Shastri Sisters 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal meeting Ajay. She tries to fool him. He says he knows her well and asks her why did she call him. She asks him not to say anyone about them. He says fine. She thanks him. He asks for 10 lakhs and then he will go. She says how will I bring 10 lakhs. He says from your home, else I can’t be quiet. She says no. He says lets go to your home and lets tell them how are we related. She says wait, I will try to arrange money, till then shut your mouth and argues. He says fine, your true face is out, I should get money, else you will go back with me to Karnal. Kajal leaves.

Anu comes home and pays the taxi fare. Kajal hides seeing her. Anu gets inside the home. Kajal talks to driver. The man says she just paid rent, and says Anu went to Karnal, and said he did not pay

for toll booth. Kajal says fine, I will pay and takes the toll slip. She says its good I called Ajay/Suraj before Anu met him, see what I create problems for you being here.

Astha sits sad and thinks to drop some tears to show Rohan. Rohan asks is she fine. She says did he say anything, she did not hear anything, she was lost in her loneliness. She cries to show him. He says everything will be fine. She says she changed, why does Sunil want to give her divorce, he should have given her a chance. She says whose hand will I hold when I need, who will wipe my tears when I cry. He says everything will be fine and holds her. She bends towards his hand and he gets Alka’s phone and he moves his hand. Alka says she will be late today, and can’t cook at home, shall we go for dinner.

Rohan says no, Sunil has sent divorce papers to Astha, and she is crying a lot. Alka says what, I will come soon. He says fine and looks at Astha crying. Rajat asks Anu did she do Devyaani’s work. Anu says yes. Kajal comes and gives them tea. Kajal drops Anu’s purse and puts toll booth slip. She says sorry. Rajat says its fine and gets that toll booth slip. He asks Anu did she go out of Delhi. She says yes, I told you I have to go for Devyaani’s work, I went to Karnal, as shopping market is cheaper there.

Anu scolds Kajal and asks her to stop this drama. Kajal acts innocent. Anu asks her about Ajay, once she finds him, she will leave from this house, so start counting days. Everyone come for dinner. Sareen and Neil have an argument as Neil did not get any job. Minty supports Neil. Rajat asks them to calm down and defends Neil. He says dad wants you to work hard and the results will come. Anu asks Neil not to be angry on people who love him. Ajay calls Kajal. Kajal gets worried. Anu looks on.

Rajat goes out and talks to Devyaani, asking about Anu’s hardwork to help her by shopping in Karnal. Anu gets tensed and signs her. Devyaani says yes and manages the talk. Rajat says he will drop her to office and leaves. Kajal tells Anu that she is going to temple to pray. Anu asks her to pray for house’s happiness. Kajal says thanks for reminding. She leaves and Anu follows her. Kajal turns and Anu hides. Anu bumps to a man and misses to see Kajal.

Kajal pays money to Ajay and he is leaving with the cash. Rajat and Anu are shocked seeing him. Ajay hurts Anu and runs. Rajat goes to catch him. Kajal and Leela get tensed.

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  1. chi chi

    very soon kajal wl b expose. ……and another prolematic episode wl start,dats d tin wt season film.

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