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Shastri Sisters 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty welcoming Devyaani and Shastri family. She applies black dot to shoo bad sight and makes her sit. She say everyone is here, but where is the groom. She smiles seeing Rajat and Neil and says the groom has come. Rajat and Neil walk together smiling. Rajat goes to Devyaani and sits with her. Neil smiles seeing them. Rajat makes Devyaani wear the ring and everyone clap. Neil happily takes their pics. Minty asks Devyaani to make him have sweets. Devyaani makes Rajat have sweets. Everyone smile. Minty cries and says she can’t believe its one year now.

Sareen says yes, one year completed. She says I feel Anu is… He says that she is alive and will come back, if this happens, I will be more glad than anyone else, more than Shastri ji, I loved her as my daughter, now

we can’t get that happiness, we should not annoy the happiness which is coming in our home, and our Anu will be hurt the most. She says yes, Anu cared for everyone and she did not care for herself. She cries. He pacifies her. Anu is shown with that mad guy. He opens the rope and asks her is it aching. Anu cries.

The man holds Anu’s hand to kiss. She takes her hand back. He says he will break his promise and hurt her. She gets tensed. He says I love you, I have taken so much care of you, how can you not love me, you are walking and on your feet because of me, I have saved you and gave you new life, how can you not love me. Devyaani stumbles and Rajat holds her. Sareen calls Rajat. Neil shows that moment pic to Devyaani, and says its perfect pose, make this framed and I will sign that its by Neil. He asks is she missing Anu. Devyaani nods.

He says the truth is we all are also missing Anu. He says you are also good, you did not let Rajat break and united both families, thanks. She says but I don’t know when will I become normal, will Anu be happy by this relation. He says a lot. Rajat brings food and makes Devyaani have it. She thanks him. He asks is she happy. She says she is happy as much she can in this state. He asks is she doing this in pressure. She says no, I helped you get out of trauma, but I m still in trauma, the truth is you helped me, I m not doing this marriage in any pressure and makes Rajat have food.

Dolly tells Minty that Rajat and Devyaani do not look happy. Minty says their pain has tied them, their pain and happiness were same, and they shared happiness along with pain, I think this will tie them together. Dolly says maybe you are right. Rajat asks Devyaani will she be happy with him. She asks will he be. He says yes, if there is anyone who can understand my state except Anu, who can take care of me, its just you, with whom I can stay happy. Minty looks on and smiles.

The man tells Anu how the villagers got Anu to him in wounded state, he has treated her, she was looking gorgeous in black suit, he decided to marry her even if she dies. He was her doctor and treated her. He has saved Anu and says Lord wanted to unite us. FB shows the scenes how he used to sit beside her and stare at her. He took care of her and then she opened her beautiful eyes. He asks Anu is she fine, and tells her that she is alive because of one man, that’s me. He says she was in dying state when he got her, say thanks to me. Anu says thank you, please call my family and inform them, they would be finding me. He says sure, who are in your family. She says my husband and he is shocked. She says mum in law, dad in law, brother in law…. He says whats there to inform them, I will take you to them, see your family love you so much, if they see you in this state, will they be happy, stay for some days, get well soon.

He takes care of her and says he will take her home. He brings her to his home and says he is hers. The present scene shows Anu crying. She says this is not right, he has tied her since a year and did not let her go. He saks is this not enough that I mw ith you, you think I like this, you made me helpless, I did not make you meet me mum, by this reason, my mum asks me again after whom am I mad, what shall I tell my mum that the girl I love hates me. She cries and requests him to let her go. She says I don’t love you, I love my husband. He says no, you just love me, no one else, if anyone comes in your life, I will kill him, I m your world. He goes from the cupboard way.

A maid calls him and he asks what happened. She says my work is done, shall I go. He asks did she make food. She says yes. He asks her to come on time tomorrow. She goes. He says Anu would be hungry, its time for food and goes to get food. Anu comes out and sees the maid leaving. She gets hopeful.

Rajat and Devyaani are out for shopping. He gets a call and ends it. He asks Devyaani to buy anything she likes. He gets call again and goes. He asks the person not to call again and irritate him, he is already worried. He turns and sees Devyaani hearing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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