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Shastri Sisters 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal getting ready. She sees Neil sleeping. She says she was made for this costly things and gets glad. Anu comes to her. She says she has to do some rituals and asks her to come down. Kajal says fine, I will come. Anu leaves. Alka and Rohan come home with their bags. Astha is glad seeing them. Devyaani too comes along. Astha thanks Alka for coming soon, and says Vrinda says right, you are one in million, and your dad gave you good values. She thanks Rohan and asks Devyaani how is she. Devyaani says I m fine, I will leave now. Alka says whatever happened, don’t forget this, and thanks Lord for saving you from getting linked to a weak man.

Astha says Alka you should help her in doing so, and Devyaani can start her life again, don’t worry about here, I will manage.

Alka and Rohan get surprised seeing Astha changing. They smile. Minty talks to the man and asks him to leave city for few days, if anyone get him, it will be big problem for her. She turns and is shocked seeing Sareen.

Sareen asks her with whom was she talking. She says some far off relative. He doubts on her and asks his name. She says you don’t know him, and his name we call him just Mama ji. He asks her for the number, he will call and talk. She says she will tell later, she can’t say now, rituals are going to start. He stops her and says you know I don’t like to fight, but if I get angry, I will not leave you, is Anu right about you. She says enough, do you ask Anu anything, why are you asking me always. She says don’t forget I m your wife, you have to stay with me. He says I m scared, that even after all this, I have to stay with you. She asks what did I do. He says I don’t want to say and ashame you. They argue. Anu and Kajal come there and look on. Sareen tells how she has made Neil do stupid things. Minty says don’t be after him, why is she always responsible. He says its very tough to answer her. Anu asks them to calm down. Minty cries. Kajal goes and gets her bag.

Minty asks where is she going, what happened. Kajal tells everyone that she will go now and live her life with good memories. Minty cries and Sareen stops her. Kajal says if her stay can break this family, then why will she stay here. Sareen says you are our bahu and equally imp to us. He says we have always fought, you are not the reason of this fight. He asks her not to leave home. Kajal says he is so good, she is glad to become his bahu. Minty takes her bag and takes her to the room, asking her not to worry, she will make her place in this home, give me some time. Anu looks on.

Minty asks Neil where is he going. Neil asks does she have any work. Minty asks him to have food and go, and respect Kajal. Neil says no, I married by your wish, you respect her, and keep me away from your games. He leaves. Neil bumps into Devyaani near the gate and says sorry. The bags fall and he helps her. She says get lost, I don’t need your sorry and help. He leaves.

Rajat asks Anu to give his wallet. She gives him kerchief. He asks is she fine, why is she lost. She says I m sorry. He says its ok, I wanted kerchief too. She gives the wallet. He finds her tensed and asks is everything fine. Anu says Sareen told that he heard Minty telling someone to go out of city for few days, maybe its same whom I saw with Minty. Rajat says maybe or maybe not, whats use to think now. Anu says Minty blamed me and if I prove this, she can realize what she did is wrong, then she will stop doing these things. Rajat asks her to end this race to prove each other wrong. She says sorry, not this time, I know Minty has done all this with Devyaani.

He says you are confident, if that man says its not Minty’s mistake. She says she is not wrong. He says I m saying mum can’t be wrong always, maybe she is mistaken. She asks hi to come and have breakfast. Leela asks Kajal did her drama work. Kajal says yes, and says the lines. She makes fun of everyone and says see how I control everyone. Leela says Anu looks small but her mind is very fast, its not easy to control her. Kajal says yes, I will make her right. Anu walks to them and Kajal says I will take her place at home. Leela asks how. Kajal says she can’t win her by being sweet, they have to think something else. She is shocked seeing Anu.

Minty’s phone rings and Rajat takes the call. The man calls her and asks her for 10000rs, and gives the address to meet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god atleast Rajat picks her phone n hope now he will understand his moms real charecter

  2. Maybe kajal dono bhaiyo ko separate karene sooch rahe hai kyunki minty toh anu ko pasand nai karte won kajal ka hi saath deage or jis tarah aaj…toh woh maximum half home ki malkine toh banhi jayagi yaaphir anuraj ko ghar chodane par major kar deage I through aisa ho sakta hai….kyunki jis ghar main doo bahueya ho wahan partiation me baad hi woh ghar ki Malkin bann sakte hai or isse hi minty ko ek baada SABAK milaga ki woh kitne galat thi anu me baare main

  3. In future mujhe aisa bhi lagata hai ki kajal ko ghar se nikal ne kaliya minty or anushka ek saath milkar planing bhi kar sakte hai? Because dono ki ek se badakar ek hai…..

  4. so happy 4 kajal’s character.. Nw its minty’s turn 4 regrets.. Dnt knw, is astha realy chenged or nt..

  5. Nai astha was plan something I am sure she will never change….so easily

  6. I don’t know astha is acting or not but I really feel good for the first time for her character.
    I think rajat won’t be able to know the truth that witch minty will surely do something. But still hope anuraj solve the matter together.
    Well said devyani. Neil really don’t deserve u.

  7. Yeah thank god rajat should know his mums true colours. I want kajol to kick minty out of the house so that she realises that shashtri sisters are good………. And her choice is bad stupid minty aunty.

  8. Yes i doubt AsthAs sudden change….im.damn sure she is acting…..

  9. ya i m also thinkig that astha is planing somthing …..but if she realy changed then it is good 4 alka

  10. Mai chati ho ki neil aur devyaani ek doosray ki saat shaadi karay aur minty anu ko apni bahu maana hai jaisa sareen karte hai

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