Shastri Sisters 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu and Sareen stopping Rajat and asking him to stay back at home. Sareen cries and asks him not to leave him. Anu says they need Rajat, who will manage the home if they leave, we can’t go. Anu asks Rajat to think and looks at him. Anu asks Rajat to do his duties towards his home. Rajat says there is nothing like family here. Anu asks him to talk to them and if he wants to go, he can leave, and she will not stop him. Rajat holds his bag and they all get tensed.

Rajat goes to his room. Anu cries. Sareen thanks her and says Shastri ji did a big favor on me by giving such good values to her. He says now there will be more troubles for her. She says this is my family, my house and it will be together. He hugs her and smiles. Alka comes home. Astha says Rohan has come

and asked about her. She asks her to talk to Rohan to join the job at shop again. Alka says I will talk to him, but I can’t promise anything.

She comes to Rohan. He asks about Devyaani. She says she is fine, and was thinking to join job. He says good. She talks to him what Astha said. He says I don’t want to leave my job. She says fine, but you can help her in shop work, if she gets loss, we will feel bad. He says but.. She says please and gets sad. He stops her and holds her hand. She says if she says by love, how can he refuse. They smile. He says she always make him do the work by her love.

She says she also does not refuse when he asks for something by love. He asks really and teases her. She says not now, I m going to cook. He hugs her. Astha looks on and cries feeling bad for herself. Kajal and Leela plan seeing the drama at home. They see Anu coming. Kajal cries and Leela says Kajal is in trauma that this house is breaking because of her. Anu says its not your mistake. Kajal says no, its my bad fate, sorry.

Anu apologizes to her and says I m feeling you did not see any happiness since you came. Kajal says she will cook all the food. Anu asks her to make for Minty first, she has sugar problem. Kajal says fine, you go to Rajat and take care of him. Anu thanks her and goes. Kajal brings food for Minty and thinks its good she is quiet now. Minty cries and sees her. Kajal acts sweet to her and asks her not to cry, and says she will always support her. Kajal asks her to have food. Minty says Rajat used to love and respect her, but he changed after Anu came, he is after Anu always.

Anu comes to Rajat and makes him have food. He nods no. She asks him to have some. He says I don’t want to. She asks will everything be fine if he gets angry on food, and insists. He says I m not hungry. She says whats gone is gone, nothing will change if you don’t eat. Saajna……………plays………. She says lets think what to do to make everyone’s future well. He says she is right, I know what we have to do now, come. He holds her hand and takes her.

Kajal says maybe this is someone else’s decision. Minty says she is right, Anu would have told this. Kajal says it means Anu does not lik you, I don’t know I should say or not. Minty says no, tell me anything. Kajal says when I was cooking dinner, Anu came and made food for Rajat and did not ask about you, I felt weird and could not see this, so I got food for you. Minty cries and says Anu is double mouthed, like chameleon, I know her well, but Rajat and Sareen does not understand, they are innocent, but we have to tell her the truth, are you with me. Kajal says she married to get a mother, she will fight with the world and support her. Minty thanks and hugs her. Kajal smiles.

Minty is angry on Rajat and scolds Anu. She blames her and Rajat comes to defend Anu, and argues with her. Minty cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very nice precap rajat defend anu I always want this

  2. it’s nice tat Astha s changing.

  3. Kajal such an idiot….hope her real intention will come infrnt of Minty soon

  4. That’s the best quality in you Anu,, she always stands for the truth and very intelligent,,

  5. It’s nice episode and precap is very nice i always want this

  6. Wow yesterday u all were writing bad thing
    About anu and now

  7. Rajat meets devyani and offers her to work with his cousin who wants to open a boutique

    I think so neel will feel Jealous

  8. Superb episode

  9. Kaljal or minty much bhi kar Lee jb tak rajat anushka me saath hai….yab tak koi bhi anushk ko takleef nai paouncha sakta….

  10. Nice precap

  11. Why they did’nt change the front picture of shastri sisters?

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