didn’t even realise when she had fallen asleep on the floor,crying.And it was not her fault though.She hadn’t slept for so many nights.But more than the physical tiredness,it was the mental and emotional fatigue that was taking a toll on her.She was tired of fighting now.Fighting with the circumstances,fighting with her heart..

    She came out of the trance when Devyani again said,”Anu please darwaza kholo.

    Humein tumse baat karni hain”

    “Par humein abhi koi baat nehi karni Devyani. Please humein akela chhor do” she said somewhat irritated.

    “Anu,woh Rajat”

    RAJAT,that one name was enough.

    “Rajat?Kya hua Rajat ko?Woh thik toh hain nah?” She rushed to the door and opened it.

    “Anu,Neel ne bataya ki,Rajat aaj dopahar ko ghar se nikla tha,aur abhi raat ke 12 baaj rahe hain,woh ab tak ghar nehi lauta.

    Tum use milne gayi thi nah?

    Kya hua wahan?”

    Anu felt like,that ground beneath her feet was slipping away.

    She stood there motionless.

    Devyani shook her and asked,”Kuch toh bolo.

    Kya hua?”

    Anu could just mouth a feeble “RAJAT” and then she ran towards the main door.

    “Kahan jaa rahi ho Anu?” Devyani asked..

    “Humein jaana hain Devyani..”

    “kahan jaana hain Anu? Itne raat ko tum kahan jaogi akele? Rukooo.”

    Anu ran downstairs..

    Devyani went behind her and she signalled Neel,who was standing there all worried for his brother,to go with Anu..

    Neel “Bhabhi,umm A , aap kahan jaa rahi hain?”

    “Woh,Rajat. Hum” Anu murmured

    “Rukiye main bhi apke saath chalta hoon”

    Neel and Anu went towards the car.They sat inside the car and sped.


  7. @ANURAJ story by Anu love ❤ the way u have written this love story. Yaaar Really I loved it..I am reading for the first time and commenting here for the first time…..when I saw this story headlines on comment section I decided to read it and I have read full story..i love ❤ the way u portrayed everything exact emotions and love …Really hatts off to u and will u pls tell me the timings when u write and post this story here .i will surely come here afterwards soon and wait for ur story…
    I think u must write a novel on love ❤ story u will surely earn Great Success.if u publish it pls tell me the book name I will surely buy it whatever the cost is pls write a love story I am requesting u. Great way of writing and portraying the emotions..
    Eagerly waiting for ur next story….

  8. Anuraj story by anu

    Thank u.But this is not my story.Wait for a minute,i will post the remaining

    • How could u say that now chappals,tomatoes and eggs time haan I really loved it …don’t u dare to say that when I was reading this story the whole ANURAJ moments was started slideshow in my mind and I really enjoyed it…eagerly waiting for next….
      I know its not ur story its ANURAJ story.just kidding..
      I mean u r writing this na then its ur story portrayed by Anu and Rajat…
      I want u to write a book on love story then It will be great.
      What’s ur age…

  9. Anuraj story by anu

    CHAPTER – 2 : Pyaar Ka Dard

    Neel asked, “Bhabhi,humein kahan jaana hain?

    Waise toh bhai ke saare friends aur jaan pehchanwalo ko call karke paata kiya hain.

    Par woh kisike bhi saath nehi hain!”

    Anu recalled their encounter earlier in the day and gave Neel the direction..

    As Neil drove towards their destination,the journey seemed never ending to her.

    With each passing moment,Anu was getting more and more anxious and was continuously praying for Rajat’s safety .

    “Shankarji please Rajat ki raksha kijiyega. Unhe kuch nehi hona chahiye,Please”

    Thousands of thoughts were clogging her mind,”Where could he have gone?

    Kahin kuch bura toh nehi hua hoga nah unke saath?

    Kya woh lake mein .. nehi nehi he is a good swimmer..

    Kahin Accident? Nehi nehi ” She was trying to console herself and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

    Neil looked at her and her tears didn’t go unnoticed by her “Devar”.

    Although Neel himself was worried for his brother,he tried to assure his “Bhabhi” and said,

    “Bhabhi relax. Kuch nehi hoga Bhai ko. We’ll find him”

    Anu stared vacantly.

    Anu was getting impatient,she asked Neil,”Neil zaara tez drive karo please”

    “Bhabhi,barish ke wajah se roads slippery ho gaye hain,the car might skid.

    Aur visibility bhi bohat low hain”

    Anu looked out of the window…

    It was raining incessantly ,as if even nature was mourning at the loss of two soulmates,at the loss of true love.

    As they reached the lake,they saw Rajat’s car was parked there..

    Anu rushed out of the car and ran towards Rajat’s car. But HE was not there.

    She then scurried towards the venue where they had met earlier in the day.

    She called out Rajat’s name.

    “Rajattt!!Rajat kahan hain aap?”

    As she approached the lake side,she caught a glimpse of HIM..

    There he was,Rajat,HER Rajat,lying on the ground,motionless..

    She called again,


    But he didn’t reply,neither did he move..

    It was very unfamiliar that Anu called him and he didn’t respond.

    Anu’s heart skipped a few beats anticipating the worst.

    She ran towards him and as she reached,she fell on her knees,

    Rajat was lying,all drenched,on the mud,motionless..

    She shook him and said,

    “Rajat! Kya ho gaya hain apko?

    Please aankhen kholiye.

    Please uthiye Rajat!”

    She shook him vigorously,but he didn’t respond.

    She then leaned on him and put her ears on his chest..

    “Lub dub,lub dub” She could hear his heart beating feebly..

    Neel arrived there .

    Anu,wiped her tears and said

    ,”Neel inhe jaldi hospital le jaana parega!Chalo Neel,hum der nehi kar sakte.”

    Neel and Anu took him to the car and Neel laid down Rajat on the back seat of the car.

    Anu too sat on the back seat, and Neel started the car.

    Anu put Rajat’s head on her lap ,she cupped his face and said,


    Rajat please aankhen kholiye!

    Please uthiye Rajat!

    Dekhiye ab humein daar lag raha hain!

    Please aankhen kholiye”

    She started rubbing Rajat’s cold palms.

    They reached the hospital and rushed towards the emergency department..

    As the doctors were attending Rajat,Anu kept praying for his well being continuously .

    Neel had already called Mr and Mrs Sareen and they arrived there.

    On seeing Anu,Minty glowered at her and was going to say something when the doctor who was treating Rajat came out of the cabin.

    All of them moved towards him and Mr Sareen asked,

    ” Doctor,Rajat.

    Woh mera beta,woh kaisa hain Doctor?

    Woh thik toh ho jayega nah?

    Kya hua hain use?”

    The doctor said,

    “Please calm down Mr Sareen.

    He is unconscious now.

    I think he was not taking good care of himself for the past few days ,so he is weak.

    On top of that,he must be drenching in the rain for quite a few hours.

    So his body temperature has been lowered dangerously and there is congestion in his respiratory tract too.

    We are treating him,and hopefully he’ll gain consciousness within a few hours.

    But if he doesn’t gain his consciousness,THEN…”

    All of them freaked out,

    “Then what doctor?”

    “Then there might be a risk to his life.

    But Mr Sareen please be patient and hope for the best”.The doctor announced and left.

    Anu felt like,the ground beneath her feet was slipping away..

    “There might be a risk to his life” These words were echoing in her mind..

    “What if something happens to him?What will I do then?” – that was the only question that was running through her mind..

    The mere thought of losing him,made her realize all over again,how much she loves him,how precious he is for her.

    Neel convinced Mr and Mrs Sareen to leave for home and said that he’ll be here in the hospital with Rajat. At first they didn’t agree,but on Neel’s persistence ,they finally agreed to go home,but asked him to call them if there is any emergency .

    While leaving ,Mr Sareen asked Anu to come along with them but she refused to go.

    She requested that she wanted to stay there at the hospital ,so Mr and Mrs Sareen left.

    Anu entered the cabin where Rajat was lying on the bed,unconscious.

    She walked up to him,and sat on the stool beside the bed.

    Anu took Rajat’s hand in hers and broke down.

    She kept staring at his face,the whole night,waiting for him to wake up, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

    The night seemed to be the longest and the darkest night of her life – she kept praying for his life,for his well being…

    In the dead of the night,Anu slumbered,as she was exhausted both emotionally and physically,after an accursed day.

    She slept resting her head on the bed, still holding Rajat’s hand in hers.

    Finally, God answered to Anu’s prayers.

    Next morning, as the sun ascended ,with the first ray of sunshine,it brought a good news..

    Rajat flickered his eyes ,and then his hands moved a bit.

    He murmured,”ANU”…

    Anu woke up at once,and a small smile adored her lips seeing Rajat gaining his consciousness slowly..

    She rushed out of the cabin to call the doctor,and informed Neel too, who had dozed off on the chair outside the cabin. Neel called Mr Sareen and gave him the news.

    The doctor entered the cabin and started examining Rajat.

    After a while,Mr and Mrs Sareen reached the hospital.

    Before entering Rajat’s cabin,Minty glared at Anu,who was standing outside..

    Anu looked on through the glass pane,as the doctor declared that Rajat is now out of danger.

    She silenty shed tears,this time tears of happiness and thanked God.

    And then she left…

    She wanted to see Rajat,touch him once,tell him how worried she was for him,rebuke him for not taking care of himself,but she didn’t have the courage to face him..

    As she thought,she is responsible for Rajat’s miserable condition..

    “HE has always loved me ,with all his heart and soul,(I did too),but all I have given him are miseries,sorrows,heart breaks and tears..”,She thought..

    She knew,if she had stayed back,Rajat would want to meet her,SO she left..

    The doctor asked everyone to vacate the room,as Rajat needed to take rest…

    While Neel turned to leave,Rajat held his hands and asked him to stay back.

    After Mr and Mrs sareen left the cabin,Rajat inquired about Anu.

    Neel said,

    “Bhai,bhabhi puri raat yahin thi,apke paas baithi rahi raat bhar..

    Bhabhi ne hi apko dhundhne mein madad ki”

    And then he narrated whatever had happened last night – right from how perturbed Anu was when she she got to know about him,how she scurried to find him and how they found him lying unconcious by the lake side..

    Rajat knew Anu wont come,but still he was hoping against hope.

    “Neel woh Anu ko..”,he wanted to see her once..

    “Bhai main abhi bhabhi ko bulake laata hoon”

    And Neel left the cabin..

    After sometime Neel came back only to inform that Anu was nowhere to be seen.

    “Paata nehi kahan chali gayi bhabhi,yahin toh thi..”

    Rajat shook his head and looked away..

    Rajat and Anushka,Anushka and Rajat – The Soulmates,

    They knew each other inside out.

    They could read each other’s mind and heart,even though they were apart.

    As she reached home,Shastriji and her sisters who were anxiously waiting for her, inquired about Rajat’s health.

    Anu entered her room followed by Devyani.

    Only she could feel Anu’s pain,she could feel the storm that was raging inside Anu’s heart and mind..

    Anu didn’t utter a word but she hugged Devyani and broke down,and Devyani lent her a shoulder to cry on.

    Anu cried at the loss of her love,her Rajat,she cried and only one question lingered in her mind –

    “How am I going to live without him,How am I going to live without his love,without his touch?How am I going to live without seeing his face everyday?HOW? HOW?”


    What will Anu do now?

    Will she part way with her Soulmate,forever?

    Okk,now chappals,tomatoes and eggs time LOL

  10. Anuraj story by anu

    This is not my story but my anuraj is my fav couple ever.If u watch shastri sisters old episodes,u will like them so much

    • ?Pradishma?

      Oh pls I think so u r new that’s y u don’t kno me I am watching this serial from starting and commenting here people here kno me and and m not that fan of anuraj sry to hurt u i kno u love them but I luv deveel I don’t like anuraj and if will again watch it na then also I will never love them I the biggest fan of deveel.

  11. Anuraj story by anu

    Pradishma,i want this story to be read by all.Why u are always hurting others?

    • ?Pradishma?

      Excuse me when did I hurt everyone here and I want my frnds here to read this but u could have simply give the link and mind u tongue before saying this to me !!! And I will be rude

    • ?Pradishma?

      He not she and I clearly kno u said it to me leave it m always rude cuz being good doesn’t help it always gives u worst thing in return

  12. Anuraj story by anu

    Please stop.Why are u arguing with me?I just came to post the story,not for fighting with bad people

    • ?Pradishma?

      Oh jus shut up u blo*dy loser and m not bad u started first by saying that I always hurt others if don’t kno the reason behind my behavior then don’t speak

  13. annah(anu)

    Excuse me,whom do u mean by bad ppl??? Prads is a very NYC girl who always cares for others

    • ?Pradishma?

      I WIll its my choice and u the hell r u to call me bad and I jus said u
      U could have simply gave the link

  14. Don’t fight guys I came here first time to comment and I really liked it I thought she was written it so I said to her.
    If I have hurt u guys then I am really sorry I won’t come here ..bye .and I am Sorry..

    • ?Pradishma?

      Look don’t feel sry u r not the reason so don’t feel bad these kind of fake people come here everyday and argue without any reason don’t go

    • ?Pradishma?

      U came here again u loser go back and stop using my email id tu team gave u warning then also u blo*dy loser

    • ?Pradishma?

      LOok above this is the reason of my being rude I was good but days back he came and used my first email id so im being rude so that no one will point finger at me

    • ?Pradishma?

      Fake person days back he used my id and commented dirty things on other pgs tu team gave him warning also but still he is the same he even used my friend s I’d and she left the site…

      And I thought being good will not help me so I started being rude with everyone

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.