Shastri Sisters 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu getting scared and hugging Rajat. She moves away from him. Jee le zara……………..plays………. Her shirt stucks in a nail and he helps her. They get very close and have an eyelock. He holds her close to kiss her, and she closes her eyes. She moves away. Shastri ji, Veer and everyone wait for Anu at home. A car horns and Rajat looks for help. Devyaani tries calling Anu. She sees Rajat and Anu coming home and tells her dad. Veer goes to see Anu. He says you got fever, are you fine. She says yes, I got drenched so… She slips and Rajat asks her to be careful. Veer sees Rajat worrying more than needed. Minty comes and looks at them.

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Rajat says actually, she was falling so be careful. Minty thinks their chemistry is so strong that it can be seen even from Mars, Veer can doubt on them. She asks where were they. Rajat says the car got stuck and some good guy helped us and we came. Shastri ji thanks Rajat. Minty says I have him good values to drop neighbor at home. She asks him not to let Anu go out till marriage. He says I understand, even I want this that marriage happens without any problem, thanks for suggestion. Veer thanks Rajat and says come Anu.

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Minty asks Rajat to come. Anu says thanks Veer, I want to go and rest, I m tired. He says ya sure, go. She goes to her room. Shastri ji thanks Veer and asks him to rest, as its his engagement tomorrow. He says I remember, tell this to Anu, maybe she forgot, I m joking, don’t go serious, I will leave now. He leaves. Alka smiles seeing photo album, and closes it seeing Rajat and Anu’s marriage pic. Astha sees her and Alka leaves from her room. Astha takes Rajat and Anu’s pics and hides it. She comes to her room and smiles keeping it in envelop. She says I will how Veer gets engaged to Anu now.

Vrinda asks Alka about Rohan. Alka says he is getting ready. Astha tells Sunil about letting Roihan go with Alka, when he has work. He says how can he stop him from going in Anu’s engagement. She says ask him to do work first, deliver the items at my friend’s home and then go. He says how can I tell him. She says come with me, I will tell him. Rohan comes there. Astha says Sunil wants to tell you something. Rohan says yes say. Astha says Sunil wants you to do pending work first, which is imp than engagement. Astha says you deliver consignment first and then you can go. Vrinda asks Sunil did he say this.

Astha says you think I m saying this. Sunil says its imp. Alka asks Rohan to go, he is sure dad will wait for him and won’t start the engagement without him. Rohan says fine and leaves for work. Astha thinks it will be fun now. Alka asks about Sunil and Astha. Vrinda says don’t know they will come or not. Astha says we are salesman and owner at home, but we are family in world’s eyes, I will come if Alka does not have any problem. Alka says I don’t have any problem, come. They leave. Astha says you will have problem with me always.

Veer gets ready for his engagement and recalls Rajat’s concern for Anu. Kirti comes and asks is he ready. He says yes. She says he looks nervous. She asks him not to try anything different in engagement ring ceremony and asks him not to see any envelops now. Rajat sees Anu’s pic and recalls the moments. Sareen comes to him and Rajat hides his tears. Sareen asks are you fine. Rajat says yes dad, I m fine. Anu gets ready and cries. She hugs Rajat’s coat and recalls their close moments. Saajna mere dholna……………..plays……………..she says I m sorry Rajat. She says forget me and just remember how I have hurt you again and again, and find someone who loves and values you more than her family, I m very sorry, I could not do it as I was helpless. Saajna……………..plays…………………

Veer gets the pics of Rajat and Anu’s marriage and comes to Anu, she gets tensed and looks at Rajat. Veer sees her staring at Rajat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Villian Astha engagemnt to hogi lekin usk bad fir veeer anu se bat krega or un dono ko milayega b….

  2. He must secrifie his love for anu happiness bcoZ rajat and anu love very very much….

  3. Veer….he mush seceific his one side love bcoZ rajat and anu love each other very very much…

  4. Now veer be a gud boy and unite rajat and anu for forever…

  5. astha is such a sadist……………alka should try to do something & teach a lesson to this astha………………

  6. rajat or anu ek dusre se pyar krte hain alag kaise rhenge love couple

  7. Ders gunna be a twist i fink veer myght pair with ashta to avenge or may go ahead with the marriage

    1. I like veer but I guess he will be villain now onwards…..

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