Story : Sanam re
THEME : Love doesn’t die

I and Suman were friends in college not friends but best friends never to be seperate always together. I actually fell in love with her but never told her what if she broke our friendship no I couldn’t take a risk. Few years passed by we were still not separate we worked in the same office our cabins also were adjacent. During lunch time also we ate lunch together.

Few days passed b I told ma about it she told me tell my feelings to her as soon as possible or she might get married to someone else I couldn’t let that happen I would die I’ll never live happily. Next day I proposed her in the cafe our favourite cafe she hugged me tight and said I love u too my world stopped there it self wish I could capture that moment and keep it all time in front of my eyes I hugged her back tight.

Few months passed by really swiftly and nicely I and Sumo got happily married still together loving each other the same. But unfortunately one day we were fighting a very bad fight it lead to a divorce but papa stopped it he gave us a warning that if we didn’t solve it within one day we both would be outside the hose until this matter is solved that was a problem cz this matter wasn’t that small that it would be solved that easily. I was worried

Suman got an idea she said we can be one in only in front of family and between us we can act normal. I was really angry that time but I didn’t want to get kicked out the house so I agreed to this plan because papa and Suman’s dad both were best friends and were very happy with this marriage. I went down and told papa that our problem is solved and we r happy now but in my mind only angry words for Suman were going on.

Next day I came late from home Suman called me about ten times for eating dinner but I ignored her finally the 11th time she came barging in the room when I was changing she turned back and said ” I’ve been calling u ten times why can’t u answer ” then I replied back ” I was busy that’s y I didn’t think answering u i important ” she replied cheekily ” Ok I’ll tell papa then not my fault if we’re thrown out of the house” She said as she was about to go but I held her wrist and pulled her towards me ” Don’t go I’ll come have patience ” She smiled and left

Next morning I woke up early as usual and saw Suman sleeping peacefully on the couch and wondering how can she sleep so peacefully even after a terrible fight then I took my laptop and checked all the meetings lined in for the day then she got up and saw me sitting on the laptop early in the morning I didn’t notice her going to the bathroom I was so engrossed in the laptop.

I looked up and was going to ask her for tea but she was missing then I saw her coming out of the bathroom with her droplets of her wet hair falling on her back and she was trying to forget our fight by her humming a song was attracted to her at once but y even after a big fight.

I quit my thinking and asked for tea she said ” Am I ur servant ” She said angrily I was really angry with her answer I her wrist tight and pulled her towards me ” I asked u for tea so silently bring it ” She was bearing the pain which I gave her by holding her wrist tightly I realized that and left her wrist she went down crying

After sometime she came up still tears coming out her eyes kept the tea in front of me and angrily said ” Here I won’t give u anything else if u think I’m ur slave I won’t do ur work ” She angrily left. In the office I think she was really sad of what I did because she was always perfect in work today she made terrible mistakes which made me really angry and I burst out on her in front of the whole office and she went home crying

That day I came home late and saw her sleeping on the couch but not our rooms but in the hall I guess she was really angry so she slept on the couch but why shall she pay for my mistakes so I carried her to the room put her on the bed and slept on the couch.

Next morning when she saw herself on the bed she was really angry on me and forcefully woke me up ” Shravan what do u think of urself carrying me in the middle of the night ” I replied calmly ” Sorry Suman but y should u pay for my mistake ” I said that and left her dumbstruck.

Next day I kept a party for her to apologize for my mistake I called her to her a hall but she was in no mood to listen to me she angrily left for office.

Next day again she made me angry I was supposed to sign a big deal tomorrow but she stopped me I was very angry at home I vented out all my vexation on her she sadly went to sleep on the couch

Next day I went jumping with joy to her and hugged her tight ” Thank u so much Suman that man turned out to be a fraud u saved us from a big loss thank u so much ” I felt awkward in this situation and left from there

After weeks one fine day I decide to make up for my mistake I kept a party for her but I knew she wouldn’t agree if I told her it was for her so I told her it was a business party so she agreed

After few hours she came out in her gown she was looking ravishing, stunning, beauteous, exquisite no words to say she was looking like a princess ” Aren’t we getting late Mr. Husband” she said this and left

In the party it was dark she asked me ” Y is it dark Shravan ” I switched on the lights. She was astonished seeing all these beautiful decorations ” What is this….”
She asked ” Please let me talk today ” I said interupting her ” Suman this was the biggest mistake of my life to shout at u causing a lot of pain to u sorry for all that but please accept me I’m ready to be ur slave I love u ” She hugged me tight ” I love u too ” She said as I reciprocated the hug and kissed her on the lips making her mine forever


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