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Shastri Sisters 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha and Minty talking about Anu and Veer’s marriage. Minty says it will be good as Rajat will get free and ask her not to tell anyone, else Veer will get to know it and stop the marriage. Astha says why will I tell anyone and leaves. She sees Anu outside and says I got the key of my game, Minty spoiled your one marriage and I will ruin other, you should pay the price being Alka’s sister. Devyaani asks Anu for come for engagement shopping. Anu says she does not want to. Devyaani says in that case, you should not get engaged.

Veer calls Anu and says sorry. She asks why sorry. He jokes and gives her four options to know how is he in her view. He says you always stay silent when I talk. She says she is going Air force base and Bhatia is coming. He thinks he can

plan perfect dinner and says I will not come in between your work, and says if everything gets right, I will say this to you, that I will take care of kids and you can work. He ends the call. Bhatia sends the car and Anu leaves in it.

Devyaani meets Neil and says sorry for coming late, I will come in 2mins. He says its fine and smiles. Bobby comes there and Neil is shocked seeing him. Neil asks what is he doing here. Bobby says he wrote the letters and got beaten up to make him a hero, and asks him to pay money else he will tell everyone. Neil recalls his plan. Bobby says he will tell Devyaani. Neil scolds him and asks him to leave. Bobby says you will turn to villain from hero, its matter of some money. He says I will tell her in detail. Devyaani comes and asks what he wants to say. Bobby smiles and says you are asking with love, fine I will tell you, but in my way.

He tells about a guy wishing to teach a lesson to girl, and make someone write letters and scare the girl, then saved her to become hero. Devyaani looks at Neil and slaps Bobby. She says you cheap man can talk like this, I don’t need anyone to know how is Neil as a person, get out and I will beat you if you come again. She says lets go Neil and holds his hand. Neil thinks so much trust, what if she comes to know the truth. Anu gets the work done and says looks like rain will shower, and driver asks her to be here, he will get the car, as Bhatia sir is still busy. Rajat sees her and says I will drop her, how are you here. She says I came with Bhatia Sir. He says good, we met by this, come lets go.

They hear the radio and RJ tells about heart break and moving on. love is forever and can’t be forgotten. The song Main tenu samjhawan ki……………plays……….. Anu cries and turns. Rajat says I m taking shortcut, we will reach soon, do you have any problem. She says no, and wishes the journey does not end, and the time goes back to the moment when their parents did not fight. He says once she reaches home, our journey will end. Saajna……….plays………………..

Veer comes to pick Anu and talks to some officer and comes to know she left. He calls her and her number is unreachable. He says I m coming your home Anu, the surprise must go. Rajat’s car gets stuck in the big pit and he goes to see. She says what will we do now. He says I will try and starts the car to get it through. He says it can’t come out and he does not have network in phone. She says even my phone does not have, papa will be tensed if we get late. He says don’t worry, I will do something.

Devyaani tells Shastri ji that Bhatia said he met Rajat there and Anu left with Rajat, there is nothing to worry if she is with Rajat. Veer hears this and asks with Rajat? They see him and get tensed. Rajat says its bad weather, it looks like heavy rain will start, we have to find some place. Devyaani teases Veer calling him jealous, she got safe lift and you are thinking. He says I m relieved she is with Rajat, but I m jealous when it comes to Anu. They wait for Anu. Anu falls in dirty water and Rajat holds her asking is she fine. He takes her to some shed and asks is anyone there.

She sneezes and he says you got drenched, you can catch cold, go and change, wear my shirt. She says no, I m fine. He removes his shirt, and gives her. She goes to change and he tries to ignite some fire. She wears his shirt and comes. Saajna tere bin nai lagda mera jiya……………….plays…………. Rajat is stunned seeing her in just his shirt.

Veer gets a parcel and sees Rajat and Anu’s marriage pics. Veer is shocked. Rajat comes and asks Veer to come for engagement. Veer says something very wrong happened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow yaar aaj ka epidose really superb.anu rajat ka scene amazing.and my fav song great.and thank god veer got to known the truth.and i wish veer being a gentle man and unite our anu and rajat.and this valentine bring so much happiness in anu rajat life.thanks for update amena.

  2. Such Me Compltely Fantastic Yaar

  3. innaiku episode romba superb……. innum innum anuraj scenes varanum

  4. This is stupid. Why would Anu wear just the shirt?
    A stupid cold won’t kill her!!!
    Reply if you think the same

  5. I dont think veer is going to unite them. He too loves anu very much. But todays episode was fantastic.

  6. veer support ni insult krega ring cermony mei uski kisi dure fingure mei ring dalke & next day lunch pe le jake restaturant mei sbke samne insult krega please read timesofindia update & i wish they could be unite today coz anu also want the same

    1. Its wrong yaar how could veer do this anu it’s shameful very very shamefull he lose his love one time. How can he do this

  7. Plz rajat or anu ki shaddi kara doo..nai toh unka toh pata nai but lagta hai main jaroor suicide kar lunga

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