Shastri Sisters 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikki asking whom does he love the most. Rajat says a Shastri girl. Devyaani smiles. Anushka gets up. Nikki asks her to stay till she answers the true answer. Peeya says why, she is winner. Devyaani says she wants to ask Anushka. Nikki sas I thought you sisters are close and don’t have secret in between, fine ask. Devyaani asks Anushka does she love anyone. Anushka sees Rajat and says no. He gets upset. Anushka says its late, we should leave now. Rajat gets angry. Rohan and Alka meet hidingly and he asks will she get clue here. She says yes, Anu gave me this idea, I will get clue here. He says we have just this night, else. She says Lord can’t separate us again. He smiles and says go there, I will wait here. She goes and wakes up Santo.

Alka says she came to

know everything, and she will tell her truth to Bua ji. Santo says I did not do anything. Alka says don’t lie, you knew about Rajeev and wanted to make me wrong. Alka scares her. Santo names Astha to be behind everything, she tried to break her home since first day. She says if you don’t trust me, you can check Astha’s phone, she took your oic and made video, and showed wrong thing to everyone. Santo feels she told everything. Astha hears sound and comes there to see. Rohan is shocked seeing Astha there and messages Alka. Astha gets inside and sees Santo sleeping.

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She says I heard sound from here and leaves. Alka asks Santo why did she not tell Astha everything. Santo says she knows its bad to break a marriage. She says even then she has helped Astha, but paid a big price. She says when Bua ji was kicking her out, Astha did not stop her, but Alka stopped her. She says she will help her. Alka comes to Rohan and says she is fine, when a husband guards a wife, can she get caught. She thinks he has sent her message and she has hidden. Rohan says we have to show some proof, we can’t just tell them. Alka says yes, we have a way, you trust me right, then you go now, if anyone see us together, I will have to leave house now itself. He says fine, if you need anything, you know. She says I know, so I m doing this.

He says fine, and goes. Devyaani thinks about Rajat and why is she not happy after engagement, as she is worried about Neil. She prays Neil gets fine soon. Anushka serves food and sits for breakfast. She sees the ring on Devyaani’s hand. Shastri ji asks Devyaani to be careful, Sareen is his friend, but she should respect him, like we respect Rohan’s family. Devyaani says sure. He says we should also call them for dinner. She smiles. She says I will Alka and Rohan also, and I will make Alka make the dinner and say I made it. Shastri ji scolds her and asks her to cook herself.

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Anushka gets Alka’s call. Alka tells her that Santo told her that Astha did all this, and she has video on her phone, which will show that I have slapped Rajeev. Anu says get her phone. Alka says yes, but how. Anu says I m sure you will find some way, if you have any problem, call me. Alka thanks her. Devyaani meets Neil and he looks at her angrily. He says you forgot our relation have changed, I should say sorry, congrats. She says don’t talk to me rudely, you feel I m not worried for you. He says if you have tension, you should have come that day when I went to…. He thinks of his suicide attempt. She asks what. He cries. Rajat is coming towards them. He says if you want me not to tell this to Rajat, don’t worry, I know he is your to be husband and my brother, I want him to be happy, I will not tell him anything. Rajat comes to them. He asks what happened. They are shocked seeing him. Devyaani says I fought with Neil, so I was apologizing. Neil leaves.

Santo tells Alka that everyone has gone out, Astha is in her room. Alka says fine, go and make food, She asks her to go out for sometime, as she is planning something to save her, and does not want her to get stuck. Santo nods fine and leaves. Alka calls the landline. Astha goes to take the call. Alka gloes to her room and looks for her phone. Alka gets her mobile and messages everyone to come home soon, as she has to expose Alka. Alka smiles.

Alka tells everyone that she has to tell the truth to everyone. She takes her mobile. Rohan asks what happened. Alka cries and says I don’t know, it was in this phone. Astha smiles. Bua ji says 24 hours are over, the door is that way, your time in this house is over.

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