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Shastri Sisters 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu thinking to talk to the maid when Raghav is not around. She goes to the maid and does not call out. The maid leaves from the house, and Raghav holds Anu before she leaves. He slaps her. He takes her back and says if she does this again, then he will kill her. He starts hurting her and she cries. He says he will beat her as he loves her, can he do this with strangers, he will hurt her till she loves her and not leave him. He says he has tied her to keep her always with him. He touches her and she turns. He asks her to respect love and goes.

Anu recalls Rajat’s love and his words when he always supported her. She recalls how Rajat has left her hand and made her fall down the liff. She cries and says no, Rajat can’t do this, maybe my hand slipped by mistake, how

will I get answers and meet my family. She cries.

Its night, Sareen tells Rajat that he won’t be able to forget Anu, the question is wrong and ask him to be fairly responsible towards Devyaani, she is becoming his wife in 2 days. Rajat says I know dad, I will fulfill all my responsibilities, but I missed Anu’s hand, her hand slipped off my hand. Sareen asks him to leave it, and his hands will be getting Devyaani’s hand in 2 days, Devyaani will be feeling bad to take Anu’s place, if we make her feel this, it will be big sin. Rajat agrees and says I will never let Devyaani feel this. Sareen asks him to be strong.

Devyaani gets a dress and gets sad, recalling Anu. FB shows Anu and Devyaani talking about Rajat’s gift for An. Alka comes to her and sees her crying. Devyaani says Anu did not like Rajat’s gift, but she always liked this suit, so I always have it, I can’t wear it, I feel it has Anu’s right, I feel I m doing wrong to become Rajat’s wife. Alka pacifies her and says Anu will never come back, we have to learn to move on. Devyaani says but I don’t want to. Alka asks her to be strong, the time has changed and they have to change too. Devyaani says she is saying right, time has changed. I m happy that Rohan and you will be together again. Alka gets sad. Devyaani asks what is she hiding. Alka says nothing. Devyaani asks her to swear on Anu and tell the truth.

Alka says Rohan and I can’t get together now, he has sent me divorce notice. Devyaani and Shastri ji get shocked. Shastri ji comes to them and asks what is Alka saying. Alka says don’t take tension, Rohan feels it happened because of me, He says I will talk to Vrinda, Rohan did not realize his mistake, I will defend you. She asks him not to worry, maybe Rohan sent papers in anger. She defends Rohan and he blesses her.

Vrinda meets Rohan in jail and says few days left now, then have food at home. He asks did Alka sign divorce papers. She says no answer till now, but I will take her sign. Rohan thinks he is in jail because of Alka’s statement, he will forget her. Raghav brings khichdi for his mum and makes her eat it. He talks to her and she says he has to tell her everything, as she is eating food on his saying. He says he is in love with his patient. He says he treated her when she came in wounded state, she does not care for me, you know me well, and says what all he has done for Anu.

She says she has taught him to win a girl’s heart like this, she will give him advice. He asks will this trick work. She says yes. He says thanks, love you. The lady is shown sitting on the chair and not moving. Raghav comes to Anu with food. He makes her eat and gets angry. He apologizes to her and says if she wants, he will say sorry for a year. He says he has an idea to make her happy, to free her in this house. She can roam in this house. He says this is my mum’s idea. He shows her a long metal chain to tie her in limits. Anu gets shocked.

Raghav takes Anu to his mum and says I love Anu, she does not listen to me, pull her ears. He asks Anu to take his mum’s blessings. Anu gets shocked seeing his mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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