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Shastri Sisters 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer and Anu dancing. Rohan comes to a wrong address and says I should have asked Alka before and leaves. Minty says she is very happy seeing Anu and Veer. Neil asks Devyaani for dance and she says she is very afraid of Minty. She jokes and he smiles. Everyone sit for dinner and Shastri ji asks for Veer. Rajat says he will come along and they go to call Veer for dinner. Rajat asks him to come for dinner. Veer says I had dinner with my friends. Rajat says its ritual that guy and girl have dinner together after engagement. Veer says is it, fine I will do this in my next engagement. Shastri ji looks on shocked.

Veer says I m joking, ask Anu to have dinner with you, we will have dinner together all our life. Kirti comes and Veer tells what Rajat said. She says you

did a mistake, come with me. Veer says sorry Anu, I had taken food, I feel you don’t get into these things to wait for husband and eat in same plate. Kirti says ask Anu what she wants to have and serve her. Veer says I know what Anu wants, but I can’t give it to her. He looks at Rajat. He then jokes and Kirti ask them to have food. Shastri ji gets doubtful.

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They come home, and Shastri ji asks Anu why did she not sleep till now. She says you did not sleep, and massages his leg. He asks him not to do this and says he will miss her when she goes. He says I was thinking is Veer good for you, I did not understand his behavior. Anu says you know his humor way. He says I understand, but he was taunting many times about you and Rajat. She says you are over thinking, and asks him to sleep.

Kirti scolds Veer for behaving so wrong. She did not understand the reason, he won’t do anything that hurts Anu. She asks whats the matter. He says I promise I will do what I have to, go and sleep, we will talk tomorrow. He sees a drawing of him, Anu and Rajat and says I will do which many people could not do, I know what I have to do now.

Astha says she spent 100rs and did so much hard work to break Anu’s engagement, but Veer did not create the issue, maybe he did not get the envelop. Sunil comes and asks his wallet and tiffin. Anu asks Shastri ji about going on lunch for Veer. Veer comes and takes his permission. Shastri ji asks them to go and thinks Anu is right about Veer. Veer says he will meet Rajat. Rajat sees Anu’s pic and cries. Saajna……….plays…………. Veer comes to his room and says Rajat. Rajat hides the pic.

Veer says when I come here, you get tensed. He says I m shocked as you did not come without telling me. Veer says if I have to catch any thing, I should go without telling, what have you hidden seeing me. Rajat says its professional work I can’t show it, why did you come. Veer says I came to correct what you spoiled. Veer and Anu come for lunch. Veer goes.

Vivek comes and he congratulates her for her engagement. He says Bhatia Sir told me, and its my marriage anniversary, I came with my wife, she goes to greet her. Veer looks on and sits waiting for her. She comes back and asks when did he come. He says much time back, I just went to washroom.

He says you talk to strangers so soon and smile too. She says he is my colleague. He starts acting rude and scolds her for not considering him a part of her family, and asking her why does she hate him. She says I don’t hate you. He asks then do you love me. She is shocked.

Rajat asks Anu how did she come here, she was going on lunch with Veer. He says he got work. Rajat says I will drop you and takes her. Veer looks on and joins Anu and Rajat’s pic, saying he will unite them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    u really have a big heart

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