Shastri Sisters 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat bringing Anu her home. He apologizes to Shastri ji and Devyaani and takes her happiness responsibility on him. Sareen recalls Rajat and Minty’s good relation and gets sad. Leela comes and flirts with him. He gets tensed and she laughs, asking him to have food. She leaves. He says did she mix anything. Sareen tells Anu that no one will come to have food. She asks him to have hope, and he will help her in getting they happiness back, call Minty and I will call Rajat, I m sure they will eat together. He says fine and I m sure Minty can’t win, as my bahu will see her, lets start our home saving mission.

He laughs and goes to call Minty. Kajal and Leela talk about their plans, and Devyaani should not be proved better than her, lets do something to break this

Sareen family. Astha talks to someone and says she checked order, it was complete. The man argues. Astha cries and scolds him. He says he know what type of woman she is. Rohan comes and is shocked hearing this.

He takes the call and talks to the client. The man says they did not send complete order and Rohan scolds him asking him to have manners to talk to a woman. He says take back your money, we don’t matter if we lose one order, talk to women well. Rohan asks her not to worry. She says thanks and apologizes to him. She asks him to join the shop and he gets thinking.

He says fine and Astha smiles. Alka comes there and is glad. Rohan and Alka smile. Sareen asks Minty to come and its her mistake. She says yes, its my mistake that I think for my children, why should I forgive them. Sareen says Rajat was angry, so he told such. She says I would have heard him, but why did he say he will leave him. Sareen says I will talk to him, come now, Anu is waiting.

She says I will not come now hearing Anu’s name. He says she is sitting with her ego. She says my ego is big. He leaves annoyed. Kajal looks on and hides. Anu looks for Rajat and calls him. Rajat shows his cousin’s fashion house launch and asks Devyaani to work. She says its fashion week level, I feel I don’t know anything. Rajat says it means you don’t agree with me and Anu, we feel your fashion sense is of international level. She asks really. He says yes. She asks Shastri ji. He says you have to decide what you want to do.

Rajat says you can think, give me your design sample, I will show my cousin, if he agrees, then it will be good. Anu calls him and tells Sareen that he is not taking call. Kajal comes to Minty. Kajal asks Minty to go out, else Anu will get chance to take house in her hands. She says Rajat is hers now and now she can rule the house. Kajal asks how, I m in between and I will stop her, I can’t see you losing, this is your house and you will rule. She asks her not to let Anu win and come. Minty agrees.

Neil comes home and Minty also joins for breakfast. Anu serves food and Minty stops her. She says Rajat does not love her now. Anu says no, he went for some work, he will come. Sareen says Minty and Anu stops her. Minty says this is called control and gets annoyed. Minty scolds and blames her for filling Rajat’s ears. Kajal smiles. Rajat comes and asks her not to blame Anu. He says Anu did not tell me anything, if you scold her, think that I m also getting hurt by your words. Anu asks him to have breakfast. He says he is not hungry and goes. Anu goes after him. Minty cries.

Dolly asks Minty to com with family in the get together. Minty taunts Anu and Rajat looks on. Anu says she will come and Rajat refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow! Rajat supporting anu….its nice to see….lovely

  2. Nice but yeah toh rrog ho hop raha hai…show something new yeah saas bahu ka drama kab tak chalaga but ek baat sahi hai ki rajat aabb anu kee saath nai chodaga its a very gud point these shows

  3. wow rajat u are great man,finally u supported anu.I think neil bhi realised his mistakes

  4. oh wow! nw rajat s supporting anu! amazing! donno for how long ll he support her. again minty ll create drama n emotionally blackmails him. thn as usual he ll believe minty than anu.

  5. Want anuraj romance

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