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Shastri Sisters 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking Minty how did she not think that she has hurt him too along with Anu. Anu asks Rajat to calm down and come with her. Rajat tells Minty that its lie that she loves her sons, she did not love them, else she would have not let Neil and Devyaani’s relation spoil, you knew he loves her and would have been happy with her, you did not care for him. He says you don’t love your sons. Minty asks him to listen to her and he goes to room. Anu goes after him and asks him not to worry. Rajat asks how can you be normal after knowing mum tried to break our marriage by filling my mind against you and Veer. Anu stays quiet. He asks did she know this before. She nods. He is stunned.

He asks why did she not tell him. She says she did not wish him to fight with Minty,

she knew he will be sad knowing this so she did not tell him, it dos not matter now. He says it matters to me, tell me what happened. She says leave it. He says no, I did many mistakes more, tell me, I want to know. She cries and sits. He asks her to please tell him for his sake. She says Minty tried to create misunderstanding between them and tells everything how Minty planned cheaply. Rajat cries.

Minty asks Sareen to see what Rajat told her, its all because of Anu, don’t know what is Anu telling him in room now. Anu asks Rajat not to tell anything to Minty, she is already upset, she did not wish to hurt him. Rajat asks why to hurt you then, are we different? Anu holds his hand and says we are still together, what else do we want, please forgive her. He says he is not great, and can’t forgive her. Minty asks Sareen what is he thinking.

He scolds her for still blaming Anu, and see herself in mirror once, maybe she will change. He sees Kajal there and leaves. Kajal pacifies Minty. Anu asks Rajat to think about Minty. Rajat says I can’t, I don’t know to respect her now. Anu says I understand but forget this, she is your mother, she will not hurt you and Neil. He says I don’t know I can trust her or not, or call her mom by heart.

Neil comes home and sees Minty crying. He asks what happened. Sareen slaps Neil and says he has come to know about him and Minty’s plan, what they were doing with Devyaani. He asks is he not ashamed, he felt he is good at heart but he was wrong, he was running from marriage and making Devyaani marry a stranger, and holds his collar in anger. He asks does he not get a sound from his soul whats right or wrong, for the one he loved and was giving his life. He sees Kajal and stops saying.

He apologizes to Kajal and asks her to go inside the room, he does not want her to see this. Kajal says she is their family now, but she will go if he says. Rohan comes home. Astha says Alka went to meet Devyaani, does he want anything. He says nothing and goes to his room. She gets tea for him. He asks her not to do this. She says you helped me in shop matter, this happens in family. He says he helped her as Alka told him. She asks will he join shop if Alka says. He says sorry, I can’t work a shop again, he is happy with his job, and it will be good if their works remain different.

Anu tells Rajat that they can go away from home for few days and he can think over and everything will be fine, he can forget this. Rajat says he knows what to do. He starts packing his bag. Sareen and Minty argue, and Anu calls him to stop Rajat, as he decided to leave home. Leela and Kajal look on and enjoy the drama. Rajat starts leaving and Sareen shouts to stop him. He asks where is he going. Rajat holds Anu’s hand and says Anu and he are leaving the house. They are shocked. Rajat says I called in airforce quarters and its ready, I will send someone to get my luggage. Anu does not move and Rajat looks at her. She leaves his hand.

Anu asks Rajat to do his duties towards his home. Rajat says there is nothing like family here. Anu asks him to talk to them and if he wants to go, he can leave, and she will not stop him. Rajat holds his bag and they all get tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. I want to tell only one word…..its….beautiful

    1. SHUT UP

  3. Very beautiful episode ajj ka episode mere most favorite episode hai believe me is toh main apne android phone main special save karunga

  4. a very good episode after a very long time

  5. Rajat will can’t leave home….he will stay only for mr sareen and anushka…he can’t leave them or ani ko toh woh kabhi sapne main bhi nai chod sakta….


  6. Well done rajat!! Minty deserves this only selfish woman.

  7. nice episode

  8. superb episode! bt still that minty didn’t realize her mistake!


  9. good rajat doesnt actualy leave the home

  10. Wonderful. Truth and good morale of the story. Good job by all Darren, Rajat and Any 🙂

  11. But the saddest part is Minty is still d same…irritated!wn she will realise her mistake..

  12. Did Rajat will leave anu?


  13. Very nice episode

  14. Now it is very interesting to watch.

  15. RajaT never leave anu …..he will stay for her this house


  16. such a good episode. ASTHA’S GETTING GOOD

  17. Ms syama why r u getting so hyper,?

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      1. She is right and u have no right he is just giving his opinion and for that only we able to comment to make it discussion not rude behavior Ms syama we also to talk rudely

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