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Shastri Sisters 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat holding Anushka’s hand. Saajna tere bin nai lagda………….plays……….. She says such time will never come. He says why, did you forget me so soon, I have done true love, till when will you hide, lets see who wins your stubbornness or love? Devyaani comes calling Anushka. They wipe their tears and turn smiling. Devyaani looks at them. She asks what happened. Rajat says nothing, Anu was congratulating me for engagement. Devyaani says she did not wish me and wishing my to be husband. She says we will talk later, come fast, everyone is waiting, Alka and her family has to go. Anushka says yes, and goes. Devyaani asks Rajat to come. Saajna mere Saajna………………plays………….

Bua ji talks to Shastri ji as he offers them sweets. Bua ji says

her health is not well and she can’t have sweets. Rohan takes it. Bua ji says congrats. Rohan asks her is everything fine. Bua ji goes annoyed. Nikki and Minty are worried, that she has pushed Rajat in their web, how can she do this, how did Rajat agree, if this marriage happens, I can’t see my eyes, not even Rajat and Neil. Nikki calms her down. Neil tells Sareen not to tell anything to Rajat, as he wants to see him happy, he should not be hurt. Sareen hugs him and says you have grown up, I m proud of you. Rajat looks on and says dad……

They are shocked seeing him. Rajat asks Sareen where was he, how did he miss such crucial day of his life. Neil turns hiding his tears. Sareen says very sorry, you are strong, I forget to fulfill your needs, but I had to go to today, else Neil would have been in jail. Rajat says what. He asks Neil whats the matter, what did you do. He sees he is drunk and Sareen says he got into a fight, and this happened. Sareen says police caught him, and I got him here Rajat scolds Neil and says you bave grown up, when will you act like grown ups. Sareen says he is learning slowly, leave him, tell me how are you, its big day for you. Rajat gets sad and says yes, its big day.

He says this day has changed my whole life. Sareen stops him and hugs him. He says congrats. Even Neil says the same. Rajat thanks them. Neil asks is he happy. Rajat pretends and says yes, I m happy. Rohan comes to Rohan and everyone. She asks Alka to leave their house. Astha is shocked and happy. Bua ji says she did not wish to create a scene in Devyaani’s engagement, and marriage is pure and she can’t Alka to ruin it.

Rohan stops Alka and asks Bua ji not to do the mistake which he did, first listen to Alka and then decide. He says what we know is half truth. Astha says we have seen Alka meeting Rajeev and I have shown the pic to everyone. Rohan defends Alka. Astha says we have seen them so close. Rohan says it can happen if anyone slips or falls. Astha asks Santo to say. Santo says yes. Rohan says I know Santo will say yes as you say, even if its wrong. Hari says stop it, why to tell this now, we have taken decision, we got Alka here for Jiji, if she is asking her to leave, then let her go.

Rohan stands up for Alka and says it hurts to him seeing them insult Alka. He says if Alka loved that guy, she would have not sent him to jail. Hari says enough. Bua ji says let him say. Alka says please trust me Bua ji, yes I loved Rajvee before my marriage, but after my marriage, I loved just Rohan. She asks does she see anything wrong in her till now. Bua ji says what if I see, the things are against you. Alka says fine, give me 24 hours time. I will prove that I m from those lucky girls who has a right to be in their inlaws house. Bua ji stops Astha from telling anything, as she will decide everything. She scolds Astha saying she will kick her out. She asks Alka to come inside and gives her 24 hours to prove herself right. She says if you fail, then you will have to leave this house. Alka looks at Rohan and cries.

Bua ji gives 24 hours, and asks Alka and Rohan to stay in different rooms. Astha shows Bua ji the shadows, and says there is someone in Alka;s room, come, lets see. They come inside and are shocked seeing…….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ooh! Everything is getting tense now, I’m intrigued 🙂

  2. it was going well when rajat anu are together but now it just irrating us.phir bhi iam in the side of rajat.agar rajat ka love is true than he will surely get anu no one can do anything.and rajat do something that makes anu herself confess her love to everyone.

    1. yesyes ur right 😀

      1. Yes we want Anuraj back!!!

  3. Flop Episode

  4. I saw in behind d scenes rajat told everything to devyani nd she called off this engagement…..but wid an anger for her sister

  5. Omg! Gud epi kinda boring but a think dat rajat is doin all dis to make anu confess her luv for him nd make her realise dat she luvs him. Also alkas situations gtin out of hand but a bet dat its gana be rajeev in her room nd its all dat awful asthas plan!:~

  6. Plz make it gud cz epi was quiet borin it shud be anu nd deviyanni not devyaani nd rajat errrr dat wud be horrible al stop watchin da show!..

  7. Is Devyanii done with her college? Take her to finish school than getting married. Give positive influence instead just romance & revenge & compromise only

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