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Shastri Sisters 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav bringing Anu home and pushing her. He says he did big mistake that he took her out, I will never take you out. She asks why, I did not do anything. He says people were seeing, what if anyone saw you handcuffed and called police. She asks what if he does not trust her and wants her to love him based on people’s thinking. She asks him to tie her and acts. He says I will never take you out and goes. She cries on her bad fate that she could not meet Alka. She says I m alive, please find me Didi.

Devyaani and Rajat’s mehendi is going on and girls are seen dancing. Shastri ji talks to the guests. Devyaani looks at Rajat and smiles. She asks about Alka. Peeya says she will come soon, I spoke to her. Neil comes and looks at Devyaani sad. Minty asks him what happened,

won’t he click pics. Neil smiles and says yes, I will click pics. He takes Devyaani’s pics. Alka comes to Devyaani and compliments her. Devyaani asks Alka to get ready. Peeya says I will call my friends and goes. Rajat sees Devyaani sitting alone, and goes to her. He says mehendi looks good on your hands. Devyaani says thanks. He asks just thanks, nothing else. She asks what. He says what happened, the Devyaani I know does not give short answers, tell me whats the matter, I m worried seeing you. He asks her does she know meaning of mehendi, they will be sharing the life problems. Devyaani says actually….

Peeya asks them to come and dance. Peeya takes them. Neil looks on sadly. Devyaani and Rajat dance with everyone. Neil clicks the pics. Minty asks everyone to bless the couple. Sareen asks the guests to come and have food. Shastri ji sees Alka worried and goes to her. He asks whats the matter, was her meeting fine, she looks worried since she came from Aligarh. She says nothing. He says there is something. She says I feel Anu is alive. He asks what. She says its not any thought, I have seen Anu in Aligarh, maybe she is in any problem.

Rajat hears this and is shocked. He asks Alka is Anu alive, tell me. Alka says I don’t know, maybe I saw her in Aligarh. Rajat asks why did you not get her here. Shastri ji says calm down, maybe Alka has just thought, she is not sure. He asks him to think about Devyaani. Rajat goes to Devyaani, and he stops the music. Minty asks what happened, everyone was enjoying music. He says there is some emergency and we have to stop this function, and apologizes to the guests. They all leave.

Rajat tells Minty that their happiness is somewhere else. Minty asks what is he saying. He says maybe Anu is alive. They all get shocked. Minty asks what is he saying. Rajat says maybe Alka is wrong, and my reaction is looking mad, but if there is 1% chance that Anu is alive, I want to check it out. He says whats meaning of this marriage if Anu is alive. They all look at Devyaani.

Rajat goes to Devyaani and says he has to go to Aligarh, and apologizs to her. He leaves. She cries. Anu gets Raghav’s note and reads that he has kept a beautiful dress for her, please wear it and come in lawn, it’s a surprise, do as I say, else I will get angry, don’t blame me. She gets angry and cries, saying he can’t do anything, and gets an idea to win his trust. She says she will go back to her sisters, and then she will show what she can do, she will take revenge for her pain.

Devyaani talks to Alka and says she is happy that Rajat will find Anu, but I felt bad that he did not ask me and changed wedding date. Alka says yes, I understand, but its all because of me. Devyaani says you got new hope, its Rajat’s mistake. Alka asks can you both be normal. Devyaani says I don’t know. Minty asks Rajat why did he tell about Anu infront of everyone, Devyaani would feel bad. Rajat says no, Anu is her sister and she will be more happy. Minty says you know it happens that we see and hear people whom we miss, and why did Anu not come back if she is alive. Rajat says maybe someone caught her, her memory got lost, or she is not fine, I just want to know is Anu alive or not, I will go to Aligarh. She says fine, you go, but what about Devyaani.

Fake Rajat comes to real Rajat and beats him. He asks his goons not to let real Rajat run. Rajat is shown in bad state and beaten up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    – Dreamer ?

    1. Its getting interesting day by day.

  7. May be fake rajat loves anu.

  8. This writer has a real crappy head.

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    Ss going off air
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