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The Episode starts with Rajat hearing Kajal talking to Ajay. She asks Ajay to meet her at 5. Rajat calls Anu and says Kajal is meeting Ajay today, she was saying they will meet and discuss plans. Anu says she knows Ajay and Kajal used to love each other, they are doing this together, I will follow them. He says it can be risky, I will follow her, and she agrees. He says he promises he will give her the birthday present. He says I love you and smiles. Kajal hears this and says with whom was Rajat talking, I think its Anu as her birthday is coming.

Devyaani talks to Alka and pacifies her to be strong, as problems will end. Alka says office will have much work. Devyaani says don’t think about work, I kept an assistant. Neil asks her to sign on the file. Alka hears him. Devyaani signs and tells

Alka that she hired Neil. Alka says good, and Rohan also went for job. Devyaani ends the call.

Kajal comes to Minty and starts her drama. She says she will do her work. She says Rajat is preparing for Anu’s birthday, are we celebrating. Minty says why will we and gets angry. Devyaani comes in café and Neil smiles. She passes by and does not join him. Kajal calls Neil and asks him to come for lunch. Neil says he can’t come, he has joined job. She hears Devyaani’s name there and asks is he with Devyaani. He says he doesn’t have time to answer her and ends the call. She says whats happened, Rajat is back home and Neil is back to Devyaani, I have to do something to ruin their lives.

Rajat waits for Kajal to leave and Leela stops Kajal. She sends her silently. Rajat sees her and goes after her. He hears some sound at home and stops. He misses to catch Kajal. Sareen falls in the kitchen and tells Rajat that he was making tea for Minty. He says sugar was over, he was taking it from cupboard and flour fell on him. Rajat says I will get medicines and takes him.

Anu follows Kajal and does not get to hear her conversation with Ajay. She says maybe it will rain now. Kajal asks Ajay to make home papers, as she is controlling Minty and take her sign, Anu will try hard to fail her. She pays him money and asks him to do the work. Anu thinks why is she giving money and goes after Ajay to know. She follows him to some place.

Kajal comes home and Minty sees her. Kajal lies that she went to temple and gave Prasad to poor kids. Minty says she has soft heart. Kajal asks does she have any work, is Rajat at home. Rajat says he went to get balm, Sareen fell from stool, I will sit with him. Kajal gets angry and says all are lazy. She says did Rajat really go to take balm or somewhere else. Ajay catches Anu and says she is clever but she does not know him. He scares her and twists her hand. Anu scolds him saying he is coward. She says she will expose him, and scolds him. Ajay says he will not leave her. Rajat comes and beats Ajay. He holds Anu and hugs her. Ajay looks at him.

Rajat says get up, and how dare you touch my wife, I will not leave you that you will be afraid to touch yourself. He beats him and Ajay runs pushing Rajat on Anu. Rajat sees him running and stops seeing Anu hurt. He says he has run and sees her wound.

It starts raining and they leave. Neil sees Devyaani waiting for auto. He offers her lift and she scolds him, saying he can lose the job if he acts friendly. He says fine, whats wrong in this, I can drop you, I would have offered lift to anyone in your place. She asks him to come on time tomorrow. She slips on the road and falls. He runs to her and she asks him to be away. She leaves alone. Rajat and Anu are on the way and think how to find Ajay. Rajat says I think we should tell mom. Anu says she will not believe us, we need some proof against Kajal. Rajat sees Devyaani and stops the car. They take her along in the car and leave. Neil looks on and says Rajat and Anu together, they had fight between them.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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