Shastri Sisters 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka recalling Vrinda’s words. Anu and Devyaani have a talk. Devyaani and Peeya make balloons. Anu says she is not a 12 year old kid. Devyaani says you are 22 yr but still 12 for us. They recall the childhood. Alka gets sad and says she can’t forget the problems. She wishes tough problems did not come in life. Anu asks her to think that everything is same and try to relive the old time. They all smile. Alka says we will celebrate her birthday as if Anu is 12 year old, we will make noodles and chutney and decorate the home. Devyaani says I have ordered costly cake and food for guests, delivery boy will come.

Kajal smiles seeing the food parcel and cake and says oh so its party, I will see what gift is Anu getting, I can know was Rajat doing drama or not, if he wishes

Anu, then it means he is lying here. Sareen and Minty have a talk about Anu’s birthday and Kajal said there is a party, I thought she will be sad. Sareen says Anu’s birthday is tomorrow. Kajal says but she will cut cake at 12am. Sareen says what happened to her, she used to take tension for small things and now she changed.

He says its good chance to end fights. Minty says no need, its good Rajat has come and I m sure he will not go. Rajat says he is going to his friend’s home, he will be late. Kajal asks Minty is he going to his friend or somewhere else. Minty stops Rajat and asks him not to go. Rajat says I will not go, no friend if she says, and he will help her in making custard. Minty gets glad and smiles. Rajat says I will call Neil. Kajal gets puzzled. Anu’s birthday party starts and guests come. Anu talks to Shastri ji and he wishes her.

She asks him to come. He says he is stuck in work, and will come soon. She ends call and waits for Rajat. Rajat is with Minty in the kitchen making custard and her hand gets hurt. Neil and Minty care for her cut. Rajat asks her not to cut fruits now and take rest. She says I will just stand here and see. He says fine, I will cut fruits, just see. He sees the time. Neil sees Rajat tensed.

Anu gets sad and Alka pacifies her, saying they can always celebrate birthday together when things get fine. Anu cuts the cake and Rajat comes at the right time. Anu smiles seeing him hold her hand and they cut the cake together. Rajat says he has come as he does not want to be beaten up by his wife, I m sorry, I was stuck, someone helped me. He recalls how Neil has helped him. FB shows Neil saying there is no custard powder, I will get it from Mehta uncle. He asks Rajat to bring it, as Mehta uncle does not like him.

Kajal says Rajat would have gone to Anu, I will click pic and show to everyone that Rajat does drama. Everyone dance on the song Abhi to party shuru hui. Devyaani sees Kajal looking on and taunts her. Anu meets Kajal and says she will get return gift in few days. Kajal acts sweet and says she will go. She leaves. She comes home and sees Rajat with Minty. Neil asks where did she go, he was tensed, have custard, mum made it. Devyaani comes and brings the cake for them. Neil smiles seeing her. Devyaani says guest came to us so I got it for her. Minty asks who. Devyaani says Kajal came to us. Rajat and Neil smile. Minty gets shocked.

Rajat shows a tracking device to Neil and they plan to catch Kajal red handed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Nishi

    This pg looks empty without pradishma m a silent reader and I felt really sry for her I saw her on many pgs helping even unknown persons and today no1 helped her

      • Nishi

        Some1 misused her name and mail id in yhm wh kyy and sns and hurted her very badly and nobody helped her and now she left the tu site cuz of them m also new but I am a silent reader and I came late I wanted to help her but unfortunately she alone fought with the fake for 1 and a half hour or less or more Idk but I read the comments I feel sry

  2. Anon

    It is so nice to see Shastri sisters and Sareen brothers together. If they all work together, no Astha or Kajal or Minty can do anything.

  3. tj

    Even I was a silent reader but I felt really sad for pradhishma . I really didn’t understand why you ppl fought but I think it will be better if you solve ur problem among urselves than discussing in public

    • khanikar

      But how babes there was not only me but love radha lol and pradishma enemy on dtb I kno she remembers her she helped nishi from her right nishi and how will u take take revenge from all of us poor girl we took away ur frnds ???

  4. sruthi

    Pradi were u all went. Yes it looks emptsly without them. khanikar mark ur days me and riya will take revenge on u…

  5. sruthi

    Khanikar u r always hiding behid girls n using their id . U r a spineless human. get out frm here…. lusu eruma panni

  6. TU TEAM

    The person who came here with the name Khanikar is using athu’s id,we have find it.We are trying to find the person using pradishma’s id.We will soon find him.This is the final warning and if u once again used,we will block ur mail adrress.Don’t use others mail adress more.If you used their mail adress then you will be offended soon
    Regards, tu team

  7. TU TEAM

    Final warning to you khanikar for using athira’s id.If you used then,i will surely meet the consequence

  8. Dreamer ?

    Thanks for the update Amena ? and I must say, today’s episode was really good. The bonding and understanding between the sisters is simply beautiful and sweet. Also not forgetting the brother duo ? their own special way of bonding is a treat to watch too. I can’t wait to see how the Shastri Sisters & Sareen Bros Gang unmask the villains and put a full stop to their evil deeds ? It will really be fun to watch. Eagerly waiting for the episode where good will finally triumph over evil ?
    – Dreamer ?

  9. Dreamer ?

    I just read the previous comments in the previous update pages and it really disheartens me to see how one can be cyber bullied to this extent ? I’m in no position to comment about this sensitive issue but I do know one thing: that it is really painful to undergo cyber bullying and it is not easy to experience that amount of stress and bear with all the rude comments ? I’ll like to make a humble request for everyone to use this site as user-friendly as possible ? let’s make this site a better place for everyone to be in ? If I had said anything that you find hurtful please do forgive me ? I only made this comment with good intentions and I did not intend to hurt anybody in the process ?
    – Dreamer ? (A newbie willing to make new friends)

  10. annah(anu)

    Vidya,Rita m also there…..n yesterday where were u all Yarr!! I was waiting for u……..only I n prads were there……..but now v vil together take revenge k???

  11. annah(anu)

    U know riya n vidya…DAT khanikar told me that I have pity on u any coz now I have been successful in separating d three besties……but I wanted one to remain here n feel d pain……n its u annaha!!!? How can he say this???. Whatever…….he can never separate us…..coz I have their no.s

  12. Christy

    Even I m a silent reader….. N i seriously feeling bad about prad…. Tu team plz do d needful very fast so that prad can once again join n i can again sit silently n read their bffs msgs

  13. ?Pradishma?

    Its me only and i have two gravatar one this one(sumit and sonal pic) I use when some1 misuse my id so pls don’t force me to be bad with others everytime by calling me fake

      • Dreamer ?

        Glad to see you back on Telly Updates ? I am new here and you probably don’t know me but I have heard about all that has happened to you and it upsets me to hear that you had to go through that amount of ordeal…But don’t ever lose hope my dear and always remember to stay strong ? I can see that you are a very brave and kind-hearted girl who has the guts to stand up for herself and her friends ? and I’m sure you won’t let the bullies bring you down ? Always stay happy and blessed ? Have a good day!

        P.S I think Well wisher might have been referring to the fake id and not you.

        – Dreamer ?

      • ?Pradishma?

        Thank u dreamer ? and im sry well wisher yesterday so much happened and many people pointed finger on me that i don’t kno now how behave with those who were with the fake and those u supported I dint mean to be rude

  14. oh god I was replied to that one who has manan dp I know that you have emoji on your name I just want to help you but it was my big mistake I have no right to interfere in all these.if my cmnt hurt you I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart.Good bye

  15. khanikar

    I agree with dreamer… us have so guts and so many good frnds u made by ur good things

    .but I feel sorry for athu she dint got that support only which u got from ur loyal frnds and yesterday she dint even supported u she only defended herself but everytime u helped her and sometimes u even have to tolerate her enemy’s abuse think upon it that she betrayed u …. what all support u gave her she dint gave it and this was my mission to show u and annah athu’s real face she only cares for liya remember when lol and love radha abused her and liya u fought with them on equal level but later what athu said she said no body supported her only liya supported and annah she did the same with u too but im not that low to step back like athu and let her x frnd break down …. open ur eyes pradishma and annah

    • Nishi

      IN this thought I agree with him pradi and anu open ur eyes or else it will be too late pradi u used to call me ur bff on dtb before na now listen to me whatever khanikar wrote about athu it can be right also

      • Nishi

        I kno pradi I betrayed u and I have no right to interfare but im really guilty and believe what we r saying

  16. ?Pradishma?

    How TO believe u!! And what was ur need of wetting the old wounds which were healed very hardly

  17. anonymous

    I too agree with nishi and khanikar.. I know khanikar Is not worth it to support.. He indmsulted u guys so much… But as a silent reader, I noticed so many things.. I have never seen athu supporting others rather than defending herself.. For your kind information, the major fault is from u girls athu n prads.. Who told u to share your ids on the public site.. My intention is not to hurt u, but to open your eyes.. I just wanna ask u something.. Don’t u have frnds at school… Rather u are making frnds in public site.. Its OK u talk with strangers and u say hello hi.. But sharing ur ids it’s really over… U may say whom I’am I to interfere in your matter.. But the fight which held here made everyone to speak out….

    I was just thinking tat in one of the comments I read that someone saying u look good athu.. I thing athu shared her photo with her frnds in mail… Athu do u really know the one whom do u mail is really a girl… Because there are so many fakers and bakers moving around the world.. N nowadays so many of them are misusing the photos.. U have just seen tat ur mail I’d leaked on this public site caused a major havoc.. But think abt he photos which u shared…

    U may say u shared it with your Frnd but the question is. ,, is she really a girl…. !!!????

    I’m sorry to the one whom she shared,, u may say u r a girl… But this website is made such tat anyone can type anyname and misuse it..

    My conclusion is tat don’t trust anyone easily.. This site is not for making frnds.. This site is to comment on the serial..

    U girls say tat soneom of them are misusing ur ids but I must say tat u girls are misusing telly updates as a chatting section..

    Sorry girls if I have hurted u… My intention is not to hurt u but to explain u the real fact….

    The fault is from the both side…

    And sorry once again if I hurted u…

    This is my point of view.. I don’t know how u may consider…

    But if u think I’m wrong just ignore…

  18. Ann(athu)

    U are right anonymous,any 1 person who know my mail has done this.Because i did’nt ever shared my mail id publicly in this site.Some 1 who knows my mail id has used this.However i have belief on liya,prad and anu.So i have deleted that old account.So no one can use that.
    I will be careful now,i will not give my mail to any 1

  19. sruthi

    U know guyz that i m in 10std… i went to skl and was very busy then at night 9 40 oly i came online …. i saw the msgs of stupid khanikar and apologised to pradi for not at the time of need …. sry pradi anu liya riya and athu

  20. Ann(athu)

    And to my all friends in tu,i am going forever.Now i am totally confused who used my id.And liya kutty bye dear,prads bye and anu bye.If i came i will come here during the vacation of 11th.
    In this vacation of 10th,i got many valuable friends.Don’t forget me.I will come after my 11th board exams.Concentrate on ur studies.This will be my last comment.Bye dears.If any 1 of u had used my id,don’t repeat that again and ur mails can’t be sent bcoz that account is deleted.

    • sruthi

      Bye athu. We ll really miss u. I became frnds with u only 5 days before. … u only said me how to put gravator … thanks for ur help… because of u now no one can fake me because u told about dp… thank u. … take care and i will never forget u…

    • Shera

      Cum soon athu.i ll miss u my dr sis.i cant wait as i told u many times dr…2 be honest i never get such a luvable,caring nd trustful frnd like u.thank a lot dr bcoz u had changed nd added my each dp…really ll miss bye frm my side.all i have 2 say is cum soon.

  21. Ann(athu)

    Why are u apologising sruthi?Did u have used my mail id?Sorry for asking this.I do’nt know who used.Thats why

    • Ann(athu)

      Sorry dear,i understand wronly.Naanum onna miss pannuven.I want to concentrate in my studies,thats why going.When i get time,i will surely come here

    • sruthi

      No. I know ur id in gmail only … I m saying sry bcoz i was not present atur problem and yesterday also. So i apologise… before i became frnd wit u all i was a silent reader …i know abt u.
      I ll never ever used ur id athu ….

      • ?Pradishma?

        Athu do u remember before we gave our id on ss old pgs anu u and me and he said also that he read old comments

  22. Ann(athu)

    No dear u and anu had given,then i have mailed to u.I am sure i did’nt give it here.U can check.Miss u too

      • ?Pradishma?

        Don’t show u sick sympathy I kno u very well days before u called our talks fake and us fake and now u came to kno v r popular so u thought if u will join us to will also get popular right and one thing I reject to frndship proposal

  23. ?Pradishma?


    No,I don’t agree that do trust easily
    in these all hindu muslim sikh religions we forgot that we forgot being human I agree we should not trust easily but thinking innocent people r fake and when v met that time we dint share it we shared it after knowing each others and no so easily we shared it secretly but that jerk found it and the fault was not from our site it was from him without any reason he just came here and when we exposed him he became our enemy and yesterday but what happened with me n athu that time u all people stood up to tell us that v r mistakened wow great when all this happened where were u all people now the time came to see who’s fault it was u all r putting ur leg in great….

    U kno all who claim to be silent reader r sick when time came to help u all steped back and now u all came to wet our wounds …..and this belongs not only to anonymous who is feared to put his real name but also who r blaming us to share our id and I agree we dint came here to become frnds but v became and frndship happens it is not planned….

  24. sruthi

    But i ll say tomorrow…. bye pradi c u later … i ll chat with u all tomorrow night … liya riya n anu pradi c u tomorow bubyee gud nytt swt drms

  25. Ann(athu)

    No i just asked,if u have put ur name.And athinte kude sur name undo.
    Hai and bye devu

  26. Shera

    Click on menu..then main menu..then groups.tu online frnds..or crazy tu frnds anjene enthelum.athil njan undu.

  27. Ann(athu)

    namuku fb il ullavarude peru type cheithal varum.
    d…….. ethalle liya yude peru + jose ano fb name

  28. Ann(athu)

    Good night dear.Going to sleep.Byee.See u after some days or months.If u can take an india forums account

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