Hi everyone i guess u all know me ya im shravan malhatora,a famous lawyer who has never lost in any case.all of u know this shravan now but does anyone know the shravan who was once tagged as a loser n kept away from his own family. Ya everyone loves fame n money even my parents too. But one angel changed my life who never cared about fame or money she loved me selflessly she is my sumithra my angel ,my sunshine ,when i was lost in dark world she took me out of it.I met her first at kids park near pearl garden.she was playing with them.she was wearing a long white kurti with royal blue floral design printed on it with a blue patiala.

she was looking like an angel as she was playing with them she suddenly hit me as her eyes were tied her leg tripped she was about to fall when i holded her.she felt so delicate as a flower yes i fell in love with her n smiled.sumi got up quickly she opened her blindfold she was amazed to see such a handsome man.he thought why would anyone fall in love with a loser.sumi ran from there she thought shravan i love u from the day i met you but why u tag yourself a loser.shravan replied its because im one.sumi said no shravan why cant noone love you i love you shravan ill make ur life beautiful i promise.shravan went to his home as soon as he came his mom rani said again i have to see this unlucky loser god pls make my day good.he ran to his room n bolted it n started crying why why my own mom hates me she feels me unlucky o god the title song of 3 plays.
He slept next day he went out after freshing up before anyone wakes up .as he was walking on park suddenly he heard a voice singing

Deheleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hi tu ne katam
Tere naam pe mere zindagi likhudi mere hum dum
Jeena jeena mein na jeena
Na seekha kabhi tere bina hum dum
Flowers started showering on him.sumi came forward n said i love u shravan pls accept me

He said no miss i cant.she said sumi not miss n why cant u.
Its because i cant afford u a lavish life n im a loser. Sumi asked did i asked u a lavish life n u r not a loser shravan understand.shravan said sumi im sorry n he turned back sumi made him turn n cupped his face n said shravan losing is not all a matter but to tag u a loser without trying is worst .he said i love u sumi i thought u wont accept me but sumii n started sobbing she let his sobs subside she said change urself shravan take everything in a positive way promise me that ull never tag urself loser.we should believe ourselves n dont listen to others who discourage u see tomorrow we r going to court come with me.shravan nodded.

Next day both went to court n shravan joined as lawyer again n he was assigned a case.shravan was first disturbed when he heard he want to compete with sakthi a criminal advocate but he became calm once he saw sumi cheering him.he said okk n collected various evidence n was ready.
On the day of case argument sumi came to shravan she asked him to bend n kept tilak on his forehead n gave him some sweet said all the best shravan.all teased shravan is a loser.he was going to his old form but sumi pressed his hands n.gave assurance he nodded okk she pecked him on his cheeks.the case begin shravan was losi g stage but overcame n won.everyone cheered shravan.he was young advocate who managed to defeat mr.sakthi .everyone in shravan family was proud .shravan was questioned by many as what is reason for his sucess.he said my love my sumi n pointed her he said my family had abandoned me everyone tagged me as loser but she believed me she gave me hope i won for her.when shravans parents saw it they repented for their mistakes n later asked sorry from all were united.shravan n sumithras marriage was done in a grand manner.they had a happy life.shravan said

she gave me hope when i was broken,
She was my pole for my support,
She is the angel of my life,
Shes the sunshine of my life.
Shravan n sumi together said you n i make a wobderful we.they hugged each other they were safe in each others embrace.they lived happily everafter.

Message this is my message fr u all pls dont give up on life losing is not at all a matter we learn from our mistakes everyone of us are not walking as soon as we are born it takes time noone of us walked without falling in same way take everything positive u can achieve everything hope u all like it if so hit like guys.i thank ishitha fr this contest i hope my message reaches all thanks fr giving me chance n bye


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