Once upon a time there lived a King and a Queen in a beautiful castle. Their kingdom, which was named as KINGDOM OF TIWARIS’ was surrounded by happiness. No sorrows, no worries, only joy. But they all were afraid of a wizard who lived few miles away from the kingdom in a small cottage. Though, the wizard was not evil but due to a bad incident everybody started hating nd fearing her. Her name was Joe.

One day, queen gave brth to a cute princess named SUMAN TIWARI. To welcome this cute princess in the world nd to celebrate this moment , King announced a big party where the kings of other kingdoms along with their families were going to come. The next day, in the party, the hall was decorated really beautifully fully pink. All the royal families were present chatting with each other. Aftr sometime, King greeted everyone nd said “I em really glad aftr my princess’ birth. It seems that everythng will b gonna perfect now. There will b no worries nd also no trance of that wi………!” suddenly king stopped for a second and again continued “And … and … also no trance of bad deeds nd evil spirits. Everybody enjoy yourselves.”
Everyone clapped. Joe was seeing all this nd went away crying.


“Why … why .. why me ??? Why everybody hates me r fear me ?” Joe said while crying. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shouldr .. she held that hand nd hugged that prson nd started crying badly.
“Dad … what did I do ? what’s my fault ? Why everyone thinks that m a wizard r something like that?”
Her father replied, “Daughter …. this kingdom is full of bad people. When u became the queen some people were very angry on the newz of kings alliance, some people don’t wanted u to be the queen.”

A large hall is shown which is decorated very beautifully nd it seemed that some kind of function is going on. And … yess its a marriage ceremony of the king nd queen to-be. Finally cake was being cut nd ceremony got cmpleted. King was very happy as Joe was his companion.
Days passed nd enemies started planing something evil. Actually, the enemies were from another kingdom nd wanted the king to marry their daughter to expand their kingdom. And finally they succeeded in that. The king thought that the queen cheated him by applying some evil tricks on him. Queen got divorced nd was being kicked out from the castle nd even the kingdom. From that day, everyone feared her nd started calling her a ‘WIZARD’.
Later on, king was being married again by princess of anothr kingdom nd they started living happily.
After some months of divorce of Joe, she gave brth to a baby boy whom she gave the name SHRAVAN.

Her father had tears in this eyes. Suddenly, her thoughts got distrbed by crying of a child. Her father smiled nd started playing with his cute grandson.

Everyone enjoyed there nd started going. Soon the hall was empty nd there was complete silence. King always feared of this silence after his beloved joe. But suddenly his love changed into anger . “I will never ever forgive u joe …. never” HE uttered.
The Queen knew about all this bt kept her mouth shut bcz she knew abt king’s anger. She nevr wanted to lose the peace of being with king nd suman, bt she also not wanted to hurt joe. So, she decided to tell about all this to king on her princess’ 16th birthday.


A beautiful girl of almost 15 yrs is shown who is dressng up for her 16th birthday party. She invited all her frndzzz bt most of all she invited her bestie shravan. She dialled his no. again nd again bt no answer, she tried again bt all in vain. Now, her temparament got loosed nd she become red with anger bt didn’t showed it bcz afterall it was her birthday nd she don’t want her mood to b spoiled. The birthday party started. All the guests arrived except shravan. Suman was looking here nd there for him bt she found no trance of him. Atlast she gave up trying nd decided to not to talk with him. She was about to cut the cake bt then the voice of guitar was heard nd the guitar was of none other than our hero shravan. He was looking damn handsome in his black blazer nd suman was continuously staring at him like there was no one except him. bt then she remembrd to not to talk with him so she was very happy from inside bt didn’t showed it. She treated him like any random prson.

Shravan was also mesmerized by suman’s beauty. Then she cut the cake nd shravan was continuously staring at her holding his ears as a SORRY. Bt suman payed no attention. She feeded the cake to everyone except him. Shravan tried his best bt no effect. Then, suddenly, flowers started flowing on suman nd she was surprised by this. Shravan came nd sat in front of her nd again held his ears nd this time suman was mesmerized by his cute face nd forgave him nd they both dance together romantically. Everyone clapped for them. The party got over nd everyone started going. The queen was looking for a chance to tell the whole story to king bt in vain. On the other side, King was highly impressed by shravan nd decided to marry her daughter by him unaware of the fact that he was the son of joe.

Next day, king told all this to suman nd the queen, suman started blushing nd ran away, king smiled at this act of her princess. Queen agreed bt was dstrbed due to the truth she was trying to tell the king. She tried again bt king again went away nd announced the alliance of his daughter. Everyone was very happy. This newz spread like fire nd reached to the cottage nd to joe. Joe first was not happy with this bt then she thought that her fight is with king not with our children. So she agreed. Shravan was on cloud nine. He immediately went to suman nd hugged him tightly and suman also hugged him back. They both were very happy bt then suman break the hug nd wnt away shying. Shravan smiled at the cute act of his to-be wife.

Like this, days passed nd the preparationz of the wedding started. On the wedding day, everyone was there including joe, she was under a mask so that no one can see her especially king. Most of the people asked her abt the mask bt she denied to gave the justification. Wedding started nd they were abt to cut the cake, suddenly then, king collied with joe nd her mask disappeared nd it was revealed to king that it was joe. First, king was emotional, he got teary eyed, bt then he controlled nd started clapping “Woah !!! So this was ur plan … huhhh ??? to marry ur son with my daughtr so that u can take revenge from me by spoiling life of my daughtr … uhh ??? Joe was also teary eyed aftr hearing the perspectives of king towards her. Aftr gaining some strenght, she spoke “That day u got me wrong nd today u r again repeating the same mistake, I think some kind of mask is tied on ur eyes, thats y u r not identifying what’s right nd what’s wrong. Am I right ????

Now king turned red with anger. On other side suman nd shravan were highly confused by this act of their parents. King was abt to slap joe, just then shravan came nd held his hand. He dropped his hand. Suman was teary eyed nd fainted. Everyone got concerned especially shravan. He held her in his arms nd went to the bed room. Aftr sometime suman gained conciousness. She was abt to speak, then shravan put his finger on her lips nd gestured in NO. In the hall, downstairs, the fight was going on. Neither joe nor the king was letting go the matter. Atlast the queen interrupted nd spoke all the story at once. Aftr hearing the truth, it was like the world of the king s vanished at once. King was shattered nd joe was continuously crying. All this was also heard by shraMan. They were also shocked. There was complete silence for a minute. No one spoke. Bt then king broke the silence nd started crying nd apologizing to joe. Joe forgave the king nd everyone become happy. It was like the justification day for the kingdm of tiwaris’. Happiness again surrounded the kingdom. Suman nd shravan got married nd started living happily. All of them lived in the castle including shravan nd joe.

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