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Shastri Sisters 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav talking to Anu and telling her about the freedom she can get to roam in his house. He says he loves her, the chain will be tied to him and her, there will be distance and she will be free, he is sure that they will unite with time. The distance will end, and she can go anywhere when he is at home, she can enjoy freedom. He says his mum has suggested this to him and asks her not to run away, else he will beat her. He chains her legs by big metal chains and hurts her. He says he has to take her out to make her meet her mum, and pulls the chains, tied to her leg. She gets hurt and walk with him. He shows her his house and says she is lucky, she is out after many months.

She says she wants to meet his mum. He says what, not now, she might be sleeping, you also sleep

on the bed, wake up before maid comes, I will take you to room and tie, She says fine, being scared. She looks out of the window and stands in the air. She cries and says dad used to say that I get excited by festivals, and this time I m not with them. She says don’t know when will I get free from here and how, Lord help me, there is one way, I have to take help from maid or from Raghav’s mum, I m out of the room because of her, maybe she will allow me to go out of the house.

Its morning, Alka talks to her boss and says she can’t come, its her sister’s marriage. Shastri ji hears her and asks what happened. She says her senior called her asking her to come Aligarh, but she can’t go, Devyaani needs her here, she has less days and have many things to do. Devyaani asks her to go, she will manage her work. Alka says I want to be here, how will I go. Devyaani asks her to go, and jokes.

Anu comes out in the hall, and reads newspaper. She reads the date and says it means he was saying right, I have been here since one year, and I m in Aligarh, not Delhi. She hears a lady talking to Raghav, and goes there. She sees Raghav and gets stunned. He says mum is sleeping. She says I felt you will make me meet your mum. He says even I wanted this, come I will make you meet her. He says you want my mum to like you, right, and takes Anu outside holding the chain.

Minty talks to Alka. Alka says she is going Aligarh by work and will be back before Devyaani’s marriage. Alka leaves in the car. Devyaani comes to meet Rohan in jail, and he gets annoyed seeing her. She asks him to listen to her, she has told the man to lie that his mum came to meet him, and asks why did he send divorce notice to Alka, Alka loves him, and he loves her too, was he not sad to send this to her, and asks him to see Alka’s state once, I m sure you will change your decision then. He says he will not see Alka, he has seen his state in jail since a year, why did Alka give statement against me, if she felt its right, io feel this is right. This is my last decision, tell Alka.

Raghav frees Anu. She asks is this dinner time. He says yes, I will make you meet my mum before dinner. He takes her to his mum’s room and asks her to touch his mum’s feet. He says doctor refused his mum to take stress, and I m her doctor. He tells his mum that Anu does not listen to me, pull her ears, does she not have manners. Anu gets shocked and falls back seeing his mum dead.

Raghav asks what happened, take her blessings, mum will feel bad. Anu gets stunned seeing the skeleton. He insists and makes Anu touch her feet. Anu hears the blessings and sees Raghav talking as his mum. He laughs and Anu is left speechless in big shock.

Raghav takes Anu to a park. The kids play and a ball falls in Anu’s feet. Anu sees Alka and throws the ball to her. Alka looks around. Anu waits for Alka to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Jab say yeah twist aya hai starting or finishing anuakha k kisi matter say hi hote hai…nice episode anu k vapas aane ka koi way toh nazar aya….

  4. I think the Shastri Sisters Crew must be really desperate cos they’re coming out with crap storylines!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the update Amena ? The precap looks interesting ? I hope Alka catches a glimpse of Anu ? The way Raghav treats Anu just give me the chills ? Eagerly waiting for the day Anuraj and Deveil unite ?

    – Dreamer ?

  6. I knew it it would be a skeleton

  7. Horror drama bana dya hei…koi itna bhi psycho hota hei kia

  8. Who is this raghav ??

  9. Psycho wala track s inspired by a Hollywood flick 🙂

  10. Just end the show

  11. It boring

  12. I used to like watching shastri sisters but now im annoyed how ridiculous its got. Waste of time.

  13. I tink d writers of this series should think out more unique ideas capable of capturing viewer’s attention

  14. Angelina?(anu)

    Plzzz writers!! A more better script!! Current is a liile okay- okay type…….but!! N plz don’t make rajat negative now………or else I m not watching it! Not only I……many will loose interest!
    Finally a small hope for anu! But it will not be so soon!! Alka will not see anu!! I know that…….writers will drag it like this…..
    Two three tyms they will be at once place only but alka will not see anu!!

    Still hope for d positive!!!!!

  15. Rajat in double role now. That rajat who killed anu is fake.
    Real rajat was kidnapped.

  16. wish that alka sees anu

  17. Chhiiiii….worst ep.

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