lets start
a girl is seen sitting in the hostel studying some book with full dedication she is simple wearing casual dress messy hairs pink lips dark black eyes containing some kinda shine in them
an other girl enters wearing black short skirt she is her friend urvashi
urvashi;hey whats up sumu
she raises her eyes
yes the studious girl is revealed to be suman
sumu;nothing just studying

urvashi;every time studying exams are after 6 months dude
sumu; i know anyway u tell how was ur date with aditya
urvashi;date with adi it was amazing we enjoyed alot
sumu;u forgot ur mobile in the hostel only
urv;yup i was in hurry naw thats y
sumu;shr called 4 times
urv;why?? whats his problem now yar
sumu;he is ur boyfriend yar

urv;yeah right but i was busy with adi
sumu;oh god how many boyfrend u have adi shr
urv;i m breaking up with shr as i like adi now

sumu;what?? but u said u like shr alot he is like awesome u love him
urv;yeah i know but i was not serious about him
sumu;so r u serious about adi???
urv;not serious but i like him till now nobody knows the future yar
sumu;shr loves u yar u dnt have right to break his heart
urv;oh plzzzz there is nothing like this stupid love ok And he loves me this is his problem not mine

urv;plzzzzz sumu i m extremely tired
urvashi phone rings
sumu;see shr is calling again
urvashi cuts the call and switch off the phone
sumu;oh god u r being rude
urv;i know
sumu;urvashi yar……
urv;not now sumu
she leaves to get freshen up
sumu;oh no poor shr

next day
suman and urvashi enter college suman wearing blak jeans with white long shirt hair bunched as according to her open hairs annoy alot
they were going to their class
when a tall handsome man with dashing personality wearing white jeans with black shirt eyes are soo deep that someone can get drown in it
he is shr malhotra the topper of the collge and classfellow of than sumu and urvashi
he stops in front of urvashi
shr;hey urvashi
urvashi with worse expression on her face;hi shr
shr;i called u many times but u …….
urvashi ;i went to shopping
shr;but sumu said u went with someone
urv eyes sumu

urv;yeah i went with my friend on shopping
shr;but ur friend is sumu naw
urv; i hve many friends shr
shr;oh ok dnt get angry
urv;yeah right i wanna go to class

shr;no wait see what i have brought for u
shr sits on his knees and brings out a ring and says
urv was shocked for her shr was a tym pass just tym pass nothing more than it
urvashi;shr plzzzz dnt make tamasha everyone is watching
shr;what do u mean by that urvashi love u u r my gf naw so we can marry eachother plzzz say yes
urvashi;no shr i dnt want to marry you i know we r bf gf but that doesnot mean i will marry u i will not marry u infact the relation between me and u is over
shr stands up;urvashi plzzzz dont do that i love u u know naw
urvashi;but i dnt love u

shr;then what our relation was???
urvashi;it was just a time pass i was never serious with this relation
shr;but i m i was plzz dnt do that
urvashi;sorry shr
she leaves
sumu looks towards shr shr eyes flow for sometime
sumu;i m sorry shr
she also moves
shr heart was broken he was feeling helpless in front of whole college she insulted her left her insulted his love
shr;she cant do that with me she knows i love her

Lo maan liya humne

Hai pyaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Bas ek dafa mudke dekho
Aye yaar zara humko

Lo Maan Liya Humne
Hai pyar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Lo maan liya dekha hi nahin
Tere kaandhe ka woh til
Lo maan liya toota hi nahin
Tere hathon se mera dil

Chhaaon mein teri beeti hi nahi
Wo garmi ki baatein
Baahon mein teri guzri hi nahi
Wo sardi ki raatein

Lo maan liya humne
Aitbaar nahi tumko

Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko
he leaves college and goes to his home
he doesnot come college for week
sumu;urvashi shr has not came to college since that day
urv;so what ii can do??
sumu;u did wrong with him
urv;u r my friend or her friend??/
sumu; i m ur friend but yar u did wrong
urv;what i did was right according me cuz i really dnt think that i love him
sumu;but yar……
urv;enough sumu plzzz chage the topic
sumu;as u wish

urv;give me ur notes plzzz
sumu gives her note and leaves
she goes to shr house
his mother opens the door
sumu;anti i m shr classfellow where is he???
nirmila;he is in his room
sumu;may i go??
nirm;yeah sure

sumu;ok thanks
she leaves
she knocks shr door
shr;come in
he was sittting on study table
she goes in
sumu;hi shr
shr turns immediately he really had not expected her to come
shr;oh hi

sumu;hi actually u were not coming college so……..
shr turns towrds table;yeah exams are coming so i was busy in studies
sumu;shr i m really sorry for the urvashi behaviour
shr;y r u being sorry yar???
sumu;cuz i know she did wrong yar sorry
shr;its ok yar
sumu;i know u r very hurt
shr;yeah i was infact i m but that doesnot mean u will say sorry to me let it go
sumu;do u love urvashi???
shr;yup i do but she dont

sumu;i wish could help u
shr;no yar let it go
shr then thnks something and turns again
shr;yeah infact u can help me
sumu;really??? yeah plzzzz say i will help u
shr;ok then become my gf
sumu gets shocked;shr what r u saying???
shr;yeah become my gf
sumu;nooo shr i mean
shr stands;come on yar not really just in front of college and specially in front of urvashi
sumu;so u want to make her jealous

shr;yup i want her to become jealous of u and realize that she loves me and confess me
sumu;and when she will confess u will reject her and take ur revenge very well done
shr;r u mad r u out of ur mind??? y would i take revenge on urvashi i love her yar i just want her back i dnt want to take any type of revenge from her
shr;yes cuz i love her yar i just want her to realize that i love her and she loves me
sumu;yeah right sorry i thought…….
shr;u thought i m taking revenge from her
sumu;yeah sorry
shr;its ok u just tell will u help me or not???
sumu;yeah sure i will help u

shr;amazing so u r my new gf
sumu;just in front of…….
sumu;yeah right
they discuss their plan with eachother and plznned how to execute it
sumu leaves after discussion
she enters hostel
urvashi;where u went???

sumu;nothing some work
urvashi;ok no prob here ur notes thank u soo much
sumu takes notes ;ur welcome
urvashi;ok i m going with adi
sumu;ok fine bye
she leaves
sumu;i hope shr plan work oh God help us
she starts her study
next day
sumu and urvashi were standing in front of car when shr senters college wearing blue jeans with red t-shirt
he was looking amazing
sumu gets mesmerized for a second but controls
he comes towrds them

shr;hey whats up???
shr ;yeah right
he forwards his hand sumu places her hand in his hand
shr kisses it
urvashi sees it and gets angry
shr;lets go in the class
sumu;yeah sure
they both go class leaving urvashi outside very angry
sumu and shr enter class shr immediately leaves suman hands
both smile

shr;i think our plan is gonna work
sumu;yup me too
both laugh
urvashi also enter class
sumu and urvashi used to sit together but after urv and shr affair they used to sit together
now sumu sits with shr
they talk they sit closely they laugh together
urvashi sees it and gets irked

after the class
college over
shr;come sumu i will drop u
sumu;yeah ok she starts going
urvaashi holds sumu hand
urv;no sumu i wanna buy some things from market plzzz accompany me
shr frees sumu hand from urvashi
shr;no thanks she is going with me
urv;no she is my friend shr is coming with me y she will go with u???/
shr;cuz she is my gf
urv gets shocks

sumu;yeah he is right
urv;till week before u were saying u love me
shr;but u dnt love me naw so i thought not to disturb u
sumu;urv y r u asking this many wwuestion u left his hand i caught now plz take side
she holds shr hand and leave with him
they sit in the shr car
shr;waooooo sumu brilliant

sumu;thank u thank u
shr;hahahahah did u saw her face
sumu;red tomoto heheh
shr;where r we going???
sumu;i cant go hostel now cuz i dnt wanna face urvashi yar
sumu;its ok u go home bye

she starts getting down from car
shr holds her hand
shr;no lets go to a long drive
sumu;long drive
shr;yeah after a week i m feeling relaxed with u so plzz
sumu sees him

they share eye lock
sumu;r u sure
shr;double sure plzzzz
sumu;yeah sure

shr;ok then lets go
they both leave
shr ; ok only long drive or u wanna visit some place
sumu;ammm as u wish
shr;ok i will take u to my hiding place
sumu;hiding place???
shr;yup where i use to go when i want to hide from world
sumu;oh so secret place han???

shr;yup secret place
shr takes him to a place
sumu;this is park shr how can u hide here???

shr;not this park just come with me
sumu goes with him behind the park there was a small cottage
shr;yup here only no body knows this place of mine
sumu;so sceret is only revealed to me han???
shr;yup only u
shr;cuz u r helping me naw u r special also naw
sumu looks towards him

shr;yup special friend
they both sit in the cottage
sshr;i have spent here many hours
sumu;hmmmm intersting thats y u have decorated this cottage also
sumu;nice so shr the topper i never thought i will become ur friend and will help u lyk this
shr;straange things happens
they both spend some time together there laughing chatting sharng old memories
sumu was enjoying shr company alot
shr was also becoming frank with her

shr;ok lets go
shr;i m feeling very hungry
shr;yup come on get up
she gets up they both sit in car and reach restaurant
shr orders food for himself

shr;sumu what u will eat???
sumu;mmm nothing i m not hungey
shr;shut up tell naw
sumu;ok she orders something light
food comes shr starts eating like he has not eaten for many days
sumu smles seeing him

shr again gets busy
sumu eats lil
shr food stucks on shr beard
sumu smiles;shr wo……
shr; here
he tries to remove but fails

sumu; wait
she removes it both have an intense eyelock
sumu moves her eyes
shr eats
shr;lets go
sumu;yeah lets go
shr;now where will we go

sumu;my hostel plzzzzz i m sleepy
he leaves sumu to hostel
sumu enters hostel happy happy

urv;what is going on sumu???
sumu;what is going on???
urv;between u and shr???
sumu;what between me and shr
urv;u becaame her gf????
sumu;yup so what??
urv gets irked by sumu cold reply;nothing
sumu;ok then i roamed alot with shr very busy wanna sleep gud night
she lays down on bed

she thinks about shr her full day spent with shr was amazing she was very very happy but then she remembers about their plan
sumu;oh god how could urvashi leave this much sweet guy he is amaziing
hold on hold on sumu dnt u dare to think about him he loves urvashi alot
on the other hand
urvashi was very very jealous; how dare him how could he do like that with me and sumu she what she is doing she has gone mad

both sleep
next day
urvashi;sumu listen i want u to meet adi he is just amazing
sumu;y should i meet him??/
urv;awen u r my friend naw
urvashi wants to make sumu jealous of his bf and specially shr jealous
sumu;yeah y not ok y dnt we plzn a double date what say?/??
urv;double date???

she calls shr
on evening both go together on date and according to plan sumu and shr sat close talk with eachother
instead of shr and sumu urvash got jealous
date ends
sumu and shr start spending tym with eachother sumu was falling for shr infact she was truly love with him shr was also enjoying his company but never knew it was love according to him she is friend who is helping her
it was their farewell party they were leaving the college forever
farewell party was arranged

suman was wearing red maxi with light makeup bunched hairs diamond earrings
shr was also wearing 3 piece and was looking damn handsome
both enter together hand in hand
urvashi also enters with adi
they both dance on couple dance sumu and shr see them dancing
sumu;i hate this type of song
shr; i hate these type of dance
sumu;yeah right but i too wanna make my farewell special
shr;so lets rock the stage
sumu;no yarrrr no couple dance not couple dance u ask the dj he will play song of ur choice
sumu;ok wait i will be back
she goes and asks dj to plzy break up song
song starts

Breakup song, breakup song
Karde dil ki feeling strong
sumu starts dancing slowly shr sees him and get mesmerized
Saade chaar minute long
Breakup song, breakup song
he also starts

Break break B B.. Breakup song
Break break B B.. Breakup song
she goes near urvashi and dance around her
Angrezi chidiya ki khaatir
Desi dil mera tod diya
Maine chhod diya
Usey chhod diya
she pushes adi closer to urv

Uski kaali kartooton ne
Uska bhaanda phod diya
Maine chhod diya
Usey chhod diya
she starts dancing
Dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya

Oh dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya
she goes near shr
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
shr smiles and signs when???

Subah savere uth ke maine
Ye sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
shr also starts dancing with her
Humko bin bataye tune
Ye kab kar liya?

Arey humko bin bataye tune
Ye kab kar liya?
they both dance together
Oh tere saiyyan ji se kaahe
Tune break up kar liya
Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe
Tune breakup kar liya
she does amazing dance steps urvashi gets hell jealous
Subah savere uth ke maine
Ye sab kar liya

shr pulls her with him
Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe
Tune breakup kar liya

B b.. breakup song
she goes near urvashi and dance near her
Kuch din to rona dhona bumper kiya
Aur phir delete uska number kiya
Aansu jo sookhe seedha parlour gayi
Parlour mein jaake shampoo jamkar kiya
she hugs urvashi

urvashi was hell jealous but hugs her
College ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya
Arey college ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya
shr also join them
Jinko mill na paayi unko whatsapp kar diya

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine ye sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya

shr does the rap song
Look, baby! mujhe lagta hai ki

Jo bhi tune kiya hai wo very very right hai
he holds sumu and does some steps with her
Bhoot-kaal ko bhool ja ab tu
Aane wala future very very bright hai
urvashi was like to hit sumu with something and dance with shr
Main hoon na baby saath tere
Party sharty honi poori night hai
Mind na karna jo thoda zyada bol doon
Kyunki banda very very tight hai
he takes his phone and gives it to her
Usey phone mila aur gaali de

Photo jala ke karde raakh
Saale teri maa ki aankh!
sumu shuts his mouth
Kalti hua jo saiyan stupid tera
Jeevit hua hai phir se cupid tera

Baasi relationship ka label hata
Duniya ko tu hai available bata
he smiles and dances
Arey mere soye armaano ko wake up kar diya
Arey mere soye armaano ko wake up kar diya
Ke tere saiyan ji se (aaha!)
Tune breakup kar liya
all dance together urvashi eyes were continuously on shr and sumu
Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe tune..
O tere saiyyan ji se kaahe tune

breakup kar liya
Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe tune
breakup kar liya

B b.. Breakup song…
Karde dil ki feeling strong…
song end
sumu and shr hug eachother in excitement
urvashi leaves in anger
sumu;bharak gae hahaha
both laugh
sumu;shr i think ur plan is gonna succeed

shr;me too think so hehe
sumu;then u will patch up with her then u will forget me
shr;oho have u gone mad u r my friend how could i forget u
shr;hmmm insane
sumu;dnt call me that
shr;hahaha insane insane insane
sumu;hell with u
on the other side
urvashi was hell angry ;how dare she how could she take my love away from me shr is only mine mine mine i will confess him that i love him tomorrow only
party gets over
sumu comes to hostel she was happy
urvashi was waiting for her
sumu;hey urvashi
urv;sumu i wanna talk to u

sumu;yeah sure but tomorrow i m very tired
urv;leave my shr
urv;he is my love i love him take aside and let my shr be with me
sumu was shocked
sumu;u love him???
urv;yes i love him alot just be aside
sumu smiles;i m always aside yar

urv;what do u mean???
sumu;we were just acting shr is always urs he love u
urv gets happy’seriously???
she hugs sumu;thank u yar
sumu;ur welcome
sumu lays down on bed she was happy for her friend but was very sad for shr she cries whole night remembering shr and her memories
Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Maana ki teri maujoodgi se
Ye zindagani mehroom hai
Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
Na mere dil ko maaloom hai

Tujhko main kitni
Shiddat se chaahun
Chaahe toh rehna tu be-khabar
Mohtaaj manzil ka toh nahi hai
Ye ek tarfa mera safar, safar
Khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Adhura hoke bhi

Hai ishq mera kaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

she cries cries and cries
next day
sumu packs her bag
urv;where r u going??
sumu;to my home my degree is completed so ……
urv;plzzzz dnt go today is special day for me

sumu;i know
she hugs urv
sumu;best of luck sweetheart
urv;thanks u
she leaves taking her bag
urvashi goes to shr house
shr opens the door
urvaashi hugs him
urv;shr i realized my love sumu made me realize my love she told me whole truth i really really love u shr
shr’s plan finally suceeded

he hugs urvashi but while hugging urvashi he was countinuously thiinkng about sumu her smile their laugh their dance her eyes
he closes his eyes and remembers the time ahen he and sumu entered party hand in hand
he opens his eyes and leaves urvashi
urvashi;what happened???
shr;no no noooooooo
urv;what no shr??? i love u we r now together what no no???
shr;no i dnt love u anymore
urv;what ??? but sumu…..

shr;exactly where is sumu???
urv;she left for her home her flight is after 10 minutes
shr;i m sorry i dnt love u i love her
shr;i love sumu i really really love her
he leaves sits in car and runs towards airport
shr was very happy cuz he realized his love he was continuously remembering sumu
he reaches airport

he enters airport
but flight of sumu left
she left him he was late
shr comes to know that he was very sad infact his eyes second time in his life started flowing
shr;nooooooo she cant leave me how could i let her leave sumu plzzzzzzz come back
he sits on the floor with thud and shouts ;summmmuuuuuuuuu
he stands up and starts leaving airpost he reaches his home he cries hard
Meri rooh ka parinda phadphadaye
Lekin sukoon ka jazeera mil na paaye
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

Ik baar ko tajalli toh dikha de
Jhoothi sahi magar tasalli to dila de
Ve ki karaan..
Ve ki karaan..

Raanjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sunle pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Haafiz tera, Murshid mera

shr starts finding sumu but fails in his each and every attempt
after 1 year
shr goes to kolkata for some meeting he attends meeting
then he goes to hotel
he asks receptionist for his room key

while she was finding key
he hears a voice very similar voice
girl was shouting at the waiter
girl;u spoiled my new dress how dare u
other girl was controling her

2nd girl;its ok yar come u change otherwise stain will not go ok???
1st girl ;nooooo i wont leave him
shr turns and sees the girl fighting with him then sees the other girl stopping her
his face lits
shr rushes towards the second girl
he places his hand on her shoulder she turns
shr heart stops beating
same black eyes baby pink lips amazing style
yes the girl was none other than sumu

shr hugs her tightly
shr;y u left me y how dare u doing that u know how much i tried to find u how much worried i was
everyone was watching them
sumu;shr relax
they break hug
sumu;howz urvashi???
sumu;yeah how is she???
shr; i dnt know and i dnt wanna know

sumu;what happend shr everything is fine???
shr;no i m not fine since after u left me
sumu;shr u love urvashi naw i helped u and our mission was complete so i left
shr; no i dnt love her
shr;yes because i love u
sumu;yes i love u

he bends down
shr;sumu i love u will u marry me???
sumu;shr is it some kinda joke??
shr;no its not a joke just marry me
suman was on cloud nine
she bends down and hug him
sumu;i love u too and yeah i will marry u
both hug tightly forever
both get happily married after some days
scene splits on their wedding photograph


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