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The Episode starts with Kirti welcoming Alka and her inlaws. She asks about Rohan. Alka says he is busy, he will come in some time. Astha taunts about Rohan. Astha thinks how is everything fine till now. Kirti says Rajat you came so late, go to Veer, he is waiting for you. Rajat comes to Veer and asks him to come for engagement. Veer says don’t know, how to tell you, its very wrong happened, and jokes with him. Rajat says he wants some cotton and goes. Rajat sees Anu and is stunned by her presence. Kirti compliments Anu. Saajna……………….plays………….. Anu looks at Rajat.

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Kirti asks Anu to sit and she will come. Anu

asks a man for cotton and goes with him. Shastri ji thanks Hari and Vrinda for coming and hugs Alka. He asks about Rohan. Alka says he had some work, he will come, Sunil is with Rohan and Astha came with us. Astha thinks how can they all be normal., what is the matter. She sees her envelop kept there and says its here, that’s why nothing happened, I have to make it reach Veer, and tells a servant to give it to Veer soon, its form his boss and urgent.

The servant gives it to Veer. Veer opens it and is shocked seeing Rajat and Anu’s marriage pics. He recalls Kirti’s words and Rajat lying to him about Anu being his wife. He is shattered and Rajat comes to him. He says he got the cotton to keep in shoes, and says about his fiancée came, she is looking beautiful, you will go mad seeing her. He asks him to try the shoes now.

Veer wears the shoes and stays silent. Rajat asks is everything fine. Veer leaves and comes in the hall. Astha sees him and smiles. She says happy valentines day Anushka. Kirti asks Veer to come and stand with Anu. Veer notices Anu looking at Rajat.

Shastri ji talks to Kirti and says he is relieved of all worries, Anu is very lucky to get a good guy like Veer. He taunts Minty. Veer says I m sure Anu would have got a better guy than me, see Rajat, he is better than me and he knows Anu more well than me. Anu gets tensed. Veer sees Rajat’s face turning pale. Rajat asks what is he saying. Veer says you guys are neighbors, you both will be knowing each other well. He says if you missed her being so close, its your mistake, as Anu is mine now.

He says if he sees Anu now, it will be cheating. Kirti asks what is he saying. Veer says I m saying I m lucky that Anu came in my life. He says she will become my fiancée today, means 80-90% wife, I don’t want anyone to underestimate her. He says its valentines day, you did not wish me Anu. Anu says yes, happy valentines day. Veer says to you too. Veer says before any confusion, let me say its for me. Kirti says I knw Veer will be possessive about his wife like his dad was for me.

She asks Peeya to start the music. Peeya dresses like Veer and Devyaani dresses like Anu. They dance on the song Chittiyaan Kalaiyyan…………plays…………..Neil takes Devyaani’s pic and gets Bobby’s call. Alka waits for Rohan. Veer sees Rajat and Anu sad. Shastri ji is still annoyed with Sareen. Sareen asks him to forget everything, as he has come to share his happiness. He says I got a daughter after many mannat and I want to bless her.

Shastri ji hugs him. Vrinda asks Alka did she talk to Rohan. Alka says no. Vrinda says he will come before the engagement. Veer sees Rajat staring at Anu and goes to him. He asks whom is he seeing. Rajat says no one. Veer says I was generally asking, lets see whom were you staring, and points at Anu. Rajat is shocked.

Rajat sees Veer and Anu getting engaged. Veer says the ring does not fit her, its small. He says Rajat will know it, he went to get the size. Rajat says I don’t know how did this mistake happen. Veer says you did not wish I get engaged to her.

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  1. Rajat n veer both r gud . . Anu dont prolong your silence and hurt both very badly . . Decide something soon so that their rest of the life will be gud.

  2. I jues want to know one thing. Veer came to know about anuraj love even after why he is doing all this. He too know the pain of love as he also over came with love. Now all he have to is to unite anu and rajath. But he became so pessesive about anu and making anu and rajath feel fulty. I dont like veer..

  3. I knew that Veer is a nice man who will unite Rajat and Anu,but he is like Minty

  4. I thought veer wud help them.but he is insulting rajat and everuthing bcoz of anu.high time to break her silence.getting irritated

  5. Hey guys i m princess leta maje a family of shastri sisters means SS family

  6. Hapy valentine day anushka and alka yeah doo character mujhe sabse jayada paaand hai….then all shastri sisters team love u allll

  7. Later on veer will insult anu in cafe / restaurant & will leave her alone on road

    Then rajat will take her home

  8. How could veer do this anu he don’t deserve her only rajat deserve anu

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