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Shastri Sisters 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat saying he is doing Anu and Veer’s engagement arrangements. Sareen and Minty are puzzled. Rajat tells Veer that Anu likes simple things. Veer says then how will she like me, I m not simple like you. Rajat says she will change you. Rajat asks him to get ring size. Veer invites them and leaves. Sareen asks Rajat what is he doing. Rajat says Anu is doing much big sacrifice. Minty says Anu got a good guy, so she is getting engaged, what might be any other reason. Rajat says me, she is doing it for me.

He says I heard her talking to Devyaani, and she wants me to forget her. Minty says let it be, maybe she saw you and told this. Rajat says she did sacrifice, she could not broken your promise, and did not care for herself for your happiness. He says I also felt

that Anu became selfish, but I realized I was selfish to think about my happiness, and then I realized its other’s happiness imp than our happiness, I want to do something for Anu, like she is not caring for her happiness, I will also not care about me and forget my pain.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Neil and Devyaani have a talk. She praises him for being so talented. They decide what to name the site. Minty calls them and Devyaani hides. Neil answers Minty and says he was doing his college work. She doubts is Devyaani with him and asks him. Neil says he hates Shastri sisters after what happened with Rajat. He drinks the juice and thanks her. She asks him to always hate shastri sisters and what special food will he have today. He says you make everything special and sends her. She asks him to study well and leaves.

Devyaani beats him and asks what was he saying about her. He says I was just lying. She says you know well to talk sweet and fool. He stops her and asks about site name. She says Devil, Devyaani and Neil together. She leaves. He names the site Deveel/Devil and thinks saying not bad if we both are together. Astha talks to Minty and they give each other the updates. Astha taunts Minty. Minty says she now understands everything, she was worried when Rajat and Anu got married, but now everything is fine. Astha asks how does she do this.

Minty says Shastri ji got sense and refused for the relation, I m feeling bad for Veer, as he is Rajat’s friend. Astha says oh so this is it, I will use this. She recalls her insult because of Anu and says she did not forget it, see what I do now. You won’t become Rajat’s wife and Veer’s fiancée. Anu asks Rajat how did he come here. Rajat says I came to make your and Veer’s work easy and holds her hand. She asks what is he doing. He says I came to take engagement ring size, Veer also came and you were not at home, so he gave this duty to me, may I?

He checks her ring size and she cries seeing him. He says I will be doing all arrangements of your engagement, the way you like. She asks why is he doing this, as he will be hurt by it, why is he getting in this, this will make his wound fresh. He says I want to help you, what if I did not get love, we can try to get away and become someone else. Saajna………..plays………… She asks can he bear this. He says no, I can’t bear it, I feel scared to think, then I think if I know Anu has forgotten me and someone came in her life with whom she is happy, I can spend my life happily. She recalls her words and cries.

He says Veer and I are very different, but we have one thing common, that we both love Anushka Shastri. We can do anything for her happiness. Saajna…………plays…………..He smiles with tears and shows her the mock ring for measuring, and leaves.

Anu gets Veer’s call and he again jokes with her. He says he wants to hear her voice, and asks her did Rajat come there. She says yes. He says it means he took the ring size, and says we did not meet to know each other, shall we go on dinner today. She says sorry, I have office work. He says this is not fair, next time I will take appointment from you. She thinks till when will she say no to him, as they will be engaged soon.

Anu falls on the road dirt and Rajat helps her. Rajat and Anu spend night at some shed and they change clothes. He looks at her wearing his shirt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Tu Already Married He….
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