Hello guys.Its shhhh a …secret…. I m writing this os as a contestant of the competition.I thought this os very quickly coz reading ishita’s word my mind started running fast.Can u guess me.Now coming to the topic.Name of my os is”Sorry-Please forgive me”.I hope u would enjoy reading it.
Let’s begin….
One boy and girl of 15 years r standing in front of each other.(the boy and the girl r none other than our small shraman.
Sumo:ohh u ameer baap ki bigadi aulaad.don’t mess with me.aaj mai bhot gusse mei hoon.I would break ur head.
Shravo:ohh.shut upp..u r cheater.
Sumo:tujhse bada cheater koi nhi ho skta.u rrr fool.
Shravo:sumo aaj tu nhi bachegi.

Sumo:shravo u dont say a word.
Shravo:mai toh kahonga…
Sumo:u chasmish ullu lambho katmal.dukhi aatma
Sumo:_don’t say a word. talk to my hand…
Bell rings.
Sumo:chl shravo break over buddha marega.
Shravo:I will see u later.
They reach class..
(So guys sumo and shravo r besties but they always make fun of each other.say this moment sumo has insulted now that’s our shravan turn to take revenge.)
The school is over.
Sumo:shravo yaar aaj Teri aachi khili udai Maine its ur turn kya karega.
Shravo:u just wait and watch..
Shravo goes to his boys gang.
Shravo:aaj chipkali ne bohut besti ki.I will just kill her..
Abhi:bhai plan kya hai.
Shravo:u all have to help me.
He tells them the plan.
Shravo:now tell this news to everyone. Spread it like a fire..

Next day.

Sumo reached school.
Many were seeing and giggling.
Teena:sumo u and shravo gf bf hmko btaya bhi nhi.
Sumo:teena what r u saying.we r good friends aur abi hmari age is just 15.r u mad.
Teena:sumo I m not saying.its a rumour.
Sumo:yeh kisne kiya.
Teena:I don’t know.
Sumo was really tensed.she than thinkz
Sumo:is it shravo.noo noo sumo woh badla lene keh liye itni had tak nhi ja skta..shravoo.don’t break my trust.
One side
Shravo:ab uss chipkali ko pta chalega.wohh.
Abhi:shravan zyada ho gya.
Abhi :princi ko pta chl gya.

Shravo:it was just a game..
Sumo was crying when shravan sees her.
Principal call both of them.
Princi:is this the age to do these things.u both can be expelled from the school.
Sumo: but sirr.we r just friends
Principal:then who did this
Sumo:sir its not our fault.
Principal:its last warning.both of u stay away..
Sumo:OK sir..
They leave.

Sumo goes.shravo is behind her.
Suman turns around and slap him hard.
Sumo:shravo is this a joke.
She is crying.
Shravo:but what I did.
Sumo:don’t be so innocent.jaise mujhe pta nhi.I was wrong I thought u r my friend.mujhe Teri shakal se pta chl gya it was u.u didn’t reply to principal. I know u from 13 years and u r becoming soo innocent.

Shravo:sumo chl sorry yaar.
Sumo:sorry.shravo is sorry doesn’t matter to u coz tu sach mei beegri aulaad hai but I m a girl and its matter to me.
Sumo:everything is not a film .OK.u mister.I hate u….
Shravo:sumo principal ko btade that it was my mistake.
Sumo:shravo bta toh mai tab bhi skti thi but u were my I didn’t told due to friendship.but now we r no friends.pls be away from me.but pls now never show me ur face.

Shravo was feeling guilty.He now thought that he was wrong.tears falls from his eyes.
Shravo:sumo sorry pls forgive me
Sumo without answering with watery eyes leaves.
Edkv title song plays in BG.
Sumo have left the school.shravo always remember her.
After 6 years.
A boy falls from the bed.its our shravan.he was dreaming the same incidence of the school.
Shravo:sumo please forgive me.mai aaj bhi tujhe jaad krta hoon.where r u???ik school mei ki glti ko ab bhi pachtata hoon.
Shravo is in college.

He was thinking bout sumo and is sad.
Karan:shravo u know today new girl is coming to college.everyone saying she is really beautiful.
Shravo was lost.he replied OK.
Karan:wht happened.aaj itna dukhi.
Shravo:nothing buddy.
A girl enters in the college.every boy was looking at her.she was just beautiful.she passes from the side of the shravan.shravo sees her.
Shravo was shocked.
(Guys the girl is sumo.)

Shravo:(in mind)sumo..
Tears falls from his eyes.he was emotional seeing her.he want to talk to her but was not having enough strength to go to her.
Shravo:u r very close to me but still I m unable to talk with u.sumoo..
He decided not to talk with her because sumo said not to show his face…
Many days passed.shravo always thinks bout sumo.
Sumo was sitting in canteen with her friends
Shravo sits behind her.
They were playing truth and dare.the bottle stops at sumo.
Rahul:sumo truth or dare.

Rahul:OK so tell me the name of that friend which was ur besti in school time.jisse tu hr wakt ladhai krti thi.and then also u were besties.
Sumo without thinking says the name of shravan.
Shravo was listening.

Rahul:ohhh shravan.
Sumo:yes we were the best of the best.always fighting.and enjoying.
Rahul:r u still in contact.
Sumo:ek glti ke karan we r not friends now.
Jia:esi konsi glti.
Sumo:the mistake which can’t be forgiven.
Both sumo and shravo got emotional at that moment.
Neha:ek shravan hmare college me bhi hai.handsome.
Sumo:but my shravo wasn’t handsome.
Sumo lost in the memories.
She things a moment

Small sumo wasn’t well and was not going to school.
Shravo came to meet her.he completed her notes and not done his work.
Sumo was so happy…she hugs him.
And than remember the moment when she slapped shravo hard.
Sumo wanted to cry but she controlled.
Neha:hey sumo where were u lost.

Sumo:OK bye my lecture.
She gets up.shravo was so touched with her words.
Sumo was going and shravsn was passing behind her.sumo throws her hairs back from shoulder and her hairs got strucked in shravo button.
Sumo turn around to take her hair and sees shravan.they have an eye contact.sumo was filled with emotions.she takes her hair out and runs to library.
Shravo runs behind her.
Shravo:sumo sumoo.
Sumo was sitting on chair crying
(All the talk will be in emotional voice)
Sumo:why u came again whyy.

Shravo:sumo I m sorry.
Sumo:whyy u again met me.
Shravo:sumo pls calm down.
Sumo:shravo u r very bad.
Shravo:sumo I know.u also miss me.
Sumo:u were my best I would obviously miss u.
Shravo:sumo u know woh mera bachpana tha.lekin tere janne ke baad ek ek pal I missed u.
Sumo: me too….
Shravo:sumo u toh changed no atleast u could have call me.
Sumo:kaise krti I m angry with u.
Both laugh.

Shravo:BTW sumo r u having any bf.
Sumo:abhi tak toh nhi but shayad ab.qutub minar Teri
Shravo:I have a tilli as my gf.
Sumo:aacha mai tilli
Shravo:who said.
Sumo:u said gf.
Shravo:soo what??
Sumo:uuu …tu aaj nhi bachega.
Shravo:ohhh.chill my theeki mirchi.
Sumo hug sumo.
Edkv plays in the BG.

The end.

Sorry less time so not allaborated much.
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