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Shastri Sisters 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking Anushka to sit, as he can create a scene there. She sits on the bike and they leave. He asks her to hold him. she does not. He asks why, will your love revive, or did it never die, when will you tell truth to Devyaani. She says the truth is you got engaged to my sister. He stops the bike and she holds him. They reach home. He says you can’t control everything, one day truth will be out of your control. He gives her the bag having an eyelock. She says leave it. He says will you come for dinner today, as my fiancée and her family is coming. She says no. He says tell me you will come. She says fine. He says he won’t do this if she comes to him herself. She leaves.

Alka sees Santo and says only she can solve my problems, if she has seen me with Rajeev,

she will see that I have slapped Rajeev, I will keep an eye on her. Astha comes there and sees there. Rohan comes and hides Alka holding her. Music plays………….. Astha leaves. Rohan leaves Alka and says Astha was coming, if she saw you seeing Santo, she would have doubt, so I did this, sorry. He leaves. Alka smiles. Sareen and Shastri family meet for dinner. Devyaani greets all elders. Rajat greets everyone and looks at Anushka. Nikki jokes and Rajat asks her to see glow on his face, as he is also in love. Nikki says she can see it, its made for each other glow. He gives his hand to Devyaani and she holds his hand smiling. Minty gets angry.

Everyone sit for a talk. Minty and Nikki go for cooking. Devyaani says she will go and help them. Rajat looks at Anu. Minty says what happened to Rajat, how is he behaving. They See Devyaani coming. Devyaani says shall I help. Nikki says you will become bahu and will have to do all work, come. Devyaani cuts the vegs. Anu looks at Devyaani and thinks about being there in her place. She imagines her and Rajat romancing. Rajat says if you told the truth, the situation would have been different. Saajna……………plays……….. She says she is happy, he should also be happy with this.

Devyaani comes and serves the plates. Nikki asks Shastri ji to sit. Rajat makes Devyaani sit and pampers her to make Anushka jealous. Neil comes there and starts going seeing everyone. Sareen says he is not well. Shastri ji asks him to come and join them. Neil joins them. Shastri ji says we know you before we met Rajat. The spoon falls. Rajat and Devyaani bend to pick him and he holds her hand. Neil and Anushka feel hurt seeing this. Devyaani smiles.

They all finish dinner and have a talk, as Sareen and Sahstri ji went on terrace. Nikki says she will say what to do, lets play a game. Rajat asks what. Nikki says the truth comes out. Minty says she is not interested. Nikki says truth or dare game, and everyone agree to play. Nikki rotates the bottle and its Peeya. She says truth. Nikki asks whom she loves in all her sisters. Peeya says Anushka and hugs her. She says she takes care of me always. Anushka smiles. Nikki thinks everyone love Anu. Devyaani says give me bottle. I will change Peeya’s choice.

Nikki says lets continue, and the bottle stops at Devyaani. Devyaani says truth. Nikki says who will ask her, Rajat you can ask anything as you are going to spend life with her. Rajat says what. Nikki asks what will she change in Rajat, any one thing. Devyaani says nothing, he is perfect. She smiles. The game continues. Nikki says I don’t think how Rajat and Anushka are together, lets see whose truth comes out. The bottle comes on Rajat. He says truth and looks at Anushka.

Nikki asks Anushka to ask Rajat does he have any affair with anyone, as its about Devyaani’s life. Anushka says no, I know he loves just Devyaani. I don’t want to ask anything. Nikki says fine, I will ask him, and asks Rajat whom does he love the most. Rajat looks at Anushka. Anushka worries that Rajat can tell the truth.

Santo tells the truth to Alka and says its Astha who is behind everything. Astha hears the sound from store room and walks to him. Santo says you can check Astha’s phone, she has taken your pic when you have slapped Rajeev and told everyone something else. Astha comes there and Santo gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. iam happy today cue ki the promo of the show makes me that promo rajat say devyanni that he loves anu that too infornt of i decide to contiune this show for my fav rajat anu.and peeya is right that she like anu the most.even i like anu and peeya in those sister.thank for update.

  2. looking forward for rajat’s answer…. 🙂 !!

  3. luv u Rajat Anu

  4. I’m getting excited more and more everydayy

  5. me too I am excited saw the behind the scene rajat was telling the truth devyani the family know about.
    I am so happy for anu and rajat.

    1. i love anu and rajat,i have waited both are marriage.

  6. I am very happy because I saw new rajat was telling the truth to everybody he love anu

  7. Excuse me priya roil I saw the promo now before you was talking about the new promo I did’nt know

  8. superb rajat reveal your love 2 da world dont rely on that cowardly anu

  9. waiting that when rajat gets married to anu .because that only looks perfect couple in the show

  10. Happy to see that rajat reveals the truth . that he loves anu.

  11. i love anu and rajat.

  12. i love anu and rajat,i have waited both are marriage.

  13. flivjfjv.....

    i luv anu&rajat most…..plz marry soon.

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