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Shastri Sisters 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka taking Astha’s phone. She messages everyone to come home soon, as she has to expose Alka. Astha goes back to her room. Alka says everyone will know the truth now, I will prove that I was never wrong and my dad’s values were not wrong. She hides as Astha comes in the room. Astha says whose call was it. She looks for her phone. Alka gets tensed. Astha calls out Santo asking about her phone. She goes out to see. Alka leaves. Nikki and Minty see Anushka coming, and workout their plan. Nikki acts like working hard and feeling unwell. Anushka asks what happened. Nikki says she is having knee pain. Anushka says I will help. Nikki blesses her and asks her to dry clothes on the terrace. Anushka leaves.

Nikki says plan 2 now and calls Rajat. She sends Rajat on the

terrace saying the wire has current and Anushka went to put clothes. Rajat runs to her. He makes her away from the wires. Anushka slips and falls on him. Saajna mere saajna…………….plays………….. they have an eyelock. Nikki tells Minty that he really loves Anushka. Minty says I know, then why did he get engaged to Devyaani, he should have said anything. Nikki says yes, now Devyaani will make the scene by scolding Anushka. Anushka asks Rajat to be in his limits. Rajat says I m in my limits. She falls on him again.

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Nikki brings Devyaani there and says omg. Anushka gets up from Rajat. Devyaani is shocked. Rajat says some wires ate cut there, I was making her away and…. Nikki asks and…? Anushka says thanks and leaves. Rajat also leaves. Nikki tries explaining Devyaani about how they were. Devyaani says no, Rajat was helping Anushka as she would have caught current. Nikki asks her to be careful, as Anushka can come between them. Devyaani says you don’t know Anushka, she does not like Rajat.

Nikki brain washes her. Devyaani says you mean Rajat will like Anushka and leave me. Nikki says they had sizzling chemistry. Devyaani says I feel you saw a wrong movie, my sister can’t do this, I trust her. Nikki says fine, but I don’t. Devyaani leaves. Nikki smiles. Minty comes to her and says I told you Shastri Sisters are united, its not easy to break them. Nikki says wait for some time, jealousy will start and break them.

Bua ji asks Astha why did she call them by message. Astha asks what message. Bua ji says you have sent me. Her husband says yes, even I got it, I have shut shop and came here. Astha says I did not send message, I don’t have the phone. Alka comes and says I have sent that message. Astha is shocked as Alka has her phone. Alka says I wanted to tell you all whats the truth. She says when I went to meet Rajeev, what happened there. She says the truth is in Astha’s phone. Bua ji asks Astha did she know everything. Astha says I told you, Alka went to meet Rajeev.

Alka says your half truth has broken my life, but now its last day, the time has come that I tell the truth to everyone. She says Astha can’t run now, and she will prove herself innocent. Bua ji asks Astha whats Alka saying, did you lie to us. Alka says about me and Rajeev. She says Astha presented it in wrong way. Bua ji says if its proved that Astha lied to me, then you know me.

Alka looks for the video and does not find it. Rohan asks what happened. Alka says its not here. Alka looks at Astha. Astha smiles and asks till when she act and fool them. Alka says I m sure you have deleted the videos from this. Astha says you do mistake and blame me, as if you did not do anything. She says there is nothing, what will you show, wasting our time by this story. Alka says she is not lying. She says I have seen that video in your phone. Astha says yes, in your dream.

Bua ji asks Alka not to say any story like this, she has given her time, and now her time is over. She shows her the door asking her to leave. Astha smiles thinking about talking to Santo, and asking her to get her phone from Alka else she will ruin her family making them fired from job. She thinks she has deleted the video on time. Bua ji asks Alka to leave. Rohan gets upset seeing Alka cry. Alka says please trust me. Bua ji shouts enough, I don’t want to hear anything now.

Alka starts leaving. Rohan looks on. Anushka and Shastri ji come there. Anushka stops her. Astha says why did you come now, Bua ji has told her if there is no evidence, she has to leave. Anushka says what if there is evidence. Astha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Gr8..alla has sent the evidence in anushka…

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