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Shastri Sisters 13th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan getting the job and getting happy. The man gets a call and says he has checked his background, and came to know about molestation case going on, and cancels the job saying sorry. Rohan gets sad and leaves. Vrinda hears ladies gossiping about Rohan and taunting her. She faces humiliation and taunts by the ladies. Rohan comes home and tells Alka that the company did not trust him. Alka encourages him and says she will get people who trust him, we knew the way will be tough. Vrinda comes and asks her did she think about family before taking this decision.

Alka asks what happened. Vrinda says they are adamant and she is bearing all the taunts, she can’t even face anyone. She cries and asks Rohan to apologize to Astha. Alka says will this make people not gossip,

they can prove Astha wrong. Vrinda does not understand and asks them to simplify things. She cries and leaves.

Anu, Devyaani and Rajat come home. Kajal looks on. She thinks this will be plan as Rajat and Anu came together. Kajal asks Rajat how did he get wet if he went in car. Rajat says I went out of the car. Kajal says it might be imp thing right. Minty asks Kajal why is she taking his class, what happened. Sareen asks Rajat to go, he will be ill. Minty says Rajat and Anu fought, but they still have love,. she has seen Anu’s clothes are wet by rains. She says anyone will feel they went by plan. Rajat says here its my family and they will not think so. Kajal asks did he get the balm.

Neil says I will tell. Rajat looks at him. Minty says he also got wet in rain. Neil says I will tell mum where was Rajat, he was with me. He says his bike stopped on the way and luckily he came to help m. Sareen asks Minty to cook some pakodas as it was raining. Rajat says I will go and change. Minty asks Neil to go and change too. Neil and Rajat go. Neil says I know you are lying. Rajat asks what does he know. Neil says he knows he and Anu did not fight, he has seen him and Anu in the car, when they picked Devyaani. Rajat asks why did he lie there. Neil says I know the reason to lie will be right, I was always wrong when I went against you and Anu, this time I m with you.

Rajat smiles and says now I have to respect you. Neil asks him to trust him and say the reason. Rajat says the reason is Kajal. Kajal talks to Leela. Leela says maybe Neil said right. Kajal says he was lying, and Rajat was with Anu, she has seen them, now Neil is also with them. Leela asks her to calm down. Rajat tells Neil about Ajay and Kajal, Ajay has run away. Neilk says she shows she is very innocent, she is much clever, how can I help you. Rajat sees Kajal in mirror, trying to hear them. He starts acting and signs Neil to see Kajal. He says his feelings have ended for Anu, she is fighting with mum and lost all manners, she has gone mad, he is caught. Neil says how can you leave his wife.

Rajat says even you don’t respect Kajal, mum chose her, she is innocent and better than Anu, take her side and accept her, I could not save my marriage, but you try to save your marriage. Kajal says why is Rajat praising me, how will I know my plan is working or not, did Rajat and Anu really have a fight. Rajat asks Neil to go and change, mum would be waiting for dinner. Neil says fine and leaves. Kajal hides.

Neil comes to Kajal in kitchen and says he wants to talk to her. He compliments her and she smiles. He acts sweet and says he wants to make things between them fine, and asks her to forgive him. He says Rajat cleared the things, he knows she loves him a lot, Anu argues with Rajat, but you always support me, and don’t get angry on me, I promise I will always stand by you, our relation is new so it will take some time, I joined job with Devyaani as I have scope to show my talent. He asks her not to misunderstand him and she smiles. He offers help to her. She says she will manage. He leaves and thinks she feels she knows to do drama, this house is full of drama people, she was doing to ruin the house and he is doing this to save this house.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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    Handsome and dashing Vijayendra Kumeria popularly known as Rajat in Colors’ Shastri Sisters impresses one and all with his flawless acting. The good looking actor who was also part of Pyar Ka Dard Hai answered some fun questions for our Quickie section.

    Your 2am friend?

    Nirmal Gandhi.

    Kiss with your eyes open or shut?

    Shut (wink).

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    Intelligent people and mature talks.

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