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Shastri Sisters 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Rajat to see Anu and say is she happy. Rajat says how can I say, I don’t know her so well. Alka waits for Rohan. Veer sees Rajat giving juice glass to Anu. Anu says no, you take it. Rajat says you might be tired after dance, and you like orange juice, have it. Veer comes and gives her another drink, asking Rajat to have his one, as he is there to fulfill Anu’s needs. Devyaani says no, Anu just likes orange juice. Veer says who knows she will cola, how can she decide if she does not try.

Anu takes the cola glass and drinks it. She says its good. Veer says I told you, see Anu we are meant to be together. He holds her and asks her to come. She looks at Rajat. Rajat sees Veer’s hand around her waist. Astha thinks to make party some fun. Devyaani looks

for Neil. Neil holds her and shuts her mouth with his hand, and says he feels like cheating her, if I say anything, and you want to decide you will not talk to me, I will be fine. He says what Bobby said was right, I told him to write those letters, it was my plan to make him tease you and I save you to become hero, but Bobby called you one day before and I realized Bobby really wanted to hurt you, you can punish me, but I was feeling guilty.

She sees his phone and asks whats this. He says I was afraid to tell you, so I practiced to tell you with your pic, are you not angry. She says everyone makes mistake, but they don’t have courage to accept it, I respect you to admit it, lets click a selfie. They smile. Peeya comes and asks them to come for engagement.

Anu and Veer stand for the ring ceremony. Astha murmurs that Veer should not get engaged. Kirti asks Veer to make Anu wear the ring. Veer holds Anu’s hand and says the ring is unfit, its small. He says this is not Anu’s ring size, Rajat will be knowing about this, as he went to take the ring size.

Rajat says maybe it’s a mistake. Veer says mistake is intentional, did Rajat do mistake to take wrong size, or Anu did mistake to give him wrong size, or did they both make mistake, tell me who did this. Veer says actually its my mistake, and starts laughing. Everyone get puzzled. Veer says you all know me, I was joking. Kirti says if anyone laughs on this joke, and everyone get troubled, I won’t allow it when its about Anu. Veer says sorry it was just a joke.

Kirti asks him to make Anu wear the ring on any other finger. She says no, ring ceremony has importance, its said the finger has nerve to heart, I will get the right size ring and make her wear it at her home tomorrow, let just Anu make me wear the ring today. Kirti insists, and Veer says fine, I will make her wear this small one too.

Veer makes her wear the ring on the little finger. Anu also makes him wear the ring on the ring finger. Saajna……………plays…………. Anu hugs her dad and sisters. Anu asks Alka about Rohan. Alka says he will come. Rajat says congrats and hugs Veer. He looks at Anu and she cries. Veer says sorry, it was too much to joke. Rajat says its fine, its your day. He says congrats to Anu. Veer says wish her well, shake hands. Saajna tere bin nai ladga mera ye jiya……………….plays…………….

Astha thinks I have seen everyone, but these Shastri sisters show many colors. Veer sings a song Na jeena………. and holds Anu’s hand. They dance and Rajat turns.

Veer promises Kirti that he will do what he has to. He sees Anu’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dont want to comment any thing. I just want to admit just I hate Veer alot…

    1. No its wrong veer is doing this purposely mark my words….

      1. if it is, i will be happy

  2. I love Veer ♥♥♥♥

  3. plzzzzzzz stop this stupid drama
    first it was deyani
    second karishma
    now veer
    wat is this? why anu and rajat can’t be together

    1. Do u know onething guyzs i like anu and rajeev.’s pair than anu rajat and anu veer.if it so it would be good know..if he comes back to this show it would be like that and i like it very much…

  4. Jab take veer me mind main kya chal raha hai take take main toh koi bhi andaja nai laga Sant . Ek taraf yeah lagta hai ki woo anu or rajat ko uksa raha hai pyar ko confess karne ki liya or doosuri Tatar lagta hai ki WO sab jante hua bhi rajat ko cheat kar raha hai…

  5. Anushka Belate story will u be mine valentine plz

  6. Patani kyun mere mood is drama she uthata jaa raha hai..main yeah promrame sirf anu or sirf anu ki liya dekh raha hoon agar uski shadi rajat se nai hui toh u aware main is serial OK kabhi nai dekh sakunga even yeah riahety Chanel par starting she hi kyun na as raha hoon

  7. This veercis soo bad

  8. Anushka or rajat ko anuraj kar dooo

  9. Jb ye natak suru hua tha tb laga tha acha ha par ab ye natak nautanki lag raha hai ek ek karke sb behno ki shadi hogi aur nautanki end

  10. Ye sab behne ek se pyar karti ha aur dusre se shadi karti ha aur ladko ko jail bhejti hai

  11. Veer is very good

  12. Make anu marriage

  13. Surekha Divekar

    Anu should marry veer. And then when munty sees her son in pain then she wull relize what mistake she did by not accepting anu.

  14. Ajj ka episode ke baas mujhe pata chala ki veer anu or rajat ko unite karna chata hai who us dono ko uksa raha hai ki WO move on nai ho sakte and ek dusare me bina rahe nai sakte or WO ring perfect thi but usne nai pehani but anu ko pehana ko kaha taking rajat ko anu she door home ka daar hoo

  15. Or precap main veer me kaha ki main wahi karunga Jo mujhe karna chaiya yani anu or rajat ko unite means anuraj . Gud boy veer

  16. Itne problem face karne me baad agar anu or rajat ek nai hua toh koi bhi sach pyr nai karaga

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