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The Episode starts with Bua ji asking Alka to prove herself innocent else don’t come to take blessings, and just leave, and till then you and Rohan will stay in different rooms. Rohan signs yes to Alka. Alka thanks Bua ji. Rohan looks at Alka. And they leave. Minty is worried as he plan has failed. She says my son has got engaged to Devyaani. Nikki asks her not to overreact. Minty says Neil was dying because of her, now she is becoming our bahu. Nikki says let me think, we will break the engagement. Minty says no need, your plan flopped, you did this wrong, I m angry on you, Chai ji was right, not to hear you. Nikki says you are hurting me, is Neil and Rajat not mine, hear my plan, I will compensate. Minty says if not. Nikki says hear me once and tells her plan.(Muted)

Minty says do

you know they are Shastri Sisters, very united. Nikki says this plan will make them apart, this is right plan. Minty thinks. Alka thinks how did Rohan change so much. Rohan comes to her and says I have realized my mistake, so I changed. She says what are you doing here, Bua ji said we can’t be in same room. He shuts the door. He comes to her and says I know, but I can’t leave you alone in this situation. I did this mistake before and don’t want to repeat it. He says I want to be with you, and help you in proving the truth. I want you to be true. She asks why, he says you know Alka ji, why I want this. He says you know me, I can see it by your eyes and the way you see me.

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He says I know when you see me with love. She asks how. He says the way you are looking right now. Alka and Rohan have an eyelock. Astha and Bua ji talk about Alka. Bua ji asks her to cook tomorrow, even if Alka stays here. Alka tells Rohan why she went to meet Rajeev that day, to punish him for ill treating Anushka. Rohan says I know it. He says we ….and she is glad. They have a sweet talk. He smiles and holds her hand. Astha sees the shadow in their room and tells Bua ji to see. Rohan runs. Astha says it will be Rohan. Bua ji says leave it. Astha says lets go and see. They go and see Alka alone in the room. Alka asks what happened, did you have any work. Bua ji says no, we just came, tomorrow is imp for you. She leaves. Astha says I came to shut the door and leaves.

Rohan comes to Alka and jokes. He says I know everything, I will leave now. He leaves smiling. Sareen tells Minty about Neil being in police station after fighting with some goons, and I came to know who is responsible for this. She asks who. He says you. She is shocked. He says you and me, I felt we are doing wrong, Neil loved Devyaani and she got engaged to Rajat, so he did this, did you know this. She says no. He says I knew this that you love Neil a lot. He says atleast our one son is happy with this relation, we can’t break engagement now. She cries. He says you are my strength, if you cry like this, how will it be. He says we are there for Neil and hugs her.

Its morning, Alka talks to Anushka and tells everything about Bua ji’s condition, and about bringing out the truth, and now there is less hours left. Anushka asks her to think who is that common person in all this. Santo comes there to clean. Alka sees her and gets the idea. She tells Anu about getting the way out and thanks her. She says she will tell later and ends the call. She turns and looks at Santo.

Anu walks on the road. Rajat comes to her and asks her to sit on the bike, as he will drop her home. She says just leave me. He asks he has sworn that he won’t tell anything to Devyaani, but he can tell the people here, sit. She looks at him.

Devyaani and Rajat bend to lift the spoon. Neil and Anushka looks on and feel hurt. Rajat holds Devyaani’s hand to make Anushka jealous. Devyaani smiles. Neil gets angry. Saajna……………plays…………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this not fear because rajat holding the hand of devyani to anu jealous I know why he doing this all.

  2. arey wow rajat aap tho kamal hai.rajat do something that makes anu feel that one can sacfrice anything but not their love.then iam damn sure u will get ur anu back and we will get our anu rajat back.

  3. Rajkumari Airina

    i want to pair neil and devyani&Rajat and anushka iam tire of watching this love triangle please do something rajat..iam more worried about neil.

  4. neil i am there for u . u leave that dumb devyani and come to me. i love you

  5. Aww Rohan and Alka are so cute together, I hope Anu and Rajat get together, along with Neil and Devyaani, and also Astha and Santo to get exposed..

  6. V.Nice Episode Alka Nd Rohan

  7. I want to see rajat n anu together. Along with devyani and neil. Rajat do some more practices to get back your love anu.

  8. Hiruni Uthpala

    cn anyone tell me that saajana song is 4om any movie? plz.

  9. waiting..!!

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