Shastri Sisters 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu telling Kajal to go to kitchen, Minty is calling her. She calls Devyaani and says everything happened for good, take care, and don’t be sad. Astha worries and tells Alka that Sharma is saying we have o give 1.5 lakhs to them, I was checking reports and did not get that entry. Rohan says there is no such entry, he has always taken money like that, no need to pay him. She says I got many phone calls, I don’t know to see accounts, help me. Rohan says sorry, I have to go office. Alka asks Rohan to wait and help Astha. Rohan says fine and says he will see records. Astha shows him the records and Alka smiles.

Sareen and Rajat talk about Minty, and Sareen says he has doubt on Minty. Rajat says maybe Anu is mistaken. Anu asks them to come, as Kajal is doing her first

Rasoi. Kajal says she is glad to make halwa. Minty says she will give all items. Kajal says I will do it, and takes stool. Minty says I will make dishes. Kajal acts to get hurt and says she is feeling dizzy, she could not sleep at night, and got weak. Minty says I will make halwa and says we will not tell Sareen, it will be our secret. Kajal thanks her and acts sweet. She hugs Minty and smiles.

Minty gets busy with Kajal. Her phone rings and Sareen asks Rajat to take the call. The man says he has greed and wants more money, he wants 10000rs and he promises he will leave the city, and gives the address to come. Rajat is stunned. Kajal makes the halwa and asks everyone to taste. Anu eats it and thinks it looks like Minty made it. Kajal asks Leela to have the halwa. Leela says her fate changed by Lord’s grace. Sareen says he wants it too, and eats it. He says its very nice, as Minty made it.

Minty says you just feel so, Kajal is like me, innocent in nature, and taunts Anu and her sisters. Minty praises Kajal and says she wants to show Kajal in her mum dikhai ritual. Anu talks to Alka and says Devyaani is upset, she tried to hide, can you go to meet her for some time, its Kajal’s mu dikhai ritual. Alka says fine, I will meet you too.

She sees Astha crying with Sunil’s pic and gets sad. The guests start coming in function. Pammi asks Minty why did she make Kajal her bahu, they don’t know anything about her. Minty says she knows her, she is her friend’s daughter, she is from good house, innocent and nice. She says she is not like Devyaani. Rajat looks worried and Anu looks on. She wants to talk to him, and he goes out. Anu calls him and his phone is switched off. Minty asks her to go and get Kajal.

Leela and Kajal have a talk in room. Leela says she is looking beautiful. Neil will like her if he sees her like this. Kajal says he will do what Minty says, and she will make Minty like her. She says she has to do something of Anu. Rajat goes to the address and thinks how to identify the man. The man comes there and Rajat stands close. Rajat turns and does not see him.

Minty and Anu have an argument at home. Minty asks Rajat to tell Anu, its good he came, his wife is always insulting her. Rajat looks at Anu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want rajat to side anu

    1. you are right, he should side his wife.

  2. I think mere assumption correct nilalane wala hai in future kajal rajat or Neil ko ladwa kar batwaara karwa deage….

  3. Really wish rajat supports anu

  4. We all want that rajat support anu but maza to tab aayaga jab rajat anu me against hoga taki anu ki liya yeah challenge jeetana or bhi jaroori ho jaye or rajat uako toh anu se maafiangebe aadat ho Jane chaiya idiot beawakoof or donkey apne maa ki doodh pita bacha jo uske kehane par chalata hai

  5. I also want rajat to support anu

  6. I want rajat support anu

  7. I think Minty will soon realise the value ofshastri sisters.wish she shud be able to know abt kajsls intention soon.and supprt Anu.Rajat plz tske stand for Anu atleast this time

  8. I hope neetu will be right…….

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